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Unispiring with Terrible, Inconsistent Writing
DcTvGiRl200030 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Ugh...where to begin? I liked Season 1 of Supergirl. Given its cheesy moments at times, Kara was an empowering character as she was coming into her own as a superhero. And Alex..Alex was actually my favorite female character. What was great about Season 1, for me, was that there were so many amazing, strong female characters, which is rare for television these days. Then Season 2 came around. I don't even want to get into how awful that season was with Kara taking a back seat to Mon El's story while having to watch her eventually hook up with him and become a side character in her own show. Plenty of other reviews have voiced their disdain for that disrespectful frat boy better than I ever could. I did love the addition of Lena Luthor and Alex's coming out story line.

Fast forward to what we've endured so far in Season 3...Mon El is still somehow mentioned in every episode even though he's gone. Tech genius and all around bad ass Lena Luthor has given up LCorp so she can run CatCo...a company she knows nothing about and let's be a step down from being a female CEO at a tech industry consisting mostly of men. Maggie is still only "Alex's girlfriend" and now Alex is suddenly obsessed with having children, (And has been grossly OOC this season) which is going to be the demise of of the few healthy, positive w/w relationships on screen right now. Not to mention the writers can't even remember their own story lines and are making it up as they go along so they can get in as many jabs at Trump as they possibly can. (They're building a wall?) Really, because last time I checked, in the Supergirl world, Trump wasn't president.

The only thing worth sticking around for at this point is the Sam/Reign story line. But I don't think it's worth enduring the rest of the dumpster fire writing that is continuing to plague this show. Sorry to say, I'm done with Supergirl. Which is sad, because I love the SG comics. And I was hoping we'd finally get great representation in a female superhero. Well, I was wrong. Guess I'm going to have to look elsewhere.
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Watching Supergirl on The CW proves how the channel can ruin another great superhero
sundevilemily10 September 2017
I tried to give the show a chance when it had it's series premiere in 2015, but it was terrible and so cheesy and cringey that all of the characters I grew to love as a kid growing up got ruin by appearing as different characters on the show.I didn't watch glee while it was on and haven't heard Melissa Benoist sing at all, but she does a terrible job at playing as Supergirl and ruins the image of who Supergirl really is.And the show uses characters who appear as background characters in the comics be main characters on the show that are very boring and seem like very lifeless characters.I love how DC acts like all of their programs,movies, and other DC brands are very dark and gritty and Marvel is dumb,funny, and light, but Supergirl and other shows in the Arrowverse prove to be very silly and light, and the Marvel-Netflix show are what DC thinks their shows are.And it seems like the show is trying to turn Supergirl into Wonder Woman, just like how Arrow is trying to turn Green Arrow into Batman,The Flash into Superman, and the Legends of Tomorrow into the Justice League.After watching episodes from each Arrowverse show (Arrow,The Flash,Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow), it seems like The CW does a terrible job with DC superhero shows.Fox on the other hand seems to do a way better job with superhero shows just look how great of a job the channel does with the show Gotham.
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alecshot3 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Weak. Underpowered. I don't understand. in the comics, superman was lifting a machine that literally equated the weight of the Earth.....he lifted the machine for 5 days straight. Once he was done, he stood up and said that was the first time in his life that he ever sweat. If superman is this powerful (an supergirl is apparently stronger) why is she hurt by a concrete bat.....stop underpowering people
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From bad to worse
brileearch28 February 2017
Why do I watch the show? I thought it was about superheroes and super villains. But no, I'm not sure what it is about anymore. This show continues to go downhill. The plot lines are simple and easy to determine within a couple minutes of the start of the show. I find myself shaking my head at the ridiculousness of the story line. The show has become all about relationship interactions that are on again and off again within a matter of minutes. The show used to be funny but now has turned into a lame drama. I don't usually write reviews but I have been very disappointed about where the show has gone. I don't think I'll be watching anymore.
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Bad writers
wsl730 November 2016
Okay, I've read the reviews too.. My main complaint is that the writers seem to never have read any of the comics. Apparently unfamiliar with what the title "Super" refers to, they put an otherwise promising character into the most absurd situations. Supergirl is very nearly as strong as Superman, yes, but she is also just s fast. That means super- speed. Does "faster than a speeding bullet" ring a a bell? I watched as Suppergirl just stood by and watched a switch thrown in this last episode, the one used to activate the killing weapon. Just stood there as if she couldn't move. This is just bad writing, you writers. Super- speed, get it? She could have been there before that switch was thrown easily. Think of how the Kryptonians moved in "Man of Steel," or "Smallville." That's how Supergirl should move. Her reflexes match that. It's almost impossible to take any Earth-resident Kryptonian by surprise. So get with it. There are other plot devices which would be infinitely more interesting if writers just dealt with the character's powers instead of hobbling her this way. And, yes, this is written immaturely and unprofessionally. You don't have to write down to kids in the audience. They appreciate the mote intelligent story lines, so give it to 'em and save everybody the pain of watching these episodes.
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Supergirl is a Super...No.
JaneDoe19831 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I gave the show 2 stars instead of 1 because I did enjoy Season 1. I've never been a fan of comic book television or films, but I gave Supergirl a shot since we rarely see female led shows...let alone a female-driven superhero show. So I was pleasantly surprised by the first season. It wasn't perfect by any means. But it was enjoyable to watch and had plenty of strong women from Supergirl herself to her sister Alex to Lucy Lane and the "Queen of all Media," Cat Grant.

