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The most visual – and visually daring – crime show on TV
gogoschka-19 August 2014
Having seen the films based on Thomas Harris' novels, I couldn't for the life of me imagine an actor other than Anthony Hopkins for the role of Hannibal Lecter (although I had seen - and liked - Brian Cox' take on the character in Michael Mann's 'Manhunter' which was released before 'The Silence of the Lambs'). Apart from that, I didn't see the point in retelling a story that had already been told very well on film – and with outstanding actors. For those reasons, I deprived myself of the pleasure of watching 'Hannibal' until the second season of the show started - but boy: am I glad I finally got over myself and did start!

To those who haven't watched it for the same reasons I didn't I can only say: knowing the storyline from the films (or the books) doesn't spoil this in the least; the writers cleverly play with your expectations and they have taken enough liberties that you can never tell what is going to happen. And Mads Mikkelsen makes for a terrific Hannibal. The cat and mouse play between him and Hugh Dancy's Will Graham is a thrilling joy to watch; the conversations between the two are an example of surgically precise writing where every word counts and could - literally – be a concealed weapon (the writing in general is top notch, especially the dialogues).

Visually, this series is unlike anything I've ever seen; the opulence of the images seems to be directly inspired by the aesthetic of oil paintings; whenever food is served or you see the interior of Hannibal's mansion you're reminded of still lives from the Dutch Baroque; certain dreams, visions and hallucinations even recall the works of Hieronymus Bosch. Don't get me wrong: first and foremost this is a gory crime show about an exceptionally well educated and highly intelligent serial killer (and not some "art show") – albeit one with a very unique look.

My verdict: 'Hannibal' offers gory thrills along with amazing images, fascinating characters and an outstanding cast. Perhaps the most visual – and visually daring – crime show ever. 9 stars out of 10.

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Hooked on "Hannibal"
cahuengaconfidential13 April 2013
Anthony Hopkins can be proud of having created one of the first original horror characters of the postwar era. His Dr. Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter has rightfully earned a place in the pantheon of legendary monsters. Hopkins was only the second actor to have won an Academy Award for playing a villain, the first being Fredric March for his remarkable performance in the rarely-seen "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1931). The American Film Institute lists Hopkins' Lecter as the #1 screen villain in movie history.

When I first heard about "Hannibal" the TV series, I cringed. Each installment in the film franchise had been exponentially worse than the one before. After Ridley Scott, Brett Ratner, Peter Webber--and even Thomas Harris himself--had tortured Hannibal near to death with their increasingly idiotic sequels to "Silence of the Lambs," a TV series seemed like the sad, humiliating final nail in the doctor's coffin. Would this be "Dexter" redux, or another numbingly unoriginal CSI ripoff? Or worse, a tedious 5-season story arc following the personal trials of a young, idealistic, ruggedly handsome, perfectly stubbled Lecter as he spends 65 television hours' worth of time that I will never get back transitioning from noble psychiatrist to vengeful but justified killer? (Note to self: cock hammer, place barrel against temple, pull trigger.) Thankfully, "Hannibal" is everything I expected it not to be.

I wasn't sure Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen--or any actor, for that matter--could play such an iconic character without being overshadowed by its grand progenitor (i.e., Hopkins), however "Hannibal" is so beautifully written, acted and directed that it transcends the inevitable comparisons. Hopkins played Lecter with hellish glee. He was the serial killer as prankster, a thinking man's Joker without the facial scars. Mikkelsen's Lecter is quieter and deadlier. He's almost like an alien predator, or a velociraptor in human form. When he smiles, you're probably about to die. Mikkelsen is chilling, funny, and blazingly brilliant. He totally makes the role his own, but that's not to take anything away from Anthony Hopkins. Asking who makes the better Lecter is like asking who's the best Dracula, Lugosi or Lee. They're both great, they're just different.

I dislike police procedurals. They bore me. But "Hannibal" is different. There's something special about it. Bryan Fuller respects the characters and he understands the fans. He's given Lecter his first legitimate resurrection since "Silence of the Lambs," and I am completely hooked. (And to think that we still have Eddie Izzard and Gillian Anderson to look forward to!)

