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Did I Watch a Different Movie than Everyone Else?
ariahdixon8 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Just got home from seeing the movie and immediately told all my fellow MCU fans they need to see it. Then I hop on here and see negative review after negative review and I disagree with most of them! Feels like I was in a different movie! Only thing I will agree with was bad is the fact that we don't know of a Captain Marvel weakness. She's insanely overpowered. But I mean, so is Scarlet Witch if you think about it. Scarlet Witch could take down any of the Avengers if she wanted to. And she sorta did, in Ultron when she was making all of them see their worst fears. (By the way why has she not done that since that movie? But that's besides the point) The only weakness Scarlet Witch has/had was her love for Vision. But that wasn't introduced until later in her story. So I don't think it's bad that we don't know Captain Marvel's weakness yet. This is the MCU, she will have more storyline, this was just setting up for more to come. I actually think Brie Larson's acting was great. We learn very early in the movie that her character's being trained to control her emotions and impulses. That's the only thing she knows as she has no prior memories. Of course she's a little flat because of that. But then I find her character builds and develops as now she has the powers to match her confidence and ambition which gives her even more purpose. She starts regaining her memories and you can see her unfold as she feels love her old friend and the daughter. She stands up against the Kree people who she used to trust and shows them she's better off without them. She gives the Skrulls a chance and ends up fighting for them, and giving up her renewed life on earth for them. I find her to be a very different character towards the end than she is in the beginning. Do people keep forgetting that this movie takes place in the 90's? This was an early beginning story for both Fury and Coulson. Neither of them have gone through any of the crap they soon will so I think it's well done that their characters were quite different. They will develop with time. If you watch this movie, then all the other Marvel movies in chronological order, it'd be more clear. They also joke that Coulson is the "new guy", which to me explains his slightly timid attitude. I went into this movie trying to not let the politics affect my opinion. If you go into the movie already with a bad taste in your mouth, you might be disappointed. And I in no way support some of the things Brie Larson has said and done. But I don't find that any of that was brought into the movie and I am capable of letting those two instances be separate. I don't have to love and support every actor/actress in a movie in order to love the movie. I am a female in my mid-20's and I felt very empowered by this movie. My 29-year-old brother felt empowered. I feel like this movie is intended to be motivational for all audiences and doesn't try to tear anyone down. Goose was amazing and adorable up until he eats the bad guys. That was weird and uncomfortable to me but ok. Still love Goose! Is it the best Marvel has done? No. But I am overall very pleased with the movie and will be seeing it again and again. I just wish it gave us more teasers towards the rest of the Avengers and Endgame but I guess I can wait another month for that! If I have to!
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Captain Meh
morethanmerrick13 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
While the movie was enjoyable to watch at times, I felt like I was watching it just so I wouldn't become lost in future Marvel films. Captain Marvel was underwhelming, regrettably. I truly wanted this to be a knock-out, unfortunately, the KO was my attention. I found myself moving a lot and becoming bored--waiting for 'the marvel' to really take flight. Most of the jokes and '90s pop culture references felt lackluster and forced. "Remember that song, guys? Here it is!" I felt Brie's performance was yawn-able at best, maybe mis-casting or mis-direction is to blame, but something was off. The tone felt like a juggling act. This doesn't feel like a film that is to bring the fourth phase of the MCU, and more like THOR 2: Dark World. All in all, blah blah blah, I only "read" this chapter to finish the book.

Maybe my opinion will change in the future or when Disney gives me money so I can sell out, ya friggin' turds, but I need more than Hentai cats to stay engaged.
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Has cool moments, but poor main character writing.
deztron7 March 2019
I've liked Brie Larson in other films, but she showed ZERO range in this. When your main character in a superhero movie is unwatchable, you already have a problem. In addition, Captain Marvel has no weaknesses, which kills the tension immediately. There is no point at which you feel she is in any danger of losing, or any danger at all for that matter.

It's an OK origin story, but it makes no sense as to WHY she's supposedly so powerful.

