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gives me hope about the future of (not) television
grnhair20011 October 2012
I loved this show. I despise the unreality of "reality TV" but this belongs, I suppose, at the edges of that genre. It also belongs at the edges of the late night talk show genre, but with a host who engages rather than quizzes and allows guests to shill their current project...and the content here is often deeper and more interesting than the typical talk show's. The "story" is simply: Jerry picks up a comedian (or two) he is friends with, driving an amazing classic car, and they go for coffee, sometimes a meal, and they talk.

Though of course there must be a crew of sound and camera people, you don't feel as if there are; you feel as if you're a fly on the door handle of the car or on the diner table (some of the diners where they got coffee no doubt had those), eavesdropping on comic geniuses reminiscing and riffing what seems to be spontaneously on various ideas. For instance, Joel Hodgson and Jerry fall into a routine about advertising the upside-down ketchup bottle, Jerry playing the junior executive with some bad news to impart, and Joel being the impatient CEO with opera tickets who wants to get going, and they are very funny. They make each other laugh, too, and there is no sit-com reason to avoid breaking character and not laugh. So the viewer's sense is that we're sitting at a table with two or three funny friends and watching them go at it, and it's really enjoyable.

The final episode isn't entirely funny--it's damned moving. It's not only deeply philosophical at points, but shows some of the dark sides of comedy, and it moved me to tears.

It strikes me that the episodes were a perfect length for what they were--you wanted more. And there's something else you can't do on TV, eh? 22 minutes or 44, and nothing else, but a web show can be any length, providing different opportunities for creativity. I'm usually depressed by watching network TV shows, but this show made me feel optimistic about the future of entertainment and anxious to see what else is coming.

Terrific job, an idea that may sound odd at first blush but that worked perfectly.
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Little nugget of somewhat indulgent gold.
Claire9919 September 2012
It's a novel concept and rolls stand-up comedy, reality TV and our fascination with celebrities into one little bite-sized but right-sized segment.

The show is not constant laugh-out-loud humour and initially may appear not to live up to the high expectations which inevitably attach to a Jerry Seinfeld venture. You might even feel torn between the desire to watch, and the unwillingness to admit that you're interested in watching a celebrity get a cup of coffee.

But drop your guard, watch a few episodes, and you will realise that the creators do not intend to suggest that you have nothing better to do than watch their mediocre moments. Rather, this show is the loving little side-project of someone who just wants to share their passion for cars, comedy and the subtleties of human relations.
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Real interaction, great content.
imdbpronoun4 October 2012
First off, I love how the car is intuitively matched to the subject. It's hilarious because an inanimate object is worth a thousand words.

Jerry has phenomenal access to these guys and can relate as a professional peer. How often do you get to listen in on that type of conversation? These guys are giants and might have been around the block a few times. I think that's incredible. I especially enjoyed Bob Einstein's episode and Larry David's incognito moves in the diner.

Something that came to mind for me was how nice it is to see someone stay true to who they are and what they think is funny. It's also good to see comedians sussing out what exactly is funny about something, finding the funny or following the game as kids say nowadays.

I wouldn't mind seeing expanded versions, or repeat visits to some of these people.

Overall it's some of the best webseries content I've ever seen. I enjoy real talk (Dinner For Five with Jon Favreau would be another show) and can't wait to see more episodes of this online.
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I super love this show!
jlomb5226119 July 2013
As an earlier reviewer stated, I had very high expectations for Jerry Seinfeld. Afterall, I built my Thursday night around him for 9 years! When I watched the first episode, I thought, "meh". Then I gave it another try, then another, and another, and then consumed every single one of them and they got better and better as they went along. I watched them in no particular order either. I want more. I have to say, it is just totally enjoyable and I feel like a student watching the masters at work. They know that a camera is on them and I am quite certain that there are amazing conversations that never make it to the precious few minutes we get, but what comes across is genuine and warm and as with the last one I watched with Michael Richards, totally moving. I choked up and teared a bit on the last minute or so. I was not expecting that and this is what's best about this show. Please Jerry, make more!
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Borderline watchable
h-augustin22 January 2018
A bit funny here and there. Jerry's inflated ego, however, permeates every second of the show, even when he doesn't say much. I find it irritating. Not to mention the (often) hideous sneakers that he so craftily tends to mismatch with the jackets.
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Genre-defining and brilliant break out series
eniveld25 May 2014
Seinfeld boldly defined a new genre with this series, defying convention and putting fans first. So much is different about this series: It's distributed only on Crackle and his own dedicated web site, the episodes are an usual 14-18 minutes long, the format itself is unique, and the sole sponsor Acura created customized advertising content that they integrated into the show.

