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It's pretty good actually and VERY realistic !
sergio-kreeft20 July 2015
I really enjoy this series, i truly do ! Why ? Not because i want in-depth scripts and complex personalities and such but genuine laid-back real-life drama. A TV series that you can get into from the first episode and by the end you know what's up. No need to watch the first 5 episodes before it all starts making sense. It's realistic and therefore it appeals to a lot of people even though most people haven't lived that sort of life or know celebrities for that matter. We know enough through the tabloids, TV, news, internet, etc etc. to know how some people can't carry the weight of success and they end up on the wrong side of history. We've seen many examples and of course we have also seen people that handle it pretty well too.

Whether they are athletes, actors or singers or whatever, they are all subjected to all sorts of seductions, schemes, paparazzi, and of course freeloading people around them. In that respect the series is very realistic. It is of course laced with predictable outcomes by that's all fine as they still make it all very enjoyable and easy to watch.

The actors they picked are very good for the roles they play so i don't see the negativism that some people have. Maybe they expected Grammy award plots, i don't know ...

It's just great entertainment, beautiful people & cars, good music, tight dresses and tailored suits and no psychic bloating.

My only point of criticism is that each episode is too short. It should be twice as long (50 instead of just 25 minutes).
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Great Show
offsmith13 January 2018
Great show with some great dialogue and characters. The show is entertaining from start to finish. Character relationships and dialogue are hilarious at times while still maintaining the seriousness with one another.

The continually growing plot and development of all the characters keeps you invested and wanting to watch more. Cameos from big stars and athletes is a bonus for the show.

I recommend this show to anyone.
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It's a Good Show Worth Watching & Love The Actors
aaronrseahawks25 June 2015
This is a show that deserves at least a 7.5 - 8.0. There's no show out there like it really right now. The actors are good, im not just talking about Dwayne Johnson but everyone else. They just go good with this show & what its about.

I like shows like The League & I do like football so this does interest me but I do truthfully think even if you're not totally into football you would still like this for what it has to offer. It does obviously take a certain taste but its pretty common comedy so a lot would like it. Its not amazing or a Must Watch!!! but its worth it in my opinion. They cancelled a show that I did like the pilot of which was The Rebels which is also about football & its funny. It's good to see another one come along & hopefully it can remain around.
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Excellent Show!
tremice5 August 2015
This is show is a fast-paced romp that clearly draws from it's Entourage roots both in styling and format. While it may not be ground-breaking TV it is extremely enjoyable with Dwayne Johnson being a superb choice for the lead. The supporting cast is also well chosen with strong performances by John David Washington, Omar Benson Miller and Donovan W. Carter II. Really, the show is very well cast all around. While it will be interesting to see how all the characters evolve, I'm particularly curious to see how Dwayne's character develops and understand what motivates his financial choices. For the complainers, lets try and remember this is entertainment, not nuclear fission. I personally look forward to watching this show evolve and mature over time.
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More dragging politics into everything
kingmbj25 September 2018
Political crap has taken over this show like most sports in general these days....and this is from a black man. Not a fan of that mess. No man can fix or political part can fix mankind problems, only god and his kingdom can
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Was good until they went political this season
scarpenter-806-8990538 October 2018
Disappointed that this season they decided to go political, not sure I will continue watching anymore.
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User 'questiontheauthorities nailed it.
baoboa28 August 2018
Up to the current season it was a somewhat decent little show... but once again, hollyweirds delusional political, racial and gender crap has completely ruined it. Big surprise there. Bye bye Ballers! Good riddance. Next.
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Was good now trash!!!!!
rafaelkouyghadosh24 September 2018
This show was good in the first couple of seasons but now it is an endless cycle of trash. I used to love it when this show came on as it was like entourage where you see some celebrities mixed in with some humor so it was great but now it went to total trash. I understand that Rashard Mendhenhall writes this but come on after last night making it so political I had to get this off my chest. Also the term "Ballers" is referenced more for people who succeed and this show is a consistent bunch of losers who keep losing which is super annoying. Call it "Former Ballers". How much trial and tribulation of ongoing crap can Spencer take? This show has gone to crap.
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Amazing actors and actresses, story and directing.
mpcs-6936112 September 2017
Just for record I'm 33yo male lifelong fan of cinema, to name a few I've watched several hundred times:

Original SNL, Indiana Jones, Beverly Hills Cop, Predators, Aliens, Simpsons, Seinfeld, Futurama, Family Guy, Cowboy Bebop, My Name is Earl, Breaking Bad, BCS, Rick & Morty, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, South Park, DBZ, Marvel series, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek (Enterprise, DS9, Voyager and all movies), Deadwood, Firefly, Flight of the Concords, Frasier... and many more I'm sure most of you know as well.

I just found Ballers a few weeks ago and I literally just finished binge-watching it up to current, and I'm already foaming at the mouth waiting for more. I really hope they make this 10 seasons or more. The cast, the writers, the directing: it can't be any better, I love this show! It's not often a show really makes me LOL.

I'm not about to give any spoilers, but the best I can describe it is a realistic comedy / drama, and that's a rare thing!

