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This is not a remake of the sitcom..
TheFarscapeProject74726 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I rarely write reviews but I felt the need to. As I said this is not a remake, Its a new adaptation of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic that's been out for the past few years. So sorry anyone reading this if you think that this show is going to be the same as the light hearted sitcom you are going to be disappointed cuz this is NOT your parents Sabrina the Teenage Witch nor is it a kids show it's a dark story with a teenage lead, and unlike the sitcom Sabrina knows that she's a witch from the start which is also another thing from the comic. Also I've seen a few negative reviews here say that Salem was replaced by some random person her cousin, but just so you know Ambrose is in the comic so he's not out of nowhere and Salem is in it he just doesn't talk. As for the negative reviews from people throwing out the words "Agenda" and "Propaganda" simply because It has the young characters making a women's rights club, has non white characters and a transgendered teen? God forbid they make a show about a teenage girl with powers have at least some feminism and diversity in it, but I guess some people just want to feel threatened by that so don't listen to them. I guess they never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer which had all of that. I will admit that it might seem disconcerting to see all the satanist witches stuff at first, but if you watch the second episode you will realize that this supposed "real free will" religion is an illusion, there are even more rules, restrictions and hypocrisy than any other one. Anyway the only other thing I was disappointed with was they did take out the Salem can talk thing from the comic cuz I found him amusing but but other than that few episodes I've watched have been great. The cinematography is excellent and all the actors do a great job.
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Scary fun!
jonmcarthur30 October 2018
God this was fun to watch! Solid cast, engaging plot and compelling visuals. This "remake" is certainly nothing like the light sitcom, its dark and its absolutely unforgiving.

To those that are reading reviews deciding whether to go ahead and watch this series. It should be noted that a large number of the negative views are based on the overly political nature of the first two episodes in the show. I won't deny the political side of the narrative is prevalent in both these episodes but beyond that it retains its head exactly where it should be - in the fantasy of this witching world. Those reviewers who have come to suggest this is a propaganda machine would care to watch the third episode and beyond before making their criticism.

If you enjoy the concept of witches, find it refreshing to see a satanic cult cast in a nonchalant non taboo light and would like to see a main character who is genuinely complex and not just a "good witch", then I recommend you would give at least the first 3 episodes ago.

This was so easy to watch and a perfect treat for Halloween. Excited to see what is in store for the series!
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Binging after
taryndevolin3 November 2018
I am binging this show right after "Haunting of Hill House" so I am slightly disappointed. It's okay, don't get me wrong, but I can see myself getting bored after 1 or 2 seasons. Also, I hate the blurry camera shots.
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Tries hard, doesn't ever really succeed
toughbeingfamous27 October 2018
Sadly there is nothing compelling about Sabrina's mortal world, and no enjoyment to be found in the witch world either, which is just relentlessly dark and dismal. There's nothing there which gives a reason to why she wants to be part of either. Her mortal friends are a tickbox list of millenial cliches with absolutely nothing interesting about any of them, while everyone in the witch world are either outright evil or tortured in some way by what they are. Neither is appealing, which is at the heart of why this show just doesn't ever hit the mark.

It wants to add a feminist spin to the idea of witches being given powers in exchange for loss of freedom, through their pact with the devil, with Sabrina standing up as a feminist and demanding both power and freedom - great idea! - but does it in such a badly thought through way, it just doesn't ever land. Worse, it comes across as obnoxious through her actions. Sabrina uses her witch powers to torment bullying 'jocks' (forcing them to sexually assault each other, yikes) and an uptight principal, but has no problem with her own family desecrating corpses, eating bits of them, or casually murdering each other for kicks.

The base problem with the show is that there is absolutely nothing new or fresh in it. All of the storylines are borrowed early Buffy the Vampire Slayer stuff (witches taking on a teacher's form, possessed principals, sleep demons) without any characters to root for to make it enjoyable.