Each show follows this same formula: Jerry Seinfeld invites a legendary comedian out for coffee. He picks them up at their house or mansion in a different and rare classic car. You could watch this series just for the classic cars. In fact if you check IMDb you will find that people who watch this show also watch Top Gear. You might find a bit of Top Gear here, especially when it comes to simultaneous admiring and poking fun at the cars.

The famous comedians you meet are the top comedians of our time and Jerry has known many of them personally for decades, so anyone who's particularly into comedy will especially appreciate this series. He ranges from Jay Leno to Sara Silverman and Louis CK, and Chris Rock, to name a few.

And although you'll see GoPro's all over the inside of each car, along with a chase car or two, you are still there eavesdropping on an intimate conversation between two friends. They're not trying to create an illusion with the production crew staying out of the way, nor are they in your face either. This isn't an interview, and it's not a reality show either. It's something else, something new. Something happens to friends when they go for a drive in a classic car and just hang out.

This format works extra-ordinarily well in the unusual 14-18 minute time length Jerry makes each episode. Each episode features a different classic car, with Jerry describing the characteristics of the car that make it special for him. One wonders whether the cars are somehow matched to the personalities of the comedians. Then Jerry calls them up, and Jerry says something like, "So I'll pick you up in 15 minutes for coffee." He drives to their house / mansion, picks them up, and off they go to a unique coffee shop. Sometimes they have other impromptu adventures along the way.

Jerry and Acura obviously collaborated closely on this, as the customized advertising content from Acura is integrated into each show. The commercials match the retro/classic era of the cars they drive, and are downright funny themselves. Each episode features comical Acura product placements, so that after watching a few episodes you begin to play a game of "Where is the Acura product placement going to be in this one?" This is advertising genius.
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Self indulgent
mpoch11 January 2018
Jerry the TV character is far more likable than Jerry the ultra rich snob who seems to loathe the masses. Doesn't anyone have the balls to tell him how ridiculous running shoes and blazers look?
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Stay away
emi-rourke14 March 2018
I rarely review but felt I had to today. Incredible guests, terrible show. I'm sorry but this feels awkward and Jerry Seinfeld does not come across well. Comedy bits aside, it felt like I was watching people having to laugh at their Dad's jokes while trying to ignore the basic 'I don't understand any other country than America' tone. I know it's a giant ad bit with these golden guests, how could it go so wrong.
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Painful-- like watching a cooking show when you have the stomach flu.
paulcwolf29 March 2018
Go live your own life, or please, watch something entertaining.

Cars - The cars look nice, but not much attention is paid to them besides watching them get stuck in traffic in every episode... it is all too realistic and uninspiring.

Comedy - is very absent, besides the fact that these people are career comedians! The jokes and laughter make my stomach turn and I feel embarrassed for them as it all seems very forced. It would be better to hear more of their stories, rather than Jerry or the guests trying to prove they are funny. Most of this is reflected in Jerry's performance-- fake knee slapping for his guests, but also expecting them to laugh at his. You can taste the sour awkwardness in your mouth.

Coffee- Is an afterthought... Not only is it not discussed, they are getting plain old brown water at mostly "classic" diners, and then you will see many montages of beans grinding, shot pulling, steam wands, and pouring... over and over and over... It is tiring and not needed at all, seeing as what is being sipped is straight out of the Bunn drip brewer...
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Interesting and funny people talking to Jerry Seinfeld who conversely is not interesting or funny in this at all.
cameramanohio13 February 2018
It's like someone saw Top Gear (which came out in 2002) and said "Whoa!! wait a minute comedy and cars is a can't miss formula!! get the biggest name in comedy and the best cars and it will just be a money machine, it doesn't even have to be any good at all."

Ten years later or so we got just that. Funny as the show was most likely stolen (Christian Charles pitched the show idea to Jerry in 2002, he turned it down, then in a stroke of genius "came up" with the idea ten years later)

But enough about that, how about the show...

It's a show that has Seinfeld in it, so it's going to be a smash no matter how poorly executed, but let's take an objective look at it anyway....

The "Car portion" is a hook that doesn't work. Occasionally it's part of the humor/convo but really Seinfeld just reads stuff off a queue card, and occasionally parrots some info about the cars. He's obviously not knowledgeable or passionate about these cars at all so the fact that they're there is meaningless for the most part. They could be replaced with nearly anything and it wouldn't matter other than to initially get the Top Gear set to try watching it (then abandoning it shortly after) It could be "Comedians with teapots getting a pedicure" and the show wouldn't really change much (might actually improve it).

You expect (with Seinfeld being a vet of standup and the fact that they get to edit all they want) that the show would be full of quick comedy back and forth, but it's not. The show is lackluster even after editing it for only the choicest bits.

The really sad fact is that Jerry Seinfeld needs a script, or some written material to be funny, he's not an "On the spot" comedian. He's not quick witted enough for it, and that comes across in spades for his role as interviewer/conversationalist/whatever. Essentially he's *Almost* as funny as Mike Wallace without any of the interview chops.