Honestly, I would subscribe to HBO specifically for this one show, it's that good, and that's saying something. If you're a fan of Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Rob Cordroy like I am, you'll love it. I'm still waiting for Dwayne to do his patented eyebrow move :)

I was hooked after the first episode. If you haven't seen it, give it a try, even if you're not a big football fan, honestly I'm not and I still love this show. This opinion comes from a educated fan of cinema, I hope this inspires someone to try Ballers out, you won't be sorry.
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Would like to see more investment into this show
laaren1126 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I don't like football, but I really like this show. I just finished watching Season 3, and wish there were more than 10 episodes. I like Dwayne Johnson's movies, but I really like seeing him in something that calls for more depth of character. I was pulled into Season 1 right away by the storylines and the characters. I really enjoy having a behind the scenes look at the business side of football and the personal lives of the players on and off the field. I do have my criticisms as well, thus the headline. I think story and acting are awesome. The writing has been criticized as having too many cliches and stereotypes. In Season 3 I definitely caught some mistakes - the financial numbers of the characters' business deals didn't seem to add up from episode to episode, and the storylines about medical issues were really lacking. I caught some mistakes in how the actors said their lines more than once (if that was intentional it didn't work for me), and sometimes the scenes just seemed rushed, could have been edited better, or something. Also, there are comedic elements, but should it really be classified as a comedy? Whatever would make it better - consultants, better continuity, increased budget, more time, I would really like to see the quality increased and more episodes in future seasons. Despite my criticisms, I definitely want to see more seasons!
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Start strong, finish like a feminist...
questiontheauthorities22 August 2018
Obviously a show designed to rope in unsuspecting men who celebrate masculinity--with a first season featuring nude women, partying, footballers enjoying the game Get viewers Get renewed in spite of hardly any women in the cast except the props cuz... Dwayne Johnson is a libtard. U TURN Steady decline in celebration of masculinity Steady increase in feminist 'supporting' (more like antagonist) characters Steady decrease in the story arc, character arcs, and settings which attracted the audience Enter liberal brainwashing, Trump bashing, and now--obama plugging. Obama is not president. Trump is president; respect it. Goodbye you failed idealism, goodbye washed up 90s wrestlers. Goodbye fear men, not see this. Hello truth brought to light.
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Not Bad!!
legra6615 August 2017
I felt I could predict what was to come seeing we see ballers lives play out in real life anyways but, some surprises. As with all HBO programs, seems there always has to be the gratuitous sex scenes in every episode which is getting a tad annoying and putting me off HBO shows altogether. Besides that, not a bad show and worth watching!!
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I did love this show. Until
diehardbroncosfan3 October 2018
I loved this show and I was always excited for a new season/episodes. Until they push this anti American kneeling propaganda. "You guys made it about the flag". Don't push your crap mentality to some racial semantics. I'm completely done with this show as many others also are
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Doesn't work for me
grantss6 October 2015
Doesn't work for me.

A retired NFL player, Spencer Strasmore (played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) now works as a financial adviser / business development manager / client manager at an advice firm, Anderson Financial. His aim is to use his contacts in the football world to get players as clients. The series looks as his life, and the lives of the players.

Maybe you really have to be into the private lives of football players to like this series. To me it just seems mediocre. As a drama, not edgy or gritty enough. As a comedy, not funny enough. While some attempt is given to give the characters some depth, its not enough - I never really felt engaged.

Ultimately, not compelling viewing.
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Worth watching. Some great characters
xfaaf27 August 2015
I would probably give this a 7.5 if I could. Not quite an 8!

This is a very unusual choice of TV show for me when I look back at all the other shows I have watched and the ones I didn't. I gave this a chance, more as a random encounter and now I find myself including it in my weekly TV selection.

I'm not a fan of American Football but this doesn't really go into the game that much.

I would recommend for anyone that likes a little bit of a comedy drama if you can spare less than half an hour a week.

I've not been laughing out loud at this show but it has made me chuckle a couple of times, which to me is more than I expected from it.
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Good show
dannyolivercampbell23 June 2015
I honestly think this is a good show. I know it's on HBO and shows like True Detective and Game of Thrones have writing, directing and acting that are all on point and set at such a high level. So everyone expects almost perfection from an HBO show. Let me just say that this show is a good show and better than most shows on the air right now. It's not quite on the level of production as the best HBO shows. But I would say it's a higher quality show than Entourage, which was also an HBO show.

The driving force of the show is Dwayne Johnson. And it seems like he was always just out of reach of greatness and his true potential. But he gives a strong performance in this show. Probably the best acting he has done. Although he gave good performances in Pain and Gain, and Snitch (even if the movies themselves weren't the best). Some of his other roles have been just okay or decent. But he definitely is in a new level of acting for this role.

