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MPAA Rated R for pervasive language, violence, and some sexual content/nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • The film contains two scenes showing a couple engaging in sexual activity. In a montage sequence, the couple is seen lying in bed, with the man thrusting against the woman. (The man's bare butt can be seen in profile.) In another scene, the woman straddles the man in the front seat of a truck and some movements are seen.
  • There are two scenes where a man sits at a bar in a strip club. There are one or two topless women, wearing tassels on their nipples, behind him.
  • This is fairly normal for a sex scene.

Violence & Gore

  • There are two instances where two separate characters shoot a gun at another person. One instance is a total miss; the other results in the target falling to the ground, the bullet just grazing their face. Blood is seen dripping down, although the injury is minor.
  • There are multiple scenes of domestic violence. Some are played for laughs, others are quite shocking. It ranges from a mother beating her child in a bathroom with a hairbrush (not gory), to multiple scenes where a man punches a woman's face, drawing blood. There is also a frightening scene where a knife is mistakenly thrown at someone in anger, hitting their arm and drawing some blood.
  • A woman gets hit on the knees by a man with a baton. The man runs away while the woman screams. The hit itself is not shown in frame.
  • Two characters are shown hunting rabbits, played off as family time. The hits are not shown, although one character is shown skinning the dead rabbits (graphic) and laying the fur out on a sawhorse. It is shown later that the rabbit fur was made into a coat.
  • There is a boxing scene shot up close. The boxers are shown getting punched, and as the scene progresses, faces begin to swell from injury. As a woman is punched in the mouth, her mouthguard flies off with some blood, in slow-motion.
  • Blood is seen dripping from a character's mouth onto the floor. She then gets up, the camera staying on the puddle of blood. This is not frightening, the scene is played for laughs.


  • There is frequent usage of the expletive 'f***' and 's***' throughout the film, coupled with occasional use of other expletives such as 'c**t', 'd**k' and 'c***sucker'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Major characters are shown smoking frequently on camera, especially during the interview scenes.
  • A skating coach berates a mother for smoking on the ice, while the mother ignores her. A skater is shown smoking before a competition and after practice. She is also shown using an inhaler.
  • There are several scenes where characters drink alcohol, although no one is shown drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Two characters get into an argument where objects get thrown thoughtlessly. The last of these objects is a steak knife, which hits a character in the arm. It sticks out of her arm until she pulls it out. There is some blood on her sleeve and on the tip of the knife. There is a drawn-out moment where the audience isn't sure the victim will retaliate, but she simply puts the knife back down on the table and walks away.
  • A man pushes his way into a room and points a gun at a woman, threatening to kill her. He then points the gun at his own head several times, threatening to kill himself. The woman attempts to calm the man down, getting close enough to attack him, escapes the room, and gets outside. The man then shoots the gun at her. She falls to the ground, but ultimately sustains a minor injury as the bullet only grazed her face. The man then points the gun at several onlookers, but this is played for laughs.

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