The only saving grace of the whole show is that the guests are genuinely interesting and funny, even though Seinfeld does nothing but ask the most formulaic, insipid, questions and when a guest finally does get started and is being funny/entertaining "on a roll", he tries to "hop in" to the comedic banter which generally "puts the brakes on" the entertainment and just feels sad/awkward.

Seinfeld also comes across like having to do this show is a major nuisance to him. And that he has no real interest in these people (even the supposed close friends) From the opening of the first episode to the final credits of the last, he always seems like he's forcing any show of mock interest and you can see it fade/disappear quickly often. He'd rather be doing 2000 other things and it shows and/or he just doesn't care, either way it's not engaging to me as a viewer and I find myself often wishing someone else was hosting the same show.

I went into this thinking Seinfeld wouldn't get into something like this unless it was a 100% sure thing, and I honestly thought he would have a lot of fun with it and with his name/clout/cash expectations, it might be genuinely entertaining outside of the formulaic sit com type arena. Unfortunately while his name may ensure season after season of filming based on the die hard fans alone, the quality of the content simply isn't there. At the end of it all what I learned is that Jerry Seinfeld isn't someone I would even want to talk to, let alone have coffee or a drive with, and that watching other people (even really entertaining people) have to endure him isn't much better (even with really interesting cars in the mix).

Just go watch Top Gear (I may throw up a little as I type this,..) even Top Gear America is more entertaining by and large.
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Jerry thinks he's better than the President
popzeus7812 January 2016
Possible Spoil Alert--This is a general overview of Jerry Seinfeld himself. The comedians on the show make the show. Jerry is just the inventor of it. I would give a better rating if Jerry Seinfeld didn't have such airs about himself. At first he seems very personable but later he makes comments to his guests that makes you wonder if he likes his fans or just 'regular' people at all. As time goes by I find myself liking Jerry Seinfeld less and less. However, the guests do their best and I find myself interested in the person whether they are funny or not. The cars are somewhat interesting to someone who really doesn't care about cars but not as interesting as the comedians themselves. Jerry does a good job doing nothing, just not great at being humble or very interesting himself.
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Painfully unfunny/Who the hell is review
ryannexsen3 February 2018
These other review must be trolls or paid for because this show is plain horrible. I love stand up and I love most of the guest comedians but I watched the first 2 episodes and found it painfully boring. Jerry somehow managed to get in a car with some of the greatest comedians of all time and make it unfunny.
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Mildly Entertaining and Fairly Pretentious
jrodeberg1624 April 2018
I watched about 3 and a half episodes in. I had a hard time getting past the self-indulgence of the show. As others have mentioned, it's not very funny for a show focused on comedians, not that that is the point of the show. It is watchable, but I could not stand Jerry's ego and had to stop. It overall just seemed a little overly pretentious.
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danfoy-42-50129215 July 2018
Amongst the worst things I've ever seen on Netflix and certainly the least funny comedy. It's so bad you can't even leave it on in the background for background noise.
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Good show but not funny
atargiderlibidosu31 December 2015
It is a good show but not funny. It is a casual conversation with famous people, so even though there are lots of comedians in some episodes I do not even smile. It is not like other shows which usually are like interviews but a normal and sometimes boring conversations with once a while nice surprises. I think it is best to chose an episode which involves your favorite famous person and watch that episode to recognize that person like regular person not like a celebrity. I am also not a fan of cars so I just skip that part. Also I do not understand that weird cuts to filling coffee to cups lots of times. OK, I saw it! So in conclusion it is a fine but boring work with rare brilliant moments.
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a lot of something about nothing
SnoopyStyle17 July 2014
It's one of the best web series around. On every episode, Jerry Seinfeld drives a fellow comedian in a car and gets coffee. Of course, the cars and the coffee are secondary. It's Jerry and friends. Most of time, it is hilarious or at least very funny. It's comedians shooting the breeze. It's very rare when the show falls completely flat. The only one that comes to mind is Todd Barry. He's so mellow that the show almost stops dead. Every show has some old story, funny bits, recalling old times, or theories on comedy. The names of the guests are a compelling list of who's who in comedy. It's one of the very few web series that can truly be called must-see.
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Decent show
jackthbean13 January 2018
However it's completely ruined by the loud overbearing overly upbeat music. It's incredibly distracting. Take out the derpy music and you have a binge worthy show.