Where Supergirl went horribly wrong was in Season 2. From inconsistent writing with way too many plot holes (even for a superhero show) to the majorly problematic character of Mon-El. In fact, Mon-El is why I won't be watching Season 3. Because you see, after all of the backlash from fans and even countless articles done by entertainment media outlets outright stating that Supergirl's problem was too much Mon-El, the show-runners are blatantly ignoring that and bringing him back for Season 3. And let me guess...they are going to tout him as a newly changed man and a "hero." I wasn't watching Supergirl because I wanted a misogynistic douche-bag of a dude-bro not only taking over the show that's supposed to be about Kara, but also reducing Kara to being his love interest.

So...what was the problem with Mon-El, one might ask? Well, we could start off with how he missed objectifying women back on his home planet because he was irritated that Kara didn't want to get with him. And that came after he'd already been disrespectful to her on countless occasions. Kara told him on numerous occasions that they weren't a good match, but he kept pursing her and eventually tried to guilt her into not liking him back by throwing out an I love you. And when they did eventually get together (because this is the CW and of course the lead female can't be without a guy), seconds after she asked him to keep their relationship on the down-low, he announced to the whole DEO that they were together, which was just...gross, not to mention highly disrespectful of Kara's wishes. We were told on numerous occasions that Mon-El had changed, but were never shown it. He fixed Kara breakfast and that apparently warranted him being a "changed man." Wow...the expectations are very low with this one, I tell ya. And by the end of the season, even though he kept telling anyone who would listen that he was also a hero, it was Kara that had to tell him to "go be a hero." There a countless more situations I could discuss, but the point of the matter here is that Kara was reduced to being the love interest in her own show. And we could get into how the writers decided to break up Kara and James before they even had a chance at a relationship and then replaced James with a boring, sexist white guy who also owned slaves...seriously, ya can't make this up.

I was thrilled to hear that Katie McGrath was going to be in Season 3 as a regular, because I loved Lena Luthor's character. In fact, she was the only good thing about Season 2, to be completely honest. But unfortunately, not even Ms. McGrath can get me to watch again when they intend to bring Mon-El back and pretend like there was absolutely nothing wrong with the way his character was written.