The cat was good.
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Best about the movie is Samuel L. Jackson... and the cat
cmeneses-7495718 March 2019
I enjoyed this movie. It's an OK movie. The kind of movie that would've gone under the radar if it wasn't because it ties to The Avengers and the polemic around Brie Larsson's persona.

If anything Captain Marvel piggy bagged on The Avengers fandom because otherwise mist people wouldn't be interested in this version of a female Superman.

Samuel L Jackson, the cat and the aliens save the movie and make it worth the ticket. Not so much the Captain Marvel character and her story line.
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Let's just be honest
Red_Hardigan12 March 2019
I am a Marvel fan. I go see all the movies, then buy the blu-rays. I have character statues, posters and have read the comics including Captain Marvel. There is a reason people become fans of certain things, and those things done well over time generate more fans until it becomes a "Juggernaut" like the MCU has. I fear that it's not unstoppable however, as the sub-par Captain Marvel has painfully illustrated. The movie is a pastiche of poorly written scenes with a bit of uninspired action sprinkled here and there with barely any plot at all. Carol Danvers has no character development whatsoever, no adversity to overcome besides amnesia and no villain to fight. I know there are people saying they like this movie, but I feel like they either aren't being honest or they like it for personal reasons that are not present in the movie. Objectively speaking, in terms of the technical aspects of storytelling, Captain Marvel just isn't effective. Subjectively, I was bored the entire time and the nostalgia parts made me feel as though JJ Abrams was poking me in the ribs asking me if I 'member the 90's. Yes. Yes I do. And for the record, people are criticizing this movie because it was bad, not because they "haaaate the wooomans!" Dismissing legitimate criticisms using this tactic will not produce better films, which is the only thing most people want. The problem is that they built the movie around the idea of "strong woman" and promoted it as an identity film, so when the movie ends up being bad some people rush to defend it because they don't want the IDEA to fail. The movie itself is secondary - just a vehicle to slap their bumper stickers on, which is a real shame because this could have been a great addition to the MCU. I hope they learn something from this, but from what I've heard it appears that Marvel actually plans to escalate the identity politics in the next phase which would be an absolute disaster for them. When pointing to the box office as a defense for how "good" Captain Marvel was, just remember that tons of paying customers didn't like it at all.
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Just finished watching Captain Marvel
eric_kosecki18 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Watched Captain Marvel. The things I liked first: 1. Talos, Ben Mendelson was really entertaining as the "villain". 2. Samuel L Jackson was good. 3. The cat, except for that.

What I didn't like: 1. Everything about Brie Larsons performance. She was wooden, delivered her dialogue like she was reading off cards. No charm, no charisma, no emotion. Whenever she showed emotion it felt massively forced and disingenuous. She is just incredibly unlikeable and I can't believe they got the casting THIS wrong. I hope they kill her off and an adult Monica Rambeau takes her place (fun fact: Monica was Captain Marvel in the 80s, before Carol Danvers was even Ms Marvel)

2. The Writing. Good lord this film was lazily written. Not only was the dialogue garbage, but come on, did EVERY SINGLE MAN IN HER LIFE HAVE TO BE A HORRIBLE MISOGINIST?!?! And the super thin feminist message, the Kree (patriarchy) were holding her back (the inhibitor chip) and once they stopped she was unstoppable. Really?!

3. They ruined several characters. Mar Vell had one of the best arcs ever in the comics, but nope she's just shot in the chest (what a waste of Annette Benings talent). The Skrulls, one of the best villains in marvel comics and the entire set up for the awesome story Secret Invasion, nope they're the good guys because we need an analogy for refugees. And we already discussed Monica Rambeau.


5. Boy howdy they messed up the Marvel timeline. So they were SHIELD in the 90s? I thought Coulson didn't have that name until 2008? She's the inspiration for the Avengers? Nah man that is Cap. So Fury knew about Aliens already? Why was he so shocked by the Chitauri and the Asgardians? Ugh! This movie was so lazy! It was like they've never seen a marvel movie.

