Last Flag Flying (2017) Poster

Yul Vazquez: Colonel Wilits


  • Sal Nealon : [about his dead son]  We're taking him with us today.

    Colonel Wilits : With all due respect, sir, you're cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    Sal Nealon : Hey. Colonel. Did you look at these faces? They've already been spited, so why should we give a fuck about your opinions? - With all due respect.

  • Sal Nealon : Man, I would've loved to run into you in the field in my younger days.

    Colonel Wilits : You really think so?

    Sal Nealon : Oh, yeah. 'Cause one of us would have been fragged. And the other would've gone to the brig.

  • Colonel Wilits : You will protect the dignity of that dead marine, and you will see to it that he is buried with honors in his uniform, not some cocksucking, motherfucking pussy civilian graduation suit! Clear?

    DAFB Guard : Yes, sir!

    Colonel Wilits : And don't let that Sal fucktard outflank you. He's old but he's dangerous. Do not let that happen. Kill him first.

    DAFB Guard : Sir?

    Colonel Wilits : That is not an order.

    DAFB Guard : Yes, sir!

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