If you're looking to feel inspired by strong women, Supergirl is not the show for you. I'd recommend "Wynonna Earp," "Orphan Black," and even a new show called "The Bold Type" instead. Save yourself the frustration of seeing Supergirl/Kara fall by the wayside so that a good for nothing frat boy could take the lead and destroy anything good the show had going for it.
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Reality Check
ckennow23 March 2017
I only watch for the crossovers from Flash, Arrow and DCLoT. Glad they moved it to the CW to try and work more in...but the writers in all of the DCTVU seem to be whiny liberal idiots with an agenda and lack of self-worth. Blatant insertion of LGBTQAIWXYZ propaganda that doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the story. The whole remake of the Jimmy Olsen character would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. Someone with a crap ton of money should just buy the rights for DC Comics from the WB and do it right. This really isn't that hard.
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What a Train-wreck...than not even Supergirl herself could save at this point
SuperGirlSanversKarolsen31 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The writing for this show just continues to go downhill into Season 3. It's like the writers don't even know what they've written already. For example having Maggie's father commenting about how they want to build a wall. Just stop with the constant Donald Trump jabs already. I'm as liberal and progressive as they come, but even I find the constant political garbs off putting and unnecessary. It's sort of like in the debacle that was Season 2 where they had Kara tell Mon El that maybe being Supergirl and being with him was enough when in Season 1 she told J'Onn that being Kara Danvers and having her job at CatCo was just as important to her as her Supergirl duties when he offered her to work full time at the DEO. Do these writers have existing story line amnesia or something?

What I'm really irritated with is the show's handling of Sanvers. These writers and show runners knew from the start how invested the LGBTQ community would get in Sanvers, especially after giving Alex such an honest coming out story. But unfortunately, they completely botched Sanvers with a rushed, barely fleshed out story line with minimal screen time...then gave them an unrealistic engagement at the end of Season 2. Now in Season 3 we have to believe that they are going to break up over Alex suddenly deciding becoming a mother is more important that being with Maggie? Really? It's OOC writing and and insult to the healthy LGBTQ relationship they were trying to portray to us.

Look, I understand the show shouldn't be relationship drama heavy, and I agree. But these writers are the ones who keep insisting it be shoved in everywhere...and they can't even write a decent relationship to save their lives!

I'm officially ditching Supergirl. I'm not here to watch them tear apart one of the few positive LGBTQ relationships that are out there right now. And I'm definitely not here to watch Kara be all moody after Mon El's exit only to have the childish dude bro return in a few episodes anyway. It's gross. Supergirl is gross...a gross train-wreck.
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Inept writers
michaelstokoe-847845 January 2018
Do the writers actually know that Supergirl has super powers and is virtually indestructible????? Every week she gets a good hiding from a mere mortal of sorts...i can't even be bothered to write any more about this drivel...i only wish those involved in the writing of the show did the same.
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Terrible Writing That's About Everyone But Supergirl
SGfanGirl201812 January 2018
You'd expect with the title of "Supergirl" that Supergirl and Kara Danvers would be the main focus of the storytelling. But by mid-Season 2 she was unfortunately overshadowed by Mon El...a character that should have never gotten as much story line and screen time as he did. And now into Season 3, once again, Kara and her alter-ego are taking a backseat so Mon El and more new characters can take over. How much longer do the writers and producers expect us to sit and watch the Mon El and the Legion show? I'd be fine if they were only going to be around for an episode or two to help her with Reign, but for some reason, Supergirl is always getting defeated and needing help. Sure, even a superhero might need help every now and again. But all the time? Unfortunately, there's nothing much keeping me from continuing to stick with this show. The writers had an huge opportunity to capitalize on an inspiring, empowering female superhero, story, but unfortunately, what they've given us is a disappointing mess of a show that continues to go downhill by making their once strong, independent and courageous female characters watered down and weakened, thus contradicting the notion of empowerment so many of us female viewers tuned in to see and appreciated in Season 1.
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Becoming more like a soap
ken-127314 October 2017
Season 1 was quite good and held well to the superhero genre. Season 2 started well but drifted deeply into interpersonal drama. Season 3 started the way season 2 ended, with less emphasis on the superhero and deeply into character emotions/relationships and social issues. These are important discussions, to be sure, but I watch superhero shows to see action and fun, not for deep emotion or for a critical societal exposé.

Frankly I don't care who's straight, gay, engaged, in love, depressed, happy or psychotic unless it directly relates to the villain:heroine story line. Supergirl has, seemingly, fallen to influences (pressures?) far from the original comic book universe. It has become a soap opera.
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Beware...Supergirl is neither Empowering nor Inspiring
stephjean471 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed Season 1 of Supergirl. Sure, it had its flaws. But overall it was empowering and had plenty of strong, female characters, which is something we don't get so see a lot of all in one show.