In conclusion this movie was terrible. It did real damage to the MCU and will continue to if she's the face going forward. I thought to myself while watching this, "you know, if you guys hadn't run off Joss Whedon, he could have made this movie amazing." NO ONE does strong female characters as well as Joss. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, And the women of Firefly. Not to mention how good he wrote Black Widow in Avengers 1 to being a 3 dimensional character and not just eye candy. This movie proved that Marvel still doesn't know how to make strong female characters as the focus of a movie. Sure they can be side kicks, but can't carry a movie. Compare that to DC. For all their flaws DC makes killer female characters. Wonder Woman? amazing. Suicide Squad May have been a train wreck but they nailed Harley Quinn (how she uses overt sexuality to her advantage and she can throw down in a fight, plus she is an actual 3d character) and they nailed Amanda Waller being a cold hearted b**ch but you have to respect her. Mera was probably more capable than Aquaman until the end.

If you want to watch a superhero with a feminist message, Supergirl on CW. She is also the strongest by far in the Arrow verse, but unlike Brie she is charismatic, likeable, flawed, and still badass when she throws down.

This movie was trash and I Hope Thanos kills her.

End Of Rant.
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Not THAT bad, not that good either.
dvbsan7 March 2019
This movie feels out of place in the MCU, it feels Fury is not the same character we meet (only) 10 years later. The movie tries to force us to like Brie Larson, not Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel. The character feels like a mix between Tony Stark, Thor and Feminist Captain America. To make things worse, at the end she is way to OP. However, the movie had some good jokes, it was not over preachy. Sure there where some Cringe moments, but all in all it could be worse. The best part of this movie is the 90's nostalgia, Ben Medelsohn, Fury&Goose and The Kree. BUT the Kree do not get that much screen time, they feel like The Warriors 3 with even less to do. The intro does gave me shivers, what a tribute to Stan Lee. I would say Captain Marvel is Solo: A Star Wars Story mixed with The Incredible Hulk, a fun popcorn movie but nothing more.
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Boring and overpowered.
mrmacaw-875758 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Throughout the whole film not a single weakness was outlined for Danvers, and for me, this just makes her boring. I could compare her to Superman who I also find to be hugely overpowered, but even he does at least have one weakness.

The film overall was not up to the recent standard of the MCU, especially when compared to highly entertaining movies such as Thor Ragnarok or Avengers Infinity War.

A few moments annoyed me inparticular such as Brie Larson's cocky facial expressions at the end of her unfunny plucky little quips. She just came across as obnoxious.

The humor was poor, the character is so OP. I am dreading her being in Avengers Endgame and the way she has been wedged in so suddenly, only a month before the MCU's main event; I think it's such a bad move. I might have more love for her if she had been fleshed out in several films like other characters. Thor for example is a powerhouse, and his first film was distinctly average, but I have grown to love him over about 5 or 6 films. Captain Marvel is unfortunately being shoehorned in to the MCU and I think it has the potential to ruin the final Avengers film.
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Ruined ten years of Avengers because of this
axelilehto17 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Shallow main character. That sums it up. She became the strongest being in the universe just because...? Just because they need a strong female. Vision had an infinity stone in his head and was made by the brightest minds on Earth and he was nothing. Captain Marvel couldn't even beat his trainer, simply got a little explosion near her and boom that's it. Doesn't make any sense. Sky cracks open and aliens pour in Avengers 1. Artificial Intelligence tries to take over in Avengers 2. Nick Fury could've called her any time, but no. They just have to force some idiotic hero in the Endgame, which ruins the whole movie and what MCU has been building all this time
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What is there to marvel at?
EnoVarma6 March 2019
I was left with the general feeling, that "Captain Marvel" is a major disappointment.

First of all, there is a good story here somewhere, but it's just not well told, and there's too much of it crammed within about 115 minutes. The movie is fast-paced, but never really works, because the pacing is flat and timing is off. Aesthetically, "Captain Marvel" has been processed through the same "Marvel filter" as the rest of them. Dull. The filmmakers (indie directors of the great "Half Nelson") have given absolutely no attention to the music: the score is completely forgettable as are the 90's songs.

