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  • Let me guess and see if I could've written this movie in my sleep. They get the kids and one of two things happens or a combination thereof :

    Scenario 1 Either everything is 100% great at first, they run into a hardship or two, the kids get taken away, or they decide to give the kids back to the adoption agency.

    The parents see the error of their ways, and there's an emotional scene where they make an impassioned speech about how the kids absence left a hole in their lives they never realized and need them back to be whole. They get them back and the family is whole again. Then as it cuts to the credits something zany happens.

    Scenario 2 It's all bad from the beginning and then 1 or 2 of the 3 kids start to take a shine to them. Some zany scenes where they try to bond, but fail like say they play football or baseball and the dad gets knocked out or something.

    They start to make some strides, the kids are taken away like mentioned in scenario 1 OR one of them gets hurt OR gets mixed up in something they shouldn't be. Then the 1 kid that was always "against" them calls them mom or dad, there's a heartwarming scene where they embrace, the family is whole again and everyone's happy. Then as it cuts to the credits something zany happens. Edit (Coming Soon)


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