Then Season 2 happened. And I had to watch as a spoiled, self- entitled, sexist frat boy not only take over the show, but also get to be Kara's love interest. And sadly, his character pretty much took over the show. Not only did Mon-El disrespect Kara on numerous occasions (sometimes in front of her co-workers), but he was full of sexist gibes. The writers literally had him say that he missed objectifying women and not caring when he was on Daxam. How do you have the nerve to tout your show as feminist and empowering when the main character's love interest is saying things like that? It was appalling.

The only saving grace of Season 2 was Katie McGrath's Lena Luthor. And I was going to stick around for Season 3 for her even though I knew they were going to bring Mon-El back despite the majority of the fandom and countless media outlets called out the show for having a Mon-El problem. But after the cast mocked a part of the fandom that shipped Lena and Kara together, it's clear they think too highly of themselves and do not respect the fans. So I won't be watching Season 3. And after the messy debacle that was Season 2, I'd say I'm much better off finding a show that appreciates its fans and also doesn't insult female viewers by claiming to be empowering when we had to watch our female heroine get put down time and time again by a toxic male character while trying to tell us that he'd changed and Kara made him a better man. Because one...he didn't change. And's not a woman's job to make a man better.

So I'd say watch this show at your own risk. Or just skip it all together. There are plenty of other shows out there where the cast appreciates and validates their fans and where female characters are allowed to be strong and heroic without having to deal with sexist, disrespectful supporting characters!
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Bad writing meets bad acting
matthiasn-13 July 2017
The second season is even worse than the first one.

Unfortunately the series doesn't manage to make any connection with the characters, the writing is really bad. Unlogical plots, undeveloped character arcs and no meaningful story at all, just pathetic dialogues.

At least some of the fighting scenes are quite OK.
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Don't bother. It had potential but it keeps getting worse and worse - SPOILERS
meneermalik-127 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I went into this series hoping that it would be another Smallville or something similar but was pretty disappointed with season 1. It did seem like there was potential so I decided to give season 2 a try and have been more and more disappointed with each episode I watch.

My biggest problem is Supergirl's attitude. She behaves like a spoiled, self-entitled, super arrogant, super bitchy - dick. As Jimmy and Wynn set up for Guardian she knocks them down every chance she has and refuses to let someone else do what they want. She behaves like this with Mon-El and pretty much everyone else. This goes on and on throughout all of season two (up to episode 14 so far).

The fights are really badly edited. There are so many instances where you see the punch or kick fly by the opponent and missing them by a good foot (f not more) and that takes you out of the moment. It looks more like they were filming the rehearsals rather than the actual sequences. Some fights are just unbareable to watch because of that. It's a shame because the stunts and fights for the most part are well done so it's a shame to ruin good work by poorly placed cameras and bad editing.

Supergirl is an idiot. Over and over again she knocks down the bad guy, then turns around for whatever reason and just stands there. Meanwhile the bad guy gets up and kicks her ass. Happens over and over. Just not believable and it makes the character seem like they're pretty incompetent and shouldn't be fighting in the first place. For being someone that has super speed she sure can let herself get her ass kicked left, right and center by just regular humans with the odd gadget.

Plot line in season two is almost non existent. There's a vague story arch going on in the background but the episodes are filled with melodrama and bad acting. Please, tell me for the next 5 minutes why your feelings are hurt, why I disappointed you, why you don't like me, etc, etc. This should be called - Supergirl - The soap opera.

My last point which made me say OK, I'm not watching this anymore was episode 14 of season two. Apart from almost nothing going on (the plot line/story could have been advanced in less than 5 minutes, the rest was fluffer). Kara and Alex get their father back (was rescued) who has been working for Cadmus for 14 years, they reinstate him in the DEO with full access and no questions asked? WHAT?? Common, what sort of morons write sh*t like this? The season is full of moments like this where you just scratch your head and say "UH, WTF?!"

I will say that the acting has gotten better over time. Somewhat normal I'd say for the actors to take some time to fall into their roles but that's definitely not enough to save the series.

