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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • There is no exact speed but as every episode premieres, Barry gets faster and faster and eventually can travel through time.

    In the episode 'Tricksters' Barry / The Flash is forced to run over 600mph otherwise a bomb attached to his wrist by The Tricksters will explode. Barry removes the bomb via Harrison Wells' request , vibrating through a wall and leaving the bomb on the other side.

    In addition, in the episode 'Fast Enough' Barry / The Flash makes the decision to travel back in time by creating a wormhole to the past by running at super speeds. Dr. Martin Stein adds that he will need to be running at Mach 2 to be successful, any slower will result in his death. He then runs this speed and is successful in traveling back in time. Mach 2 is about equal to 680.58 m/s or 1,522.41 mph. Edit (Coming Soon)

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