Captain Marvel (2019) Poster

Jude Law: Yon-Rogg



  • Yon-Rogg : I can't go back empty handed.

    Carol Danvers : You won't be empty-handed. I'm sending you with a message. Tell the Supreme Intelligence that I'm coming to end it. The war, the lies, all of it.

  • Carol Danvers : I slipped.

    Yon-Rogg : Right. You slipped. As a result of me punching you in the face.

    Carol Danvers : I was already slipping when you happened to punch me in the face. The two of those are not related.

  • Yon-Rogg : [Repeated line, repeated back by his subordinates]  For the good of all Kree!

  • Yon-Rogg : Control it. Lose control again, you'll have to commune with the Supreme Intelligence. There's nothing more dangerous to a warrior than emotion. Humor is a distraction. And anger, anger represents the enemy.

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