As for the themes, the MGTOW people are going to have a field day with "Captain Marvel's" less than subtle "feminist agenda". I'm putting that in quotations, because it's more accurately described as simply female agenda. Which is absolutely fine and commendable; the problem is the infantile in-your-face way the filmmakers address the theme. The movie is set in the year 1995, and it really feels made for that year's audience. "Captain Marvel" lacks a fresh perspective. And, by the way, any fans of "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" will immediately recognise one pivotal scene lifted from a truly powerful scene in the series finale. In any case, Carol Danvers of the comics was always a decidedly feminist character, so this shouldn't cause any waves. What's lacking, is Carol's wide array of problems: her character history in the comics is one of the craziest in the Marvel universe (which is saying something.). Movie's much simpler.

The biggest disappointment, however, is the resourceful Brie Larson. She's just off. I don't know what happened, but the brilliant actress from "Room" is nowhere to be seen. She was just the wrong choice, I guess. Still, I'm surprised by her lackluster-ness. The cast isn't great, anyways, but at least Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn seem to be having fun.

Unlike me, for the most part.
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THE best? No. Enjoyable and ties nicely into MCU? YES!
MarianaPatis8 March 2019
8/10. It was a very enjoyable origin story. I look forward to seeing more. I mostly feel the same after seeing CM as I did after watching the first CA, IM, etc. Not THE best of course, but definitely entertaining. Despite being in the "hot seat", having to follow Infinity War and BP, it mostly worked, and it was fun! I thought the cast worked well together. Brie Larson did the role well, and I cant wait to see where it goes from here.
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I loved Jude Law & his Kree team in this movie... but that is about it.
nate-car14 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The 21st in an ongoing storyline, of a 20 run movie streak, & a month before the most anticipated movie of all time (Avengers 4), this movie was ALWAYS GOING TO MAKE MONEY...

But could the film makers deliver a quality movie when they are so caught up in gender, identity & social justice politics? Sadly... no.

I loved Jude Law & his Kree team in this movie. Gemma Chan was melt in your mouth & STILL break a tooth cool! I could easily have watched a good movie about these guys, (called Kree/Skrull War?)... not what we got though.

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel looked sad, uncomfortable, awkward & angry the entire movie. Her appearance did not look heroic, any Captain Marvel cosplay I have seen looked better than her, & it never looked like she enjoyed the role or costume.

Nick Fury the character, in almost half the MCU movies is ruined in this movie, & his origin & that of his infamous missing eye is thrown out for cheap laughs, that fell completely flat. For him to get his eye scratched out by a ridiculous MCGUFFIN is film heresy, & the writers should never work in film again.

The Skrulls first outing & origin is also ruined in this film. For 57 years in comics & cartoons, they have been the coolest & bad-ass enemies of the Fantastic Four, X-Men & Avengers. But in this movie for a social commentary they are made into sympathetic refugees (2/3s into the movie?) & ruin any chance of telling some of the greatest stories in the MCU.

Captain Marvels powers were completely inconsistent the entire movie also, sometimes she could be beaten by Jude Law, or normal humans, or an average Skrull, & her photon blasts were just that, a lame light show that mostly did nothing? Also, CM received her powers from the cosmic cube being shot at, but Jude Law was ALSO caught in the blast & received a concussion instead? Bad writing...

Over all, I gave this movie a 3 or 4 out of 10 for 2/3 of the movie & watched it reluctantly entertained... until the final 1/3 when it completely $hit the bed. The ending was so poorly written & executed it went down to a 2/10 with absolutely NO chance of redemption. A real blown opportunity & the first FAIL in the MCU...
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It has nothing of substance
charlieburen18 March 2019
It is just boring. Vera goes through no change and feels like a poorly written mary sue. It is just 2 hours of boringness.
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Well... Disappointing.
anajbellini17 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Expected way more from this film.