Final thoughts - don't waste your time unless you like Days of Our Lives and enjoy seeing the plot/storyline advance about as fast as a daytime soap opera and also enjoy all the melodrama that comes with it. In order for this show to survive you'd have to get a whole new writing crew in and reinvent the show. Not impossible but is it going to happen? Likely not. No wonder it has a low rating.
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Recapturing our youth
Llinos Dafys7 November 2015
After all the harsh reviews I've seen, I decided to actually sign up for this site just to give a more balanced review.

First, I won't lie. I'm a big time superhero lover. Truth be told, Wonder Woman was my true inspiration when I was younger. I could relate to her and admired her strength and courage. I felt like if she could do anything, so could I. Sure, I was just a kid, but that kind of thing is great for kids.

With that said, I feel like this will bring up a new generation of superhero lovers. Everyone basically keeps saying this show is too tropey. But who started those tropes? The classics, of course. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman. These were our go-to since comics existed. Supergirl was later created so that girls could have a feminine figure to admire as well.

I feel like so many people are missing the point of this show because they think it's too silly, the writing is too immature, or the plot seems too on-the-nose. But look at it from a new perspective: Can parents see themselves watching this with their children? Arrow shows some rather steamy scenes when that sweet lovin' is going on. What are parents doing? "No, sorry kids, can't watch this." But Kara is cute, dorky, and the Everygirl. She wants her boss to be more understanding, she wants to help people, and she always has an encouraging word to say. The most important thing -- she values her friends. What better lesson to teach your kids in a modern age? And for those who are kids at heart, it's still an enjoyable show. There's a great cast with lots of people we recognize (at least I recognize several). It reminds me of my youth and why I loved superheroes to begin with. She's a *clothed* feminine figure who isn't relying on the size of her chest or butt to show how capable she is. Wasn't that the biggest complaint of all scifi and fantasy? Now, anyone who remembers the classic Disney movie, Hercules, and loved it regardless of what age they are, I feel like that's the movie that best describes this show. I was young enough to appreciate it, and I've even re-watched it out of nostalgia a few times. The more I think of a dorky person who didn't know their own abilities, including that inner heroic capability, the more I see a parallel between that movie and Supergirl 2015. Both wanted to be more. Both wanted to find a purpose in life. Both found it by being a hero and saving others.

For people who missed that 90s happy campy nature, I feel like this show brings it back, but without feeling like an entire "camping" trip. Having also seen Arrow, Flash, and Gotham, Supergirl show is worthy of all ages. I just believe people need to give Supergirl a chance. Like any show, it will find that "groove" and improve. We've barley even started.
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Awful !!!
abrahamyan-armen21 December 2017
All the cliches in the world are in this show. Stories are very bad, there are some serious doubts about Melissa Benoist's acting abilities, especially when it comes to simulating acting with special effects, like firing laser with eyes. Show has no sense, no meaning, lots of unintuitive characters are brought forward to stretch each episode by fulfilling it about their personal life issues. Well if creators are doing it at least do it a little deeper, so that it will be more thoughtful and can have some impact. The only positive thing in the show is Katie McGrath. Without her acting, this show is lost.
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A Disappointing, Non-Feminist Show and a Disservice to the Supergirl Comics
vanessasimpleton21 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Lets just get this out of the way...the Kara in CW's "Supergirl" is nothing like the comic version. With that being said, I was still okay with Season 1. It definitely had its cheesy moments, and it took me a while to get over how stark of a difference this "sunny" version of Kara was from the dark, more tortured soul Kara in the actual comics. But overall, it was entertaining enough.

And then Season 2 happened...

Season 2 was turned into a bad romance soap opera saga with little character development for Kara and the incessant shoving of the non- heroic Mon-El in our faces. Those familiar with the comics already know that the Mon-El depicted in the show is nothing like the Mon-El we know from the comics. Not only that, but he and Kara never had a romance. I get that these shows aren't going to follow the comics every time. But why were we given a sexist, disrespectful frat boy version of Mon-El in a show that likes to tout itself as being "feminist?" Because there was absolutely nothing feminist with how Mon-El treated Kara throughout Season 2. Frankly it was insulting to watch their poor excuse of a "romance" play out when he did nothing buy disrespect her, disregard her advice, spew out sexist after sexist comment, and argued with her incessantly. It was flat out gross to watch.

