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Genus IV
Sci-Fi | Thriller

A scientist accidentally brings back a prehistoric form of human species into the modern world.

Plot unknown. Described as a Spider-Verse-centric project with many female heroes from the Spider-Man comics.

Director: Lauren Montgomery
Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi

Russian immigrant Sergei Kravinoff is on a mission to prove that he is the greatest hunter in the world.

A group of women undergo secret NASA training in 1961 to becoming America's first female astronauts.


The survivors of a plane crash try to solve the mystery of why their plane went down.

Director: Noah Hawley
Sci-Fi | Thriller

A military intelligence specialist signs up to become the first human ambassador for alien life.


An employee at an art auction house is fired after discovering that one of the art pieces is a counterfeit.

Silk I
Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi

Plot unknown.

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