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I don't know how the Hindi language dubbing of this movie got approved ?? ( It is worst )

Is Hollywood studios are so corrupt ?

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The best MIB Movie in 22 Years
eliaskibby2 July 2019
Not sure why this movie gets such poor reviews. As far as common movie-going fare it is not bad: it is without glaring plot errors, the two leads have great chemistry, and it's pretty funny. Don't listen to the critics! This movie is definitely worth checking out.
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Fun and enjoyable
katejgiddy8 July 2019
MIB international was a fun, humorous film with great visual effects.
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Gets the Job Done but it Could Have Been so Much More
CANpatbuck36642 July 2019
Men In Black was once known for being a fresh and inventive franchise that launched careers and it redefined the science fiction/comedy genre. Unfortunately, the cumulative praise for the original has faded after the first sequel bombed and the second sequel (which I really enjoyed, I'm a defender of MIB 3, but I also concede the first half is admittedly slow and lacks funny jokes) performed adequately but not spectacularly. What this entry needed was a return to the fresh thinking of the first one, not the ideas or the formula. This movie was the definition of decent or good enough but I understand the leaked info from behind-the-scenes was coming from (which centred around the conflicting ideas for what the movie should be and reported fighting between the director F. Gary Gray and the producers), you can feel an edgier and sharper movie trying to claw its way out of the shadows. This franchise used to have so much imagination but between the alien design, the CGI effects and even the beats of the story, it feels like the creative team just lacked that spark. They needed to push the envelope more and they had the potential to do that with all the talented people involved, but a lot of the movie comes across as stale or just checking the boxes of what has to be included in an MIB film.

One of the better parts of the movie is that it has a decent setup. We get to see how H and M arrived where they were and I thought their backstories were intriguing. It provided a good place for the movie to start from. H is the former golden boy whose fallen out of favour (though it is his fault) and M has been obsessed with aliens from childhood for a very personal reason. It helped provide solid motivations for their characters and the premise actually worked for me.

We all remember the stellar chemistry that Hemsworth and Thompson had in Thor: Ragnarok and the hope was that some of the fun would carry over to MIB: International. Unfortunately, if I hadn't seen Thor 3, I would have just assumed they made for a very average pairing. Both of our leads are alright here, Hemsworth is effortlessly charming and that quality carries him through some of the rougher parts of H's dialogue and his character decisions. Thompson is a star on the rise, I've loved her in stuff like Westworld, Thor: Ragnarok, War on Everyone and even Sorry to Bother You. But she was pretty bland here, I'll punctuate that with the explanation that she was the victim of some inconsistent writing (Agent M's competence is all over the place and she's too much of a blank slate) but I was still disappointed. Liam Neeson is alright, he's watchable but he's doing Liam Neeson. Rafe Spall couldn't accomplish much as Agent C, H's stuffy office rival. Emma Thompson felt underutilized and the biggest letdown for me was Kumail Nanjiani as Pawnee. I had heard he was the best part of the movie going in but almost all his dialogue was bad and Nanjiani couldn't save it. He's a funny guy but I maybe got 1 solid laugh from his character. I would also extend kudos to Rebecca Ferguson who did what she could in her brief appearance, it was one of the better scenes in the movie for me.

Just like any other comedy, I want to leave the theatre with some lines to quote and to laugh a couple of times while discussing it on the way back. MIB: International is intermittently funny but it's very hit or miss. The talented cast knows how to deliver the dialogue which definitely helps but you can only do so much with bad material. The story, dialogue, and character choices all had moments that briefly impressed me and those moments made me want to keep giving this movie room to work its way back in. But for every good moment, there's another that was yawn inducing or frustrating (the entire bit with Vungus just left me rolling my eyes). So while I did get a few laughs, there are funnier comedies out there to see.