It's unwatchable as is.
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Comedians telling anecdotes
utku_kamil_ozen1 June 2015
First of all this show is all about two comedians(rarely accompanied by a third guest) telling each others anecdotes mostly regarding comedy biz and having conversations that remind us the ones Jerry and George were having in the Seinfeld. The concept of driving to get a coffee and the coffee place are simply the stage of the show where the comedians have their conversations. The cars and the coffee places are not really the subjects of the show. So do not expect great deal of information about the cars. Jerry tells about the cars so little as to make a mere introduction of the machines they are going to enjoy as part of the day. As a Turkish person who lives in Turkey where the comedy is made by few people and mostly with poor taste, i really admire American comedy which is very rich with its many comedians and concepts and i still discover this great comedy culture. This shows brings a lot of young comedians and legends to screen(of the internet) and they tell amazing stories in the tone of a friendly, casual get- together. A great example of one of these moments in the show, was when Jimmy Fallon told an anecdote about Jack Nicholson and Cracker Jacks. The concept of the show is very smart for revealing these moments. In this sense, it is similar to a late night talk show only it is more relaxed and the guests are exclusively comedians. Very entertaining and original. i hope to see many seasons of this show, with comedians like Larry David, Louis CK, Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Fallon reappearing along with legends.
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Smart, funny, mature
dzimarek21 February 2014
Seinfeld has always been classy and thoughtful and this show echoes the originality of his TV series "Seinfeld." It's a thinking-person's style of humor with great stories, unique personalities, and down-to-earth situations that make viewers feel like we are a part of these comedians' lives, at least for a moment. The combination of a car, a guest, and a coffee shop is a very Seinfeld-esque quirky that has that "wish I'd thought of it" feel to it. I've been able to introduce several family members and friends by hooking them from different angles. My car-loving brother-in-law likes the car selections, my sister likes the human behavior angle, and my friend just likes to see some favorite comedians. I enjoy all of the above, plus the artfully selected filming angles. The whole show is a pleasure. My wife and I have re-watched several of the episodes. Even the commercials seem to blend elegantly with both the theme of the show and the delivery style. Arriving in a world flooded with entertainment, CCC is a fresh and invigorating show. I hope Seinfeld continues to expand the series, as I want to meet more people and hear more conversation!
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Fascinating and Entertaining
bowie-51 September 2013
Jerry Seinfeld has always been a top entertainer and he does not disappoint in this little gem of a show. Jerry and his guests are all in top form being both interesting and entertaining. The banter Jerry and guest have is obviously spontaneous.

My only misgiving is that this is such an obvious rip-off of the UK series 'Carpool' created and staring Robert LLewellyn. In a direct comparison - Jerry Seinfeld is probably the better of the two hosts and the addition of a different car each episode of 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' is a nice, if unnecessary, touch.

All in all a 'reality' show well worth watching.
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Watchable but...
Jmom19709 March 2019
I think the concept is ok. Nice cars and comedy legends make it interesting. The Jazz gives it a nice urban feel. The problem with the series is Jerry. He's just so arrogant and full of himself and, insofar as comedy goes, he's not that funny. Too many shots of coffee too. It gets old fast. The segment with Mel Brooks made it worth it for me though.
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Great classic Car show
rafiweiner25 January 2018
If you're into classic cars, then this is for you. Your host, Jerry Seinfeld, has a good knowledge and appreciation of classic cars. I've never seen his comedy shows and quite frankly I don't care to. He's very egotistical and patronising to his guests who are, for the most part, regular folk who aren't all that funny in "real life". His attempt to appear interesting by wearing jackets and brightly colored sneakers is rather sad. Watch all the car scenes and fast forward the rest.
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Slowly Grew On Me
iquine25 February 2019
(Flash Review)

When I first kicked this off I had no idea what to expect. I thought it would be heavily car-focused so at first I felt a little cheated that while the car got some focused air time, the comedians were the true majority focus. Once I got into a groove, it was very entertaining. Episodes were better or worse based on the guest comedian rather than the car itself. I was impressed with how deep some guests got with their personal lives such a Michael Richards or even Louis C.K. Or how 'out there' Jim Carry actually is. Seinfeld has a good barometer for level-headed logic and was able to relate to each unique personality. Overall, it is good amusement, with some good jokes and stories all while seeing unique cars in action or inaction as a couple broke down. Could a side intent by interviewing and hosting all the comics that it puts Seinfeld in position to be the 'kind of comics'??
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Its amazing how Jerry Seinfield can be boring
glutz-0741011 February 2019
Painful. That's the best word that i can find to describe the host Jerry Seinfeld.
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Very Entertaining
henryrome3 April 2018
I think that those people who wrote negative reviews simply don't understand the concept of this series. I don't believe this is supposed to be a "comedy " show, something designed to make you laugh, although some episodes are hilarious. Mainly it is a show presenting various celebrities in unscripted "casual", informal settings talking about whatever pops into their minds at the moment: sometimes funny, sometimes not. Whichever, I always come away with some new insight on the featured celebrity, including Jerry. I find it very entertaining, humorous and, yes, addicting. I want more!
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