It's a good mix of drama and comedy. I really like the intensely serious shows on HBO, but it's nice to have something a little lighter, but not be a joke either. It has a good balance. This show does feel more like a showtime or starz show than HBO. But I'm not going to deduct points from it just because it's on HBO instead of another channel. It's a good show, regardless of where or how I watch it.
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Political agenda
unionjack31-110 October 2018
Loved the show until season 4. The writers political agenda Is so obvious it sickens me.So I deleted the series and won't watch it again
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Glorifies money, sex, drugs, womanizing etc.
dev-908871 October 2018
A show by HBO that Glorifies money, sex, drugs, womanizing etc. All things that are wrong with the NFL and all the reasons a large part of America is tuning it out. Were tired of overpaid millionaires kneeling, and acting like high school egomaniacs. HBOS ballers glorifies these individuals and the writers constantly have a liberal, racist political message woven throughout their episodes. If that's your cup of tea for entertainment go ahead and support it. For me I'm out. Don't need to perpetuate those lies and also those personalities!
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When I get sad after an episode ends, it's gotta be good!
wingman1-812-7136523 August 2016
I must admit being from the UK I know nothing about American Football accept for the fact that it'd be better game if the players wore less padding! However that being said I love this series. It's injected with some great dry humor, realistic sets and locations, sharp colorful photography, great scripts, and I must say top class and very fluid acting. It seems the actors are actually having some fun with their roles and have been given an element of freedom to develop their characters. I'd like to think Ballers is a realistic insight into the world of American Football but to be honest I don't know, and I'm not sure I even care. What matters is Ballers works for me, is believable and in a nutshell makes for great entertainment and is a pleasure to watch each week!
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Love the show EXCEPT
jcampb5950-288-9425776 October 2018
I really have loved the show for the past 2 seasons but the current season has taken a ride down the CK and social justice kneeling movement is great is something I just can't agree with it and it is ruining the show for me. I am all for free speech but not during our National Anthem and as a white guy I am tired of being portrayed as a villain in society by blacks and episode 8 is full of nothing but hate whitey. I honestly am shocked that Walhberg is attached to this series, he is such a strong supporter of our military and to embrace a movement that dishoners the military and first responders at the only time during a game that we stand as one people honoring them ( men and woman of all colors serving) under the false premise of social justice is bunk and now this series is perpetuating that same story line!
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Come on already with the political stuff
ktat019 October 2018
The show was a 9 for me until this season. Moving to LA and all the political infused garbage. It turned into every other boring predictable show now. Disappointing to say very least.
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Works for Now, but Higher Expectations for Future Episodes
noymfan22 June 2015
I was fairly neutral going into "Ballers," but the idea of seeing fast cars, flashy lifestyles, and of course, the Rock intrigued me. However halfway into the pilot, a few things became painfully obvious. The writing is passable. It is by no means bad, but being an HBO show, I expected sharp writing akin to "Game of Thrones," "Girls," or "Silicon Valley." Nevertheless the dialogue wasn't bad, it was just... not what I would have liked. Possibly sharper humor and more insights into the financial world of the rich. Even better would be a new take on professional sports that we haven't seen already. The acting is good though. The Rock is charismatic as ever, and the supporting cast hold their roles well. The only thing is seeing Dule Hill go from playing the hilariously nonathletic and effeminate Gus from "Psych" to a player for the Miami Dolphins. That was a bit jarring. Either way it's nice to see him in another role. The most troubling thing is really the pacing. As soon as the show starts, we are thrown into the opening credits which move dizzyingly fast and leave your head spinning. From there the show makes a breakneck pace in its story progression. I really wish they would've taken their time and made it an hour long show instead of a half hour. It would have given them time to flesh out character development and let scenes play out naturally. In its current state it feels like someone is standing behind the actors with a cattle prod telling them to hurry up. Just like the writing itself, the pacing could learn lessons from "Game of Thrones" or "Girls," each of whom takes its time in the delivery of the narrative. Let the characters really be characters. Advancing the plot doesn't have to happen every few seconds. To be fair it is only the first episode. Maybe they were going quickly to make the first episode a big one, and things will slow down and progress more naturally in later episodes. We will see next week.
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Was good, but then had to get get political
Jt27278 October 2018
I used to enjoy this show, but yet again, they had to drag politics into it and ruin yet another show. We watch television to get away from reality , not have the Hollywood force their agendas downs our throats.
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Enjoyable, but disappointing because it had potential.
iversonro23 August 2015
Almost finished watching the series. I would say it is somewhat entertaining for sure, but don't expect a great series. Actually i feel disappointed, because to be honest, i really think that this show (or the idea of it) had potential. It lacks substance, we need more stories - it should have had that "Any Given Sunday" vibe and if they wanted some comedy a bit of "Jerry Maguire" also. Make an episode at least 45 min - 25 min for this kind of show will just present some shallow stories, with no real substance. It's really a shame, i actually enjoyed The Rock in the show and if they would've made the series seriously, it would've a lot of room to grow.
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Started with great premise...
please-notthenuts4 September 2018
Downhill from there. The dialogue and plot lines so simplistic and tired. With the exception of The Rock, barely, all these characters are boring and useless. Cordry's character is so pathetically useless I'm surprised he hasn't been written off. Everything word of dialogue out of his character is purely annoying. I don't buy the fact that any of these agents were so cunning and smart enough to get to where they are. This could have been a sort of companion piece to Entourage but instead feels second hand plots and scripts are enough to get this made. This is nothing but drivel.
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