Kara didn't grow as a character in Season 2. Instead she got dragged down by Mon-El and was reduced to being the love interest even though she's supposed to be the main character of her show just so that a spoiled man-child could be propped up as "heroic." Which, by the way, Mon-El never once proved he was a hero. Instead we were just told over and over that he was and that he had changed without any physical storytelling proof.

There were so many plot holes that were never resolved. One good thing Season 2 had going for it was the CADMUS story line. But that never played out. Katie McGrath's Lena Luthor was really the only character that kept my watching. And unfortunately, I don't think she will be enough to keep me watching Season 3 since the powers that be think that Mon-El is an awesome character and will continue to be a part of Supergirl. No thanks. Here's a clue, heads of CW, Supergirl show runners and writers, just because two actors are dating each other, it doesn't mean a bad story line that has gotten plenty of media and fan backlash is "the right story to tell." But have fun continuing to lose viewers with that way of thinking. Because I, for one, won't be tuning in to see more of the Mon-El show!
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Trash trash, trash, trash
Manuel Suazo16 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
First of all i would like to say that i have watched 19 episodes of this show and i am entitled to my opinion (unlike people who saw the pilot and left it) and i have to say that this show is just not good.Are there episodes that are sort of good? Of course,but it says something that your best episode is a collaboration with another studio. to keep in that mindset the biggest problem with the show is its writing. the dialogue is so bad with quips and one liners that are cringeworthy, a story that is propaganda in on itself (which i will touch later), characters that i just don't care about, and love triangles that are just unnecessary.

this show is a mess starting with a big plot that involves "saving the world because of global warming, and the fact we don't care for the environment". GIVE ME A BREAK. why do you think this story is interesting? the market is so filled with propaganda about saving the world that this just does not help, what it does is it uses a stupid pretext of a story in a show that is already filled with feminist propaganda. As i said the writing on this show is just terrible.

so yes you have a show with a female lead, do you need to push all this feminist trash on us every chance you get? like "if god existed SHE would not let this happen", like it genuinely pains me that the show tries so hard to push this bullshit to us, and does not focus on being a having a good story or good characters or at least decent action.

to finish, the thing that bothers me the most is how much potential a female superman has to a good story, but all of that is wasted with stupid lines and stupid propaganda that all it does is bring down the show. so, would i recommend you watch it? NO.
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Watch Only if You Support Sexism, Misogyny, Slave Owning, and Endless Political Propaganda Thinly Veiling Itself as "Life Lessons"
JennieScribesAlot2 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Supergirl had so much potential to be a show women and young girls could really look to for strong, inspiring female characters and representation. Unfortunately, it failed miserably with that in Season 2, and Supergirl is definitely not someone I'd ever aspire to be as an empowered woman.

What prompted me to get on here and do a review was the latest ridiculous defense of the one of the BIGGEST problems of the show...Mon-El, by one of the CW's top executives. Despite the known backlash of this character, he basically said that Mon-El will remain an integral part of Season 3 because the two actors that play Kara and Mon-El are dating in real life and that it's the "right story to tell." Ummmmm...okay, really? So the right story to tell is one of letting a complete misogynistic, disrespectful, egotistical poor excuse of a man get the girl (who happens to be the lead character) all while also completely taking over the story line so that most of the fandom kept referring to Supergirl as "The New Adventures of Mon-El?" And you should keep Mon-El on the show because the actor is dating the lead actress? Yikes! Talk about being out of touch with just how much Mon-El was disliked as a character.

It's no secret that I despise Mon-El's character. The way the writers continually allowed Kara to be berated and disrespected by him was very offensive and not at all what the Kara from Season 1 would have put up with, especially if she had still been with James. Speaking of overly glossed over point it seems is how they abruptly did away with the Kara and James relationship for no apparent reason and then immediately had her get with a white boy who used to own slaves. So...apparently the writers also don't have a problem with slavery and the racist undertones that had.

Just another lovely tidbit...which I see other fellow reviewers have also commented on. The "right story to tell" also involved Mon-El telling Winn after Kara still wouldn't get with him that he missed being on Daxam where he could objectify women and just not care. THAT'S they kind of character you want representing your show? Well guess what, that's not what I want to watch. And I won't be tuning in for Season 3.