Fantastic show. High kudos to NBC for having the courage to air it.
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Psychological thriller at its finest.
If you're wondering, this drama does not follow the story line of the previous Hannibal film franchise. However, it does not mean that the series doesn't pack its own punch in terms of tension and suspense. (I'm in such awe, I feel inadequate trying to leave a review for this show. I won't reveal any more than what is available on the wikipedia page.)

Following protagonist Agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) into his mind and peering into the distorted lives and actions of serial killers, he comes across as a highly intelligent but often conflicted man, tormented by his own imagination and yet has to live it each day for the greater good.

This sense of vulnerability and instability caused by his personality (largely introverted and antisocial) is preyed upon by his psychiatrist, famed Hannibal Lecter, excellently portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen, and as all this is played out, the audience, privy to this knowledge will be gripped by suspense, and the never ending tension, even on scenes where nothing appears to be happening, the mood takes on a somber and tense tone.

For those who are concerned with the relative 'low level of gore', be patient. It takes its time to build and slowly escalate, bringing Graham deeper into the shadows and mental torment.

I can't emphasize how good the acting is, how vivid and artistic the abstract dream and killing sequences are. the fact that the soundtracks are well selected and not obnoxious all plays a part in creating one of the best viewing experiences ever. As a fan of psychological horror, I feel privileged to be able to take a small peek at this show ahead of broadcast.
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The thriller you've been waiting for on T.V
asaurorastudio5 April 2013
If you are a bit skeptical about this show like me, do not worry. With all the sequels and prequels we've seen regarding Hannibal Lecter, it's an understatement to say there are lots of areas where the creators, directors and actors to over play the gore and story arcs. However, they've managed to balance all these superbly. The title may be Hannibal, right from the start this show is very much a vehicle for Hugh Dancy. Who as Will Graham gives an excellent perspective on his character and i dare say he does a better job than Edward Norton. Mads Mikkelsen with his subtle approach on Dr.Hannibal Lecter is a revelation. His sophisticated and stylish portrayal is captivating and very unpredictable. The show delivers on every front- the writing, editing etc is as good as it gets. Can't wait to see the next episode. Highly recommended it you're looking for a clever and engaging physiological thriller.
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Finally, a show with class
rajsharma21 April 2013
If one can put away all the movies aside, store you're memories of them some far off vast empty place in your mind, and watch Hannibal without any recollection of the previous films, Hannibal will blow your mind! This show goes where no one has ever gone before...deep into the mind of Thomas Harris. Deep into the minds of all his characters from Red Dragon.

Will Graham is a memorable character, as well as Hannibal Lector. However, I am most in awe of the Francis Dollarhyde character (which was beautifully depicted in Red Dragon novel) and can't to see the show when he comes into play. I'm curious to see who is going to play Dollarhyde.

My only fear is that I hope the show doesn't get pulled. I hope NBC can continue the show and keep it afresh for each endless season. I know, it's asking a lot. I don't normally what any a lot of shows, but this one's got my undivided attention. Kudos to it's creators and cast. Brilliant work!
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Elegant, Subtle and in Excellent Taste.
layilumbralux20 May 2013
My favorite three shows right now are Mad Men, Game of Thrones and Hannibal, and while they are vastly different in subject and style, they share several traits that make them a cut above the rest. The writing is excellent, the acting well played and the actors perfectly cast, and all three have a production value and aesthetic that elevates them above your average show. There is a sense of perfectionism and obsessive dedication to quality by their creators, which I think is what makes their fan bases as loyal as they are. There is a sense that the authors are writing to an audience they respect. There is no spoon feeding of plot or dumbing down of dialog. Intelligent characters are consistent in their decision making; things play out in a manner that makes sense, allowing one to relax into the suspension of disbelief that is so addictive about good storytelling. Every detail is delicately handled and placed just so.