But I will say that it's not a lost cause at least. If the show could just add some fun to Sabrina's life, some stakes in relation to her friends, get rid of that awful blurry filter that creeps in way too much, and stop recycling plotlines from far better shows, it has the potential to be a lot better. Unfortunately, I only made it to Episode 5 and just got so bored, I had to switch off.
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This Sabrina Doesn't Look Like Before!
ahmetkozan27 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, the biggest difference from the previous productions of the series is that the script is based entirely on Archie comics. I can say that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has recently become a candidate for being one of the best series that has centered on supernatural powers. In the new adaptation story, unlike the innocent spells Sabrina made to those who were annoyed at high school, we are watching the struggle of a young girl to make herself do as she wishes. The powerful feminist references in the series highlight both the character of Sabrina and the series.

The series that makes references to discrimination in society through the human and non-human equation, does not neglect to touch the discourse of racism in recent times. Why can't I be both a witch and a human being? In Sabrina's rebellious attitude is a good reference to the problem of not being a place where many immigrants live today. Sabrina's decision to decide which world to belong to is a good example. The fact that Sabrina is forced to choose a side brings a separate criticism to the multi-cultural understanding of society in which the extreme right-wing parties, which are at the center of today's socio-cultural debates, and which are rising thoroughly in the world. You can easily understand why Kiernan Shipka, who we know from Mad Men, is the first choice of the producers. A 16-year-old naive, excited, in love with a young girl as well as a well-grounded portrait of a courageous young girl who never dies from fighting for the things she believes in is drawing her very well. Shipka is best when Sabrina's mortal side is in play, when she's getting silly or excited with her friends, or bucking the satanic system. She never falls below the performances of Hilda (Lucy Davis) and Zelda (Miranda Otto) aunts.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is much more than the story of an adolescent witch with its horror and tension. This series offers its viewers a very different look with Sabrina with wit and ready-to-answer dialogues, fearless intrigues in her mystical and dark atmosphere, and feminist references. 7/10
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Great start!
bettttycooper26 October 2018
I seriously didn't think it would be this great! I'm proud of what they made like for real! Is it better than Riverdale? YES IT IS! I mean I still watch Riverdale but if U don't like Riverdale and are confused wether to watch this or not DO IT! It's totally worth the time and energy cause believe me it's amazing!! Probably one of the best shows this year!
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Dark, weird, and scattershot on message
heatsink9827 October 2018
I'm not sure if the writers on this series stopped to think which message they wanted to convey about Sabrina. Is she kind? Seems to be. Yet she shows no shock at all when the topic of murdering someone is raised. Sabrina is all gung-ho about girl power and standing up for other people, but she is part of a Satanist cult of witches. How can we take her character seriously when she seems to ignore all the dark business going on within her own family? And hello, Satan? Football players are the scum of the Earth, but Satan is nothing to worry about in this show. Bizarre.

PS: the oily blur camera effects are really annoying.
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Chilling and clever
gaykathleen30 October 2018
People awarding this series very low scores need to get over themselves. Is the acting reasonable or very good? Yes, the acting is very good. Characters are convincing in their roles. How is the script/writing? Is it okay or clever? It is very good and cleverly written. The genre is chilling and bordering on horror and definitely supernatural because it is about witches and black religion. That is where some viewers have been challenged. I knew it would upset some people who were unable to come to terms with all the digs at Christianity. It is non fiction and written from the viewpoint of the black satanic culture. But not everyone is evil. There are degrees of evil where mortals are neither good nor bad. And sometimes the witches do good deeds and care about the mortals. It is not my favourite genre but I can appreciate when something is well done and this series is polished and,clever. Also, there are a few laughs along the way. You cannot award a one or a two or a three to a show that ticks the basic boxes of being well acted and has a decent storyline.
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Terrible writing with an agenda that backfires Warning: Spoilers
One of the things I like about teen dramas is that they are great at allowing the exposition of current modern affairs through the eyes of people coming of age and thinking about this issues really seriously. For this to work the presentation has to be subtle and thoughtful - after all if you can deliver a great line that makes the protagonist see something in a new light then chances are a lot of the audience will as well. What doesn't work is when you have a single message that you constantly just scream over and over. That just makes people retreat into their trench. The delivery backfires.