Oh, and the endless political propaganda that I spoke of in the title, that pretty much speaks for itself in most of Season 2. I have no party affiliation. It was just annoying to be continually beaten over the head with the writers' political views.

The CW's version of Supergirl is not something to be proud of...unless the writers, producers, and network executives are proud of propping up a horribly written male character that undermined the leading female character and essentially took over her show. If that's that what they were going for, then kudos to them for turning what could have been an empowering, strong female character into an unrecognizable, shell of a girl who is by no means any kind of super heroine I'd want to look to for inspiration as a woman.

And I'll just leave it at that, because if I get started on the lazy writing and major plot holes that never got resolved, this review will become a novel!
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Season 3 has turned into full ideological propaganda
Petar Stamenkovic2 November 2017
It was an okay TV show, but season 3 is such vile ideological, brainless propaganda it deserves to be canceled yesterday.

I love superheroes and it saddens me that Supergirl is hijacked by the leftist ideologues. Kids need someone to look up to teach them good values and proper behavior like courage, truth and selflessness. They don't need to brainwashed into group think and identity politics, scared to even question that and think that silencing anyone they disagree with for whatever reason is acceptable in a democracy.

I wish producers and writers publicly apologize. Fat chance of that happening, but you can not watch the show. Which is what I'd recommend and what I'm doing. Vote with your wallet and your attention. You do have a voice and a choice.
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I wish I didn't hate it
okjake-433514 October 2017
I am not one to go out of my way to write a bad review; I'd generally prefer not to spend any more time than necessary on a terrible terrible show. For Supergirl I make an exception for two reasons: I am too disappointed not to, and I simply can't help but feel obligated to echo the sentiments of many other disappointed comic book fans. I'll explain...

Although I like the actors for Supergirl, Kat, and Winn, I am less than thrilled with pretty much every other. Mechad Brooks is a badass and absolutely cut out for a killer role in a super hero movie but that is exactly why he should not be Jimmy Olsen... Jimmy is a scrawny nerd and that's the way I like him. The rest of the characters just seem too contrived with the exception of a few cameo characters I could love in anything. Yet, admittedly, I'm not convinced that the issues are because of the characters they cast or because of the incompetence of the writers and directing team.

My most severe problems with Supergirl are the story lines and scripts. Riddled with political agenda topics, whiny and jealous main characters, and childish fights, the show has left me cringing so bad for three whole seasons that I'm ashamed to admit I've watched as much as I have. The only reason I've made it this far is because of a deep- rooted loyalty to DC and a misguided hope that the writers would figure out what isn't working. I've given up hope. I will not be continuing on past he third season with anything short of replacement of the writing team and/or director. I truly hope that happens...
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Shark, meet Jumped.
gahvno1 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
As so many others here, I really wanted to like this series. Sadly, it's become nothing more than a millennial vehicle for the religion of AGW, rabid, yet sometimes stealthily introduced third-wave feminism, case- studies for the New Castrati metro-boyz, over-the-top cheesy-puppy dialogue, and overt lesbianism that has absolutely nothing to do with any workable story-line and serves only to push the identity politics and agendas of a studio management that dreams of a world comprised of diverse-for-diversity's-sake nightmare Enterprise bridge crews. We watched every episode, overlooking the mediocre acting and PC-ness as a simple act of escape-ism. But, we saw that as the second season unfolded, this silly show wasn't going to make it, alas and alack. When the producers and check-signers decided to actively use what could have been a really fun show to promote their own, tiny-fringe beliefs onto the rest of us - you know, the people who watch the adverts and spend the coin - it was time to switch it off and look elsewhere. So-called "progressive" propaganda and latent sexual identity issues indoctrination has no place in what is purportedly pushed as a prime- time kids and young-adult TV show. But, then again, that is how the left gets things done, isn't it?

As the title infers, for us and many other people I've talked to, Supergirl jumped the shark in season 2, starting at episode 5.

Too bad. It really could have been a fun ride.
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Its a Bird, Its a Plane, Its Feminist Propaganda Girl.
aamerkastoff1 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Minor spoilers (just some dialogue and show agenda).