Hannibal beings long before the events already so well known in pop culture due to the popularity of the films and books, so there is no rehashing of material (so far). It is delightful to watch as the characters unfold, giving tiny, succulent tastes of what is to come. The chemistry in the cast is electric, yet you can feel the camaraderie as well. The acting is of a caliber rarely seen on television, where nothing is exaggerated unnecessarily, and words are not used when a twitch of a lip or an eye flicker will do. The writing supports this, trusting the players to transmit their layered characterization and inner workings without too-obvious statements and unnecessary melodrama. While the subject matter is gruesome and intense in nature, it is surprising how beautiful everything is. In contrast to the turmoil and savagery of the proceedings, there are long shots of stunning locations and meticulously crafted sets gorgeously, perfectly lit, masterfully composed to speak as loudly as any dialog. It is the silences in Hannibal that are the most powerful to me, the long stretches of music and sounds which emote so strongly. It is a sign of great writing that I am not disappointed that when they are broken by speaking, it is to add to the tension, not break it.

It is clear that this show is a labor of love produced by talents enamored of the material. With the first season half way through, there is no sign of the quality dropping and the show is seeming to hit its stride. If the ratings can keep up (it's recent acquisition by Amazon will no doubt help things along) I look forward to the show having many (7 or more, by the producer's plans) more seasons to flesh itself out. After all, the best dishes take their time to prepare, and these people take their palates deadly seriously.

Even if serial killer horror shows aren't your thing, it's worth trying everything at least once. ;)
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Dark and better than I expected!
msalmank5 April 2013
I wasn't sure what to expect of this, and the preview/promo that I had seen didn't make me much excited about it. But honestly, I kinda loved the pilot and see a lot of potential here. Hugh Dancy is superb as Special Agent Will Graham and Mads Mikkelsen does justice to the role of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Exceptional acting all around...

I've read a few people complaining of the series moving a bit too fast, but I found that not to be the case. The pace so far has been perfect and I certainly hope that it doesn't slow it down much.

For a moment, the first dream/killing sequence reminded me of another series (unforgettable) but Hannibal does these scenes in an extremely vivid and artistic manner that you just can't not love. The score is well selected and goes well with all the scenes.

Looking forward to seeing how the story pans out with time. And judging by the preview that they gave at the end of the first episode, I'm expecting I'll love it a lot more!

A must-watch for anyone who likes psychological thrillers.
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Fascinating psychopathy at its finest. Filling every thrill seeking part of the psyche.
bla314255 April 2013
The story is so packed with different things happening. It is forty minutes long, yet it feels closer to an entire film. It is quite fascinating and highly entertaining. It is not filled with eye candy, but with deeper dialog with some special effects. It gives the viewer a deeper insight into the borderline delusions of the main character.

The dialog is fantastically written. It is a combination of imagination and horror. This blend creates a psychological horror that grips you to you very soul. The only possible bad thing that I could say about it is Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) accent. It should be a higher class a more aristocratic richness instead of the thick coarse German accent, but that is merely semantics.

The series has a strong mentor-ship like connection between Graham and Hannibal Lecter that is improved by the clear mental instability of both. It makes you wonder what Hannibal Lecter sees for the future.

The Graham character is not much like the one of red dragon, yet it is a great improvement with the modernization of him. This is a rather exceptional series and I hope to see plenty of it in the future.
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As sophisticated as Hannibal's favorite demi-glaze.
wheresgrant12 April 2013
Two episodes in and I'm admiring this curiously crafted, visually stunning (and very risky) program. I entered into this show as a fan of the novels and films (with the exception of 'Hannibal' 2001). Last week's pilot was considerably rushed (I felt an extra 30 mins to flesh out the crime would have evened the pacing) however this 2nd episode really nailed me with the tone, and development of the characters. Hannibal and Will Graham, predator and prey (one character unwittingly). Sure there are some cheap moves for shock value and and certainly the investigations are rushed to make room for the greater psychological thriller, yet the time and craft spent on creating haunting atmosphere and imagery really help to dispel the smaller annoyances. This show is as sophisticated as the sauce being served with Hannibal's loin of pork.