And this is what we see with this series. It opens up some really interesting questions but the antagonists are so unrealistic and one dimensional that it no longer becomes thought provoking. And I'm not talking about the witches here - the most unrealistic characters are the mortals. If you have not heard of intersectionalism then you should know that it is the idea that there is a power hierarchy of oppressor and victim, and the more minority boxes you can tick off then the more of a victim you are. This then combines with the idea that any form of hate / discrimination is only bad if you are doing it to someone more of a victim that you are. I present this as it seems like this is the main idea behind the writing of the show. And this becomes a problem because instead of presenting the ideas of "we are all equal, but look what this person has to go through compared to you", it presents the idea that anyone with more 'power' on the intersectionlist pyramid is a valid target of attack. This backfires because rather than trying to use empathy to bring people together, it uses hate to drive people apart.

And there is just no escaping it in this show. If it were a reference here and there then it would be absolutely fine - all shows have some political perspective (if you think it doesn't then that's probably because it has the same one you do). But the problem is that it becomes jarring because the writing is so bad it contradicts itself.

The most obvious example is when Susie is being bullied by some football jocks. Without any evidence Sabrina decides to take matter into her own hands and exact revenge on these boys. A witch hunt, although Sabrina says she does not care for the term, is exactly what she decides to go on. Guilty until proven innocent and it is all completely acceptable. A few episodes later Sabrina is accused of breaking a promise. Again no evidence is provided, but as Witch Law is guilty until proven innocent she could be in trouble. She protests at the unfairness of a situation which she herself was recently a perpetrator of. But no lesson is given as to her behaviour, it is simply presented as her being the victim.

And that's the main message of the show - all men are bad (but the black ones are not quite as bad as the others). Harvey's dad, for example, wants him to give up on any future he might have (at age 16) to start working down the mine with him, as if male parents never want to work hard to give their children a better future than they have had themselves. Indeed it is curious that all 4 friends are from dysfunctional families none of which have a mother. And when a stag is killed on a hunting trip and Sabrina asks "who would do such a thing?" the obvious reply is "men would".

And it makes you lose empathy not increase it. If the Headmaster is unwilling to allow books with tough controversial topics to be allowed in the school (as if he has total control over these things), then it is a perfectly reasonable thing to torture him so that he takes a day off of work so that a club can be formed that he may not approve of.

If the writing were better they could have presented these things in a much stronger light that would not have people turning away but actually thinking about the situation. See the great comedy show Nanette by Hannah Gadsby as a way to present a situation that evokes thought and empathy as an example of how these issues can be further brought to light.

Oh, and the schoolkids all look about 30. Otherwise the acting is good (especially the 5 main adults), and some of the plot points are interesting. I like how they took one episode off to present a perfectly in-keeping with the narrative one off thriller episode. And other than Sabrina all the characters are quite consistent (even if it makes them a bit bland).

Worth a try to see if the politics won't put you off. I've made it to the end despite it being jarring in places. It's entertaining enough to make it worth the effort, but you may get to the end and wonder if your time was better used to something else. Wasted potential that better writers would have fixed.
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This show needs focus
special_fred28 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The show has this horrible blur effect over random scenes that doesn't mean anything, it's just thrown on top of random scenes with no rhyme or reason. Several scenes are jarring or headache inducing, it feels like a blurry shaky cam "reenactment" on those dodgey murder investigation shows.

I also find the story all over the place. Sabrina's aunts are protagonists but they're cannibalistic satanist witches actively working for the forces of evil who celebrate when a child is brutally murdered. Sabrina is supposed to be this force for positive progress in the narrative but she uses her powers to steal the memory from her boyfriend in order to make sure he doesn't make his own decision to leave her when he's clearly not cool with her lifestyle. That's played off as an okay thing to do.

