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Linus Roache: Jeremiah Sand



  • Jeremiah Sand : SPOILER:

    [to Red, after Red finds his underground lair] 

    Jeremiah Sand : You're just meat. Without a soul, without a brain, without anything. Animal. You, you have no spirit- everlasting! No, no radiant light! I possess elucidations you will never know!

  • Jeremiah Sand : SHUT UP! Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up! Don't you fucking look at me!

  • [During Red and Jeremiah's final encounter] 

    Jeremiah Sand : You unholy abomination! You aren't even worth my spit! It's all that hate in your heart... that's to blame. It follows you everywhere, man. Follows you everywhere. I can still help you. It's not just your life I can save. No. It's your goddamned soul.

    Jeremiah Sand : [while Red grabs him by the head]  No, no! No, no! Please, please. Please don't hurt me! Can't you see this was all part of your journey? A journey that led you to me... to your salvation, your cleansing... by my hand...

    Jeremiah Sand : [while sobbing]  I'll blow you, man! I'll suck your fucking dick! Is that what you want? Please! Please! Please talk to me.

    Jeremiah Sand : [in a change of tone]  No. No. I don't kneel before you! You kneel before me! I carry God's gift in my heart, not you! So you kneel before me, motherfucker!

    Red Miller : [in a demonic voice]  I'm your God now.

    [Red proceeds to crush Jeremiah's head with his hands] 

  • Jeremiah Sand : [Speaking to Brother Swan]  Do you have the Horn of Abraxas?

    Brother Swan : [Slowly hands him a pointy emerald colored stone with four holes in it, Jóhann Jóhannsson's composition, "Horns of Abraxas", plays on] 

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