Even though this show seems intent on the trappings of a police procedural I am very seduced by the bonding (and manipulation) between Hannibal and Graham. Intellectual peers although one is weak and the other exuding strength. I thought this week was terrific in terms of setting up the trust between patient and doctor. Moreover, Mikkelson, who I found wooded and sterile in the pilot really begins to flex his characters charisma and control. Hannibal is a monster and Mads is perfectly cast. The show expertly sets the tension that he is already 5 plays ahead of everyone. Dancy impressed me as well. Two episodes in and your already experiencing the brilliantly frail and dark mind of Will Graham. The labels of 'finest china', 'broken pony' are perfect labels for his embodied genius who is also a tortured soul. Someone who suppresses the impulse to kill like a recovering alcoholic avoids mouthwash. I know many will knock the casting but after watching a decade of stale, wooden acting of 'Criminal Minds, CSI:Everywhere, NCIS's casting... and so on it's gratifying to see actors with depth and a script that allows them to emote pain and fear. And Larry Fishburne even elevates himself from CSI land (not a bad show, however this is a step up).

I'm admittedly a pretty picky viewer. Since HBO's The Sopranos graced the screen there have been very little network TV that I've been inclined to tune into. Aside from LOST, The Good Wife and a few other programs that have been here and gone (cancellation) I've had a steady diet of serial based cable dramas to fill my TV time. BREAKING BAD, THE WIRE, JUSTIFIED, SOA, THE WALKING DEAD, THE KILLING, MAD MEN, DEADWOOD, THE SHIELD, HOMELAND, BOARDWALK EMPIRE... I could go on but the message here is that the networks offer me little to invest in. Kudos NBC and Bryan Fuller here. I could see myself watching this for 13 episodes (the series run). I don't shake my head at the screen and feel my intelligence is being cheated here.
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Creepy, unsettling and beautiful
lornloxor7 August 2013
Boy am I glad that I stumbled onto this series. I was pretty bored with all of the current TV shows which I've been watching (well, that's really only Dexter and True Blood at the moment) or they've been on break. Hannibal hooked me right from the first episode and after seeing the whole season I'd say it's right up there among my favorite TV shows.

Mads Mikkelsen is a fantastic and charismatic screen presence and his portrayal of the understated and calm Hannibal is very unsettling and mesmerizing. I've loved his diverse roles in Casino Royale, After the Wedding, The Hunt and The Royal Affair and he doesn't disappoint in this show either. Hugh Dancy is also great as the tormented FBI profiler Will who can get inside the mind of a psychopath and imagine the crime occurring again. As time goes on this weighs on his psyche more and more. I loved his portrayal of a man with Asperger's Syndrome in Adam, he really seems to have a knack for portraying these kind of roles. The relationship between Will and Hannibal in the show is very interesting and filled with suspense as Hannibal subtly manipulates Will. The supporting cast is extremely solid as well.

The visuals of the show are very arresting, some of the murder scenes are especially striking. I also really liked the scenes where Hannibal is preparing food and presenting it to his guests. Those scenes are really beautiful in a twisted way.

One of the most critical parts about the show however is the sound design. The sound effects are tremendously creepy as is the music. They're used very effectively to create a creepy and disturbing atmosphere. There's an almost hypnotic feeling to the show's mood and tone.

The killers Will faces in the show are very interesting and imaginative. I also liked that they weren't just "killer of the week" variety but that the killers are actually tied into the story in meaningful ways.

Season 1 of Hannibal was really gripping and it's definitely my favorite of the newer TV shows. After such an intense season I'm really eager and excited to find out how they continue the story in season 2. However, I'm kind of hoping that the show won't go on for too many seasons because I have a feeling that it would get way too implausible. But so far so good.
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A macabre world filled with intelligent twists.
zactac13 February 2014
I have to say I am very impressed with how the spin-off series of Hannibal Lector has turned out. While I was a little worried at first after hearing the idea to create a series based on the most famous cannibal in the history of film, the series have placed my fears to rest.