If I could sum this movie up in a word, it would be FINE. Its not a disaster or even that bad, its just alright and if you are interested in seeing it, I wouldn't try to dissuade you. There's enough here to recommend a viewing (you can wait for streaming media however) but it does make me sad that this is probably going to be the last we see of the MIB for a long time. The original MIB is still one of my favourite movies from my childhood but when you're out of ideas, its better to quit while you're ahead. Between the critical thrashing and the mediocre box office returns, its probably best for Sony to put this franchise back on the shelf for a while.
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Different but enjoyable
chvlades26 June 2019
Definitely is a totally different movie from another MIB. The visual effects sometimes where amazing, sometimes were okay. The narrative was good and the jokes were super funny. If we compare it with the first movies definitely this one is behind. But if you're not a fan of the franchise you will be able to enjoy it. The acting was really good.
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Way underrated
jellyneckr26 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Based purely on financial loss, Men in Black: International may end up being the largest flop of summer 2019. In most cases, a big-budget flop is rightfully contributed to a film's poor quality. Oftentimes, films that bomb are deserving of that fate. Maybe it's because I've never been a huge fan of the previous Men in Black features, but I find Men in Black: International completely undeserving of its dismal box office take and lackluster critical reception.

Unlike the previous MIB sequels, it doesn't repeat plot points and events from its predecessors and introduces almost an entirely new cast of characters and storylines. In other words, it does exactly what a sequel should do. While 'International' isn't the most original movie ever, it does at least bring a few fresh ideas to the table. Most significantly, this is a male/female buddy comedy. Buddy comedy being my favorite genre, I can't off the top of my head think of another that combines a man and a woman together, which, being 2019, is kind of surprising. Yet, 'International' doesn't get hung up on gender politics. It doesn't even have much in the way of social commentary. What it does have is an interesting story, a few decent twists, and great one-liners delivered by Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, who have the same natural chemistry that made Thor: Ragnarok work so well. The downside is that the movie spends so much time moving from plot point to plot point that neither character gets as much development as they should.

A lot of big-budget blockbusters these days get bogged down in endless CGI-heavy fight scenes that take over for story and ultimately becoming boring. Refreshingly, there is something somewhat smaller scale about the action sequences here. Entire planets don't get destroyed. There's not a body count in the hundreds. There aren't overly long battles that take up the whole third act. The action scenes in 'International' are relatively brief compared to modern day action pictures, but they are much more satisfying than most. There's plenty of variety on display here: a good fight scene, a solid chase scene, and occasional gunplay. None of this is overblown or overdone. It's well shot, nicely edited, and, above all, exciting to watch.

Obviously there will never be a sequel to MIB: International. The poor reception guarantees that. But compared to the likes of say last summer's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, 'International' demonstrates a franchise that is willing to go in a different direction to survive. I can't argue it's a great movie, but it is one of the best sequels to come out of Hollywood in a while. Recommended. 7/10
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There is life after Avengers Endgame!
mgmnak26 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I'll be honest, it took me a while to go to the cinema because of all this negative press around the movie. That being said, I put my fears aside and was hugely impressed. I'll start with the good then the bad!

The Good!
  • The aliens were diverse, colourful and as playful as they were in the 1st movie. Pawnie was played to perfection by Kunal & had good chemistry with the leads.

  • Tesa Thompson is a Gem and I was totally sold on her as a lead, her interactions with all the characters were great. Don't think any other actress could have pulled it off better.

  • They did not go full nostalgia and only had a few cameos. I was really impressed they decided to stay in the MiB universe & stay away from bringing back Will or Tommy Lee.

The Bad!
  • The plot twist could be seen from a mile away though Liam Neeson had a strong showing in the 1st half of the movie.

  • Though it was a PG-13 movie, the stakes in this movie felt so low despite all the fun moments. At no point did I feel danger for the protagonists.

  • Hemsworth doing the Marvel though gimmick felt Abit cringe to me!
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Fun movie, no masterpiece but it was enjoyable
michaelk-870396 July 2019
Does it have a spectacular story? No. Groundbreaking action or effects? No. Was it supposed to? Probably also no.