I was hoping to see a lot more Carol and Maria moments, but we don't get much of them. Also Nick Fury was beyond pathetic, didn't even look like that badass Nick Fury we've known for years from previous MCU movies, all he did was to get emotional with Goose in every chance he got, even when he absolutely shouldn't.

The action scenes are pretty meh, and that's a shame for such a "powerful character" like they say Carol Danvers is. I mean, that "how did you get the code" scene, WHAT THE HELL? You don't ask such thing after getting your ass beaten up.

Marvel's marketing campaign for this film had me expecting to leave the movie theater like "omggggg", but actually it hasn't gotten even close. The mid- and post-credit scenes managed to be better than the whole movie. I was pretty disappointed, they pushed it too far, I'd say. But let's see how Brie Larson's gonna be in Endgame next month, maybe it was just a (really) bad start.
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Boring and dull actually want my money back!!
duaneobrien917 March 2019
I heard about the bad reviews before seeing Captain Marvel but figured from all the reviews saying it's people slayting on it cause she's a women (which didn't make sense as this isn't the first movie we've had a women in the lead role and as a superhero eg wonder women,Alita and ghost in a shell to name a few) I went in there with the mind set it may not be great but good enough...well me,my wife and sister all thought the same...this is rubbish!...the whole time I was waiting to get pulled into the story and get excited to see her use her powers and fly but you sort of see her powers straight away(minus the flying and when you do see it it's nothing like a wow! Moment) you find out how she gets her powers near the middle-end) so most of the film Your just wondering how she got them and when you find out your like "oh right ok was that it" I just felt like it had lots missing to it...I didnt really care much about her..I was never really woried or felt much toward her like I did for wonder women or any of the avengers...I think the actress who played captain marvel was very woden and not a very good actress...scarlet johanson played her part really well In the avengers so hopefully she can get some tips of her!....I was just really disappointed that this is the hero who's supposed to save the day in Endgame...I thought her powers were not amazing and felt like when she used them they didn't really do much(unless your a juxbox or door) tbh if your seeing this to the up to endgame you don't need to!...has nothing in it that ties to endgame apart from the credit scene which you can get on YouTube and tbh it wasn't all that(if you wondering how fury gets the pager.......*Little Spoiler*********** ******************

she gives it to him after he hands it to her earlier in the film but this time she modified it to call her) overall I'd say it reminded me of a Netflix marvel show I'd say it was watchable but nothing more...annoyed at myself for sticking up for it before I saw it and now I actually want my money back!
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hoongfatt21 March 2019
Loved the opening Logo tribute to my ALL TIME FAVORITE REAL LIFE HERO Mr Stan Lee.. also love his cameo where he is reading the Mallrats Script, Jay and Silent Bob Rocks ok . both those two low budget film Kevin Smith made in the 1990's are way better than this BORING BLAND MESS is Captain Marvel ..story is all over the place ..Pacing Sucks .. and the thing that annoys me the most is the most actions sequence are way too dark like they trying to hide how bad fights are ... Once you seen how fragile and powerless when all camera shot of the Main actress from the front compare how fast and skillful her Stunt Double's movement are when the and camera are shot from the back took you straight out of the movie .. I like the younger Fury and Agent Coulson .. but how FURY lost his eye would of piss most fans off .. also as STUPID as how Han Solo got his name .. kids next to me at the movies was on their phone playing games most of the times shows how bad this movie is ..its like watching a MEH TV SHOW/TV MOVIE than a REAL MCU MOVIE!!
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I fully Ignored all reviews and hate spread on the internet
lorandxd20 March 2019
I have never been more disappointed by a marvel movie ever,seeing alita battle angel first and then this was like watching the moon and starts. I felt like alita that was a cyborg showed more life and emotion the brie did in this movie. Its really sad to see the reviews after and the actually things she said,i cant imagine why they would destroy such a good franchise with SJW propaganda,we had female heroes all the time and they were incredible,i fell in love with them in an instant,but brie,i felt like something i would never touch let alone love,i guess it just shows how inhuman SJW effects are,it just disconnects with the average ticket buyer. To be honest this is the best review i could find on the internet that is spot on about the whole thing.
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Total disappointment.
phill-0477818 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Nothing in this movie made sense. The plot holes in this movie were horrible and the writing was no better. The movie tried to pull a Momento but it failed. The movie starts in the middle and ends with telling her back story? That was horrible. Then Nick Fury right after finding captian marvel, he brings Danvers to a secret facility, not even knowing anything about her, that is housing a test hyper drive without even knowing who she is! When Danvers gets kidnapped she gets hooked up to the supreme intelligence, they make Marvel a woman which makes no sense, and on the record player you hear the song "Come as you are" by Nirvana which debuted in 1992 but she was first kidnapped by the Cree in 1989, which means she would have never known of that song. Carol Danvers apparently has no flaws and nothing to lose unlike every other hero ever, which makes no sense. Fury losing his eye to the cat is so cringy and Danvers is not the first avenger, but apparently Fury makes her the first which make no sense because Captain America was the first Avenger, it even says it in the MCU titles. Last but not least the skrull are not and have not been at any point in time refugees, they have been war mongers. Quit trying to make everything in the movies political because you don't like the president. We go to the movies to escape the world not for you to shove your politics down our throats.
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Really Hoping for More
adamb-9431420 March 2019
I cant help but feel disappointing and maybe a bit cheated with this movie. It feels like it was never really meant to succeed, but rather be a movie that connects to the next Avengers.