The series follows Will Graham, a profiler for the FBI, and his journey into the minds of the darkest criminals. It is his daily job to think like the psychopaths they deal with and this has left a great toll on his mind. To protect what sanity he had left, he decided to leave. However, once he is manipulated into coming back to the FBI, he must learn new ways to protect himself from the dangerous profession he is involved in. So along comes Dr. Hannibal Lector, a psychiatrist who Will becomes close to. While Will confides in Dr. Lector his deepest, darkest secrets, he has no idea that the man he is speaking to is actually one of the greatest serial killers (and cannibals) the FBI has ever searched for.

With such a dark story leading the way for this show, the fear would be that NBC just isn't free enough to do the material justice. A show such as "Hannibal" would be more suitable for cable TV channels such as AMC or FX, that would be the thought at least. However, NBC proves naysayers otherwise by showing just how fearless they can be when the time calls for it. They truly dive deep into a world that is dark and macabre in ways that even match "American Horror Story" by creating an atmosphere that is chilling and disturbing. They especially do this with terrifyingly graphic imagery. Honestly, with how far the show seems to go at times I am amazed they didn't end up having to tone things down or risk getting booted. Happily though, the show is still going strong with its wonderfully macabre world still intact.

But it is the chemistry between the two leading actors that really sells the show. Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen do fantastic work in the leads. Dancy shines as the poor Will Graham. You can really see the tragedy behind his eyes as he goes deeper and deeper into a dark world where he might never come back from. And that is what makes him very different from the team on CBS's "Criminal Minds." Throughout the series you can see him as a truly broken man and what little of him that's holding together is also crumbling. All the while it almost seems he is entirely alone through this situation. However, he does have someone and that is Dr. Lector. Mikkelsen does some truly fantastic work as Lector. He brings the charisma and cultured intelligence that is Hannibal Lector to new life on screen. Of course he comes into the picture in the shadow of the great Anthony Hopkins who made this character what he is today but Mikkelsen does a great job at making this character his own. Both of these actors do great jobs at giving fresh spins to two very well-known characters. Fantastic work by the both of them.

This is a great piece of television here. We find ourselves completely immersed into a world that is haunting on many levels and that is why this show works. The show succeeds by giving audiences an intelligent look into the mind of a man going slowly insane while giving us a look at one who has already gone insane.
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Dexter would like them
donb-519-3350755 April 2013
I don't normally review TV shows, but after seeing the pilot of Hannibal, I am compelled. As the (arguably) foremost monster of all time, Hannibal Lechter still fascinates and appalls us at the same time. His suave, debonair demeanor and taste, combined with his overwhelming brilliance makes him the most attractive monster since Dexter (or Gary Oldman in Dracula).

So it was with great expectations and serious doubts that I approached NBC's Hannibal. After all, besides praising the Obama administration, what does NBC do well? I was very pleasantly surprised.

Hugh Dancy (Will Graham) and Mads Mikkelson (Hannibal) are great. As they work together on the current case, they are probing each other's psyche and working to establish control, command, dominance over the other (naturally more on Dr. Lechter's part that Will's). In a take off on Dexter, Dr. Lechter is part of the team the FBI has brought in to help solve the latest serial killer problem. What is always compelling about Hannibal is that he always is in control. He has thought out how he will proceed, how he will step in the water closely with those who would naturally want to stop him in his curious habits, yet while always being able to protect himself. (Another good example of this is Anthony Hopkins in Fracture - if you haven't seen it, you should).

MIssing the humor in Dexter, this is mind twisting exercise in control and power. This is so good, AMC could have done it.

Not for the squeamish, (there is a lot of blood and grisly images) if you like psychological horror, this one's for you. (and Barry Manilow did not do the soundtrack).

Best regards DonB
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I proudly vote 10000000/10 for this Master Piece
masters-mind-team25 February 2015
First of all, this has the BEST script EVER! a script worth to be learned by heart, the delivery, the word choice are so aesthetic.