A lot of the stuff in the show only really seems to be there to be edgey and quirky. I watched this show because I liked Riverdale but at least Riverdale, as ridiculous as it is, has focus and character flaws are shown as just that... flaws.
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Always political
ilan_himself27 October 2018
I started the first episode, and it felt okay. Blurry motions are a pain, but that's something I can live with. Acting is overall not too bad. I was ready to get cozy in bed and watch the full season this weekend. Sabrina's group of friends is .. diverse, but I felt it wasn't pushed. Boy was I wrong ! After the 20 minutes mark, here comes talks about White Supremacy, patriarchy, feminism and all of that. You have a white transgender being bullied by obvious bullies, but suddenly it turns out it's because of the White Patriarchy. You have one talking about "daughters of Black Panthers", as if the Black Panthers were a nice band of black boy scouts or something. I mean.. Come on ! Can we, for once, stop with all of this ? Politics are important, and should be discussed. Just not in TV shows, this has to stop. It doesn't feel as forced as in Charmed, but it's definitely there. I want my normal shows without an agenda being pushed down my throat every single second
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youshallnotemail31 October 2018
I came in to this understanding that this was not supposed to be like the Sabrina sitcom, but I was still excited. How could a dark take on Sabrina go wrong? And we get the fabulous Michelle Gomez? I was all in. Unfortunately it went downhill and it went downhill fast. 1: The constant camera blur is really annoying. 2: The story is overall boring and all over the place. 3: The politics are unnecessary and her cliché millennial friends are nauseating. 4: They ruined Salem. Honestly it belongs in the CW's trash heap of a lineup
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Chillingly Amazing!
krazytokiohotel26 October 2018
I gave this new series a 10/10. I am only on the third episode. This is a clear example of choosing a spectacular cast. Each actor brings something new and refreshing to their roles. Also, the effects and CGI is stunning and ravishing. Each episode leads you deeper into the life of Sabrina Spellman and Greendale as a whole. I'm very hopeful that the rest of the series will live up to the first two episodes. Well done Netflix, cast, and crew.
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Progaganda galore!
lgalucard27 October 2018
I was so looking forward to this. I love darker stuff and the show seemed to have plenty of it. Now, someone forgot to tell the writers that you can make a strong female lead without constant stream of man hating. Obviously this show does not care about what men in any way. It wasnt 30 min in and the man bashing was in full swing. This show would have been amazing without actively trying to alienate half of its potential audience.
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Fluffy the patriarchy slayer
charlesbrian-034404 November 2018
Where do I start. Firstly you would have to have a severely messed up and damaged person who thinks the occult is fine, with all its dark powers, but a book being banned is terrible. However the occult is presented in such a way that the only problem with satanists is selling your soul to a man, shudders. Also they're witches who barely do any witchcraft.

The episodes themselves are a hot mess of themes that jump around with all the grace of a flapping Homer Simpson. From patriarchy to possession no small subject is too big and no big subject is too small.

Make no mistake as well this is aimed squarely at teens. Especially ones who spend all day tweeting about the latest social injustice and why James Bond isn't a woman, even though you don't really know who James Bond is.

Then onto the cast. I'll split this:

Sabrina - very Mary Sue. Solves a puzzle in five minutes that had been unsolved for decades, really? In general though she is ok, but there's nothing of the witch world about her, except her ability to do everything without trying.

She just seems like a high school kid, who doesn't really like Satan so will form a committee to tell him so.

You want to see a conflict not just in terms of choice but in terms of morality and personality. There's none. She'll gladly perform all sorts of spells on men, but feel guilt that her friends book has been banned.

High school - a tick all boxes group of bland characters, that make the occult seem appealing to even the most devout Christian.

Diversity in itself is fine, but if the most diverse thing about the character is their race or gender then there's a problem.

Witch world - love the aunts, they really contrast each other well and Michelle Gomez is amazing, but everyone else is pretty dull. The main villain is less scary than Oj Simpson. They're salty satanists, but never come across as the type of people who would sell their soul to the devil. You see truly evil bit characters sometimes, who's impact is dulled by the fluffy main characters. Hellwarts school for witches anyone.

Salem - he's just stuck on as a cheap attempt to get original viewers. CGI him if she's allergic. I mean an actual cat isn't going to talk is it?

Overall it's like a quilt that many people have made that has no correlation to each of the other parts.

Finally it's the best advertisement for Christianity ever. I mean who'd go to hell if it was this boring?
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Couldn't even finish the first episode
stalinrad15 November 2018
I glanced over an article a few days ago that said this show was worth watching, so I decided to go for it. They were wrong.

Not even 30 minutes in and there is already more talk about patriarchy, masculinity, white privilege and other far left buzzwords than about anything that the series is supposedly about. If that's your cup of tea, then I see no reason why you wouldn't like this show. But if you don't like far left ideology being pushed as some sort of irreproachable moral standard, then this show might not be for you.