The Good:

1) The are scenes where Brie and SLJ are funny and have a witty conversation. 2) The chemistry between actors seemed to work really well. 3) The graphics are really good.

The Bad:

1) Liberal brainwash throughout the whole movie. Its relentless really. 2) No development of character for anyone. 3) The movie jumps from one thing to another, often leaving you wondering what the hell just happened.


One of the worst Marvell movies ever. Sorry Stan :-/
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So sad and disappointing
navajohnathan19 March 2019
This movie is by far the worst MCU movie. It almost seem like they they didn't really care about this movie when they were making it. Nothing was interesting about this movie not her past or how she got her powers, not nick fury's accident (if you know what I mean) not ronin, not even where it left off. The movie never had my attention to the point where I thought hey that's pretty cool. Ant man was a way better movie and so was wonder women just in case people think I'm hating cuz she's a women. The expectation was very high for this movie and unfortunately it did not deliver considering it's right before avengers. Maybe timing was a big factor also if they would have done this film as one of the first ones I don't think it would have been that bad. Nonetheless it is definitely not worth watching in the theater it almost seemed like they targeted young girls who are working on their dreams (as an audience) and maybe inspire them not to give up, who knows? So many things wrong with this movie.
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Meh Woderwoman was a much better movie
vernonjackson19 March 2019
Gonna have to better than this MCU about the only thing good about the movie were the action shots the main characters acting was just wooden and lacking feeling or effort
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Disappointing Film
sethdirks15 March 2019
Unfortunately Bri Larson's personality isn't as colorful as her costume.
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Great disappointment...
valkyrie-9301718 March 2019
I think Larson thinks She's some kind of A-list actor. She was given a gift of a Marvel character movie and she ruined it with her politics. In addition to that - no great fight scenes, no great scenes of any kind, the movie was just kind of boring. I won't be seeing this again. I have every other Marvel movie on DVD this is definitely one I won't be buying from my personal collection.
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Undeserving of the hate
kowalski-penguin9926 March 2019
This was a wonderful movie that was incredibly empowering and wonderfully done. It tied very well into the main storyline of the MCU and tied up some loose ends nicely. I would absolutely recommend this movie!! It's a must-see in a long line of spectacular Marvel movies. Carol Danvers really blows it out of the park!
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Captain Marvel
the_underock23 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Super Mega Ultra Booooooring 10 Years RUIN then put a cat who ruin the Legacy of Fury come on
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