It's a fun movie, one you'll watch and enjoy once or twice. I saw it in theatre and had fun. Pawny as a character was great, super funny to watch. I enjoyed Chris and Tessa as agents in this movie, and a return of the original Agent O, Emma Thompson. The one thing I missed was a return, even if it were brief, of Will Smith. The plot seemed kinda all over the place at times, but like I said. It's a fun movie to go watch with your family. Dont expect a masterpiece every time and you won't be disappointed nearly as often. It really is a decent movie. All these one and two star reviews are likely from bigwigs with their noses turned up who do reviews for a living. For a family night out, you'll enjoy it.
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It was entertaining!
chrisjojorozina5 July 2019
I liked it. It has good effects, humor and good actors. I recommend it for a leisurely and fun afternoon :)
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Entertainment is a lost art.
ken-hall-135-89218226 June 2019
Not all movies need to be dystopian epics that have people gutted or shot for no reason. This was a fun movie in an age that is so dark that it would give Machiavelli a run for his money. As filmmakers, Hollywood should take a collective time out. This film is just that. Fun. No one dies, at least not human, and it's just a fun roller coaster movie to see in between Game of Thrones and your Handmaids Tale binge. It's all around fun.
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Not disapointed
davidfs-8926929 June 2019
Typically when an older movie franchise like this gets revived it is ruined by people trying to make statements, I submit the 007 franchise. Anyway this was a good movie full of childish Chris Hemsworth humor and dry Tessa Thompson deadpan. And of course because of the great things modern tech can do, the tech looks super cool
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Simple, but enjoyable.
theseppo24 June 2019
MiB is a feel good action film with good effects, humor and a simple plot. If you go in expecting a good story it'll dissapoint, but go in expecting just some simple time killing fun, it's enjoyable enough.
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Average Reboot (which is good)
KahlilHerring20 June 2019
We don't get a lot of AVERAGE to GOOD reboots anymore. They're either pure garbage, or surprisingly really good.

It's weird for a reboot that's actually decent to get bad exposure. Being an original fan of the first trilogy of the MIB, I wasn't blown away by this movie and no the charismatic leads couldn't hold a candle to Will and Tommy, but I DO WANT TO SEE THEM GROW INTO THESE ROLES.

Tessa and Chris had some good chemistry and the lines they were given were passable at best, but they did their best with what they had and exceeded the script. And their charisma was there too, obviously only bits of it, and I like Pawny/Steven, I think he's just as good as Pug from the originals. Giving them time, I guarantee they can keep this Ip alive and even give it a chance for this generation.

The movie itself I felt kept all the attributes from the originals, of course there were newer things also. The world is still entertaining and so were the supporting roles. Only thing that disservice this movie is the boring plot, which I think they can easily overcome the next one especially with the oversea success of this one.
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Enjoyable but not Perfect
timeblank7 July 2019
First off I am impressed with some of the villains in this movie especially the Les Twins. They were creepy and very intimidating. Also the mole agent in MIB played it great.

Setting up, the build up, and execution was weak in the beginning of this film. Tessa Thompson character forcing her way into MIB, and makes the MIB secret organization looks dumb because they were supposed to be secret. Also the gambling scene with Chris Hemsworth didn't really make sense in Movie.

Second half of this film I enjoyed. The story started getting interesting. The side character named Pawny was my favorite. Who knew that Liam Nesson was in here too.
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Talented two leads and visuals, storyline underwhelming
rannynm2 July 2019
Men in Black is bolstered by its talented two leads and visuals, but ultimately it remains an occasionally underwhelming installment in the franchise. Still, there are enough entertaining action sequences and humor to satisfy general moviegoers. Fans of the MIB franchise must check this out, but preferably on a matinee.

The film follows Men in Black 3 as London has a branch of Men in Black. After investigating and finding the MIB base, Molly (Tessa Thompson) joins them. The head of the branch, High T (Liam Neeson), pairs her up with the dashing hot-shot Agent H (Chris Hemsworth). Molly, now Agent M, and Agent H become involved in a series of alien attacks that send them traveling around the globe, while a mole lurks among the MIB.

Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, as Agents M and H, are the main highlights here as their chemistry still impresses ever since their collaborations in Thor: Ragnarok. This really is just a big excuse to watch another Thor and Valkyrie buddy cop, and it's honestly a great one. I quite enjoyed Agent M's deadpan reactions to anything Agent H does. They really do fill the void that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones left behind from the previous three films. Liam Neeson, as High T, has some interesting contributions to the plot and, as always, brings out the veteran actor in himself. Kumail Nanjiani, as Pawny, is another highlight, being the new alien sidekick here. He has some of the funniest lines, and even serves as a good replacement for Frank the Pug. As always, it is nice to see Emma Thompson reprise her role as Agent O.