I decided to stop watching after about 25 minutes. But by all means, watch the first episode and see for yourself.
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A good show ruined by Social Justic retoric
cloudshadow-5263831 October 2018
All witchea are evil. All the men are misogynist other than the boyfriend. Phrases like "topple the white patriachy". Magic is all evil.

Rediculous. The concept was great but it was just so political and biased I couldnt relate to any of the characters.

Truly dissapointed.
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Not what I expected
nicholasbrazil-738834 November 2018
I absolutely loved the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch series. I remember watching it as a young child and now can relive those memories watching it on Hulu. With that said, this edgy, horror remake is pretty bad. The actress portraying Sabrina is sub-par at best. The political correctness of the show is also going to make this feel dated in ten or fifteen years. This is a shallow attempt at creating the magic of Sabrina.

In the show's defense; however, I couldn't make it all the way through the first episode. Maybe it gets better. That's why I didn't give it a flat-out one star rating. If you like the concept of Sabrina mixed with the darkness of American Horror Story: Coven or AHS: Apocalypse then there's a chance you'll like this. In all honesty, this wasn't for me.
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Breaths of fresh, hellish air...
rinessamelie30 October 2018
Yes, bible thumpers. This was so well paced, such a rich character development over the whole first season... I ended up caring deeply about these characters - both Satan worshipping witch coven members and mortals. That's saying something, considering I'm older than most of the actors in this show... then again, no stick up my arse and no bible stuck to my face.

The supposed politics in this show are non-existent. There are a few mentions of the issues between a couple of female characters and the jerks in their lives, two of whom happen to be male.... these mentions are lightly used & sprinkled throughout about THREE of the first 10 episodes - plus they are used in a personal way, pertaining to the characters personal situations. This isn't a soapbox BASH you in the face political agenda, and the main focus of this show is the character and plot development. HAIL SATAN, witches. ;)
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I like it more than I thought I would.
brittanydiane28 October 2018
Overall it's a very good show. Watched every episode in one sitting. 2 things bothered me however in the show that gets kind of old with today's tv show. 1) Why do you need to bring up politics in everything. This was mainly addressed in the first episode, but throughout the rest they don't really address as much as they did in the first. 2)Salem doesn't talk in cat form! This really bothered me since in the original show he does and his character was always my favorite.

Other than those two things the show was pretty good. Another thing about the show is that, other than the names in the show, nothing was similar to the original. Not sure if this is what they wanted to accomplish since this is a "darker" version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Overall though I'd recommend watching this. I'd give it a 10 if it weren't for those minor issues.
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Such a disappointment
hollyneff5 November 2018
I'm not sure if teenagers just adore this kind of political nonsense (or if Hollywood loves to take advantage of young and ignorant minds), but for a mid-twenties gal like myself, this is considered almost junk. I have watched thee episodes. I was really trying to hold on, but I am officially jumping off the wagon.

They took a great opportunity and soiled it with Hollywood propaganda. ATTN HOLLYWOOD: I do not appreciate far-left ideologies being throw down my throat at every turn. It's chaos and is not my idea of good cinema. Yack.
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Calm yourselves folks
country01227 October 2018
Enjoyed it, people take things too damn seriously though
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So much potential
williamkeen-519344 November 2018
So much potential in this show but it doesn't have a sense of direction and it's onviously wrote to cater to the "progressive" tumblr teenagers. Garbage.
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ipacac2227 October 2018
I was really interested in this show. I liked the original sitcom and I knew they were going in a darker less kid friendly direction with this installment which is perfect for this time of year. I watched the pilot to see what would be in store for me. I'm sorry to say that while the story and atmosphere are engaging, Netflix has once again decided to inject social commentary into another of their shows. Not 30 minutes into episode one we have a black character mentioning how she tried to get a Black Panther club started at their high school and that the "white patriarchy" needed to be taken down. This is met with cheers from our protagonist Sabrina who *ahem* happens to be white. Christ. Is it too much to ask to just have an entertaining show with interesting characters that don't spout left wing talking points, or any political talking points for that matter. That of course is rhetorical because I already know the answer. I guess this is why older shows and movies are better because we could just be entertained without being preached to.
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Too much politics.
geru1 November 2018
Expected entertainment, got propaganda. Why nowadays almost impossible to find not politicised show?
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