I really wanted to enjoy this show, my daughter really wanted to enjoy this show, my son really wanted to enjoy this show, my wife really wanted to enjoy this show...

The good: Characters had the right names, special effects were pretty good, the actors were all competent.

The bad: Everything else, from the feminist and SJW (social justice warrior) propaganda and agenda constantly invading the story to the text book racist move of replacing a 75+ year beloved white nerdy teen character with a handsome suave 35 year old Black man.

The show also was rampant with misandry and sexism aimed at men. My daughter and wife were offended by the show constantly shoving feminist lies down the viewers throats. Men who did not love/worship Supergirl were constantly downing women. My daughter flat out said she had never heard anyone ever say to her or another girl at school "You can't because your just a girl" or any thing remotely like it, let alone this gem from the show "Women bow to men" that's a direct line from one of the men on the show. My young son wondered why all the men were bad guys except for the two main male characters who basically worship the main character (serious feminist feminist wish fulfillment).

The show broke men down in to two categories: 1.) Men who worship the female (Supergirl) are good (jimmy Olsen and Supergirl's work friend) 2.) Men who did not worship the female were psychotic killers or violent military men. There are no other types on the show. It reeks of the uber feminist CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler's feminist ideology which makes since, the show is her baby.

Its hard to enjoy a show that is openly racist, sexist, and has an obvious political agenda all while sending the message "If you don't agree with us YOUR the racist, sexist problem," apparently CBS thinks its OK to be racist to white people and sexist towards men because their feminist Chairmen says so. Whats worse is this show is aimed at young adults, teens and kids, meaning your kids are purposely being fed an hour of pure propaganda in the guise of a Superhero show.
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Completely Awful
Silver The BabyDoll18 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really tried, I watched the pilot when it first came out. My first thought was god this crap is awful, so 2 years later I decided to come back and watched it. I literally just finished season 1, and God its even worse. I love the whole equality feminism thing that they were trying (but obvi failed) they just really overdid it too much like 90% of the stuff just was too forced. Seriously, God is a she now... and a freaking woman president.... And, this show is super racist I swear those episode with Zhonn was literally breaking my heart. And that Kara and James thing I will never ship there is 0 chemistry in the mix at all. This show has no Latinos, no Asians no Indian no nothing except 2 black people and a billion while people wth so the whole city is a white place???? The fakish looking effects is awful. Storyline awful. Actors literally overacting smh. And, the self righteous crap is annoying.


In episode 20 when Kara choose not to sacrifice 8% of the population to stop a major disaster. Just all in the name of hope... but, in arrow there were countless of times they had to do make extremely tough descions and still have hope. eg. when felicity had to redirect that bomb which was headed for their city.

I also feel like there stealing other shows/movies ideas. example. 1x19 (myriad) when everyone minds gotten taken over... (DIVERGENT) and then Indigo looks a hell of a lot like Mystic.... AND LAST THE FREAKING BANSHEE.... TEEN WOLF!!!

look I can go on all day on how awful this show is. I seriously hope it gets canceled mainly for the sexist content, bad material, racism and etc. I do not recommend watching this ever, even if you have a death wish.
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Not a great show
ScypherB16 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really like super hero stuff and wanted to like this show. I love when they do those cross over episodes and so decided to give the rest of this show a try...

Finished the second season and can say with utter surety that this is the worst written show I have ever watched. This show makes Sense 8 look smart and well put together.

There are some decent characters and performances, but the writers can't seem to decide who they want the characters to be. Every single character seems to wildly fluctuate between being though as nails, take no prisoners war machine, then suddenly a weak little kitten unsure of their place in the world.

The plot lines are completely over the top lacking any subtlety or nuance. They beat you over the head with it. The alien invaders saying they're going to "make Earth great again" for example. It's not even done intentionally bad, like Legends of Tomorrow will sometimes do, self deprecating, they think they're actually being witty with these lines of dialogue and stories.

The president turns out to be an alien who assumed the identity of the president, but it's OK because she's still a Democrat and wants to help. I'm not making this up. The entire team even agrees to join a conspiracy to help cover up this alien's crime, not treating it like a major breach of security, democracy, and the entire security of the's no biggie.

Saying this show's writing lacks talent is an understatement.
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