Director F. Gary Gray brings new life to the franchise taking over for Barry Sonnenfeld who directed the previous three. This marks the first director departure, and Gray's hipster influences reach out to a broader audience. He really haBolstered by s a grasp on style and elegance. My favorite scene is when Agent M and H first discover Pawny, because it's just one gag after another with all sticking the landing. Pawny's dry humor adds to the overall vibe, and at this point, I wouldn't mind getting a MIB spinoff about Pawny. While the comedy delivers, the overall story does not. It runs around in circles, and the only redeeming quality to this is the density of the characters and settings. It is rather directionless at times and, after a while, it becomes like every other globe-trotting movie. Also, the mole subplot goes nowhere, and resolves itself quickly. This a huge disappointment, as someone who really admires insider plots.

The message of this film is that teamwork is essential. This is shown in the partnership of Agent M and H as they fight and try to peacefully resolve with the aliens. I give this film 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 18, due to some intense action, suggestive references and language.

Reviewed by Arjun N., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.
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Perhaps The Worst MIB Movie Ever
ymyuseda24 June 2019
Rating 4.5/10 Perhaps the worst MIB movie ever. Slow,mess and weak !! Good effect but very lousy story. The greatest thing i can never forget is Chris Hemsworth a.k.a Agent H. Because he so handsome. Please dont waste your money on this film.
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Great movie
callaswitzer1 July 2019
This movie made me laugh the most I have in a while when watching a movie. It was amazing I would go see it in theatres!
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Funny, interesting, entertaining
alanm-309426 July 2019
We enjoyed this movie. Considering funny comedies are almost as rare as honest politicians, we could use alot more like this one. It was not surprisingly original or earth-shaking but it was fun, funny, and entertaining. If anyone has a list of funnier comedies out this year, please share your list.
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Definitely not bad but wasn't greatest!
camlee-3716114 July 2019
The movie was not a bad MIB movie but it wasn't the greatest either. After K (Will Smith) concluding his storyline, it was hard to make another movie outside of this. Can definitely see how the directors and producers tried to take a different angle with it being, "International," actors/actresses. Good movie to see with family and friends!
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Good movie.
KumarGarima13 July 2019
While its not the most memorable ride of a movie the year has to offer, it still makes great use of the relatable Tessa Thompson and the amusing Chris Hemsworth. While their story could have used a little more expansion into the MIB universe, I really did not mind having these to taking over the reigns of their predecessors.
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acthior7 July 2019
Six pass. Extra point for Pony. Why long I'm supposed to write
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Enjoyable but lacking a bit
peteranft7 July 2019
I don't know what was missing here.... but this was enjoyable.... a good popcorn movie. I think the plot was a bit predictable. Overall, I enjoyed it.
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Good movie, great addition to the franchise
dshirlyn-128 June 2019
I'll be the first to say that I was concerned when I heard of this incarnation of MIB as the previous trilogy worked so well. This was a fresh approach to a successful concept. There were some slow moments in the beginning I admit that didn't quite fit in but overall the acting, plot and special effects were good. Go see it with an open mind and this movie stands up solidly with the rest of the franchise.
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Not bad!
Jonatanguluarte30 June 2019
This movie is great for a popcorn night. The effects are hit and miss, since some aliens are so obviously not there, and some aliens are the actual best VFX I've seen in my entire life, no joke. The second half is better, everyone's saying that, and it's true, but that's a good thing, since it means the movie just gets better as you go along. The annoying small talkative character for the kids didn't annoy me, but I can see him annoying others. And the music is as great as it's always been. A really good watch for a lazy day, and I liked it better than the third one.
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Awesome in theatres
anthonylepianka30 June 2019
All of the guests at my theatres love it, and I am definitely not using my incredible wealth given to me by my father to screw over the proletariat and steal their already minimum wage through means of monopolistic capitalism.
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