Then, the story is compelling, the BRUTALITY is tempting, the Music is fascinating, the elegance is inspiring, the cooking is appetizing ...

Hannibal characterizes the natural perfection, his facial expression is so cold and lifeless yet shines with an unearthly abnormal confidence. He's a multiskilled person who has an encyclopedic knowledge, He honors his carcasses by displaying them in an artful piece and also by not wasting their organs.

This series will make you have several EYEGASMS and EARGASMS !

This is not for the simple minded half wits of course !!!
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More than a TV show, a work of art.
ring_girl_alexa18 November 2016
This is more than a TV show, it is a work of art. The cinematography is amazing, it is filmed beautifully and every image is a well-thought-out picture. The dialogues are deep and full of subtle meaning, as the characters mostly try to understand each other's way of thinking or try to manipulate one another.

Throughout the series Hannibal and Will get to know and understand each other and as a viewer you get to experience the same thought processes, as empathy is a major theme in the show.

The images with dead people are so horrific but gorgeous at the same time that you find yourself mesmerized by the beauty of death. Also, the series finale is in my opinion one of the best ever. It is truly an amazing show.
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Excellent consistency
zackyC12317 September 2016
The highest rated modern TV shows, tend to have taken the approach that 'bad is the new good'. The very best of these shows do not rely purely on the shock value of the darker topics explored, but on well thought out direction and acting, which is far more important for a show to have lasting appeal. The genius of Mads Mikkelsen's portrayal of Hannibal and Hugh Dancy's portrayal of Will Graham, (other than the exceptional writing), is in the complex layering of their characters which is evident throughout their performances. I would say that the tension, as well as chemistry, between the two of them, is what makes the show so gripping. This show is more of a psychological thriller than horror, although it is important to note that viewer discretion is advised due to the graphic imagery of the dead victims. Brian Fuller's vision was cruelly cut short after 3 seasons, but the brilliance of his overarching story is evident in each season. The story could have easily been rounded off in each of the three excellent finales. The ending is therefore fitting and very satisfying. This show is consistently excellent. Similarly to Breaking Bad, the build up is slow (but still interesting). The supporting cast is also consistently strong. By mid season 1, I guarantee you'll be hooked.
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Hannibal: Complex and Dark
vgbp885 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This series promises to be incredibly entertaining. Notice the word promises. Here is why:

  • Hannibal sees young Graham as either 1)An apprentice or someone that can follow Hannibal's footsteps or 2)As a companion in his dark path. I don't think he knows which one he wants Graham to be or what he wants. I think he will leave it up to Graham to find out.

  • He feeds Graham human meat(Graham does not know). Graham talked about tasteless but finds the "sausage" very exciting. Funny enough Graham eats the same meat of one of the victims in his case. Hannibal is symbolically feeding him into his dark path with each passing victim. Great symbolism. This show promises great symbolism. You must look past the obvious.

  • Graham choices down the path laid by Hannibal. I think this is going to be the greatest plot of them all. Choice VS. Nature. Graham by nature is like Hannibal but by choice he has been able to fight off his demons. For how long?

I might add that the camera work is great so far... as well as the camera effects. What's most important about this show is that the director seems to be drawing in the viewer by ironically making him/her empathize with Graham(who empathizes with everyone). By empathizing with Graham the viewer might empathize with Hannibal as well. Choice or Nature?

I hope they take their time developing the characters. That is my only fear.
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A Feast for the Eye and Soul… Not the Mind
Manal19871 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The number of I-hate-you-then-I-love-you moments I have had during watching NBC's Hannibal since it started in 2013 until it sadly (for us viewers) ended last Saturday is too great to count. However, the disappointment I am feeling right now because I will see no more of Hannibal is a success in and of itself. At first I did not know how to go about this review in the most logical way possible (it is really hard to convince my mind to do so!) so I came up with the 'ingenious' idea of putting my remarks into points as randomly as they jump to my head:

-Bryan Fuller is brilliant, there is no doubt. His decisions to carry Thomas Harris's novels to the surreal and metaphysical realm and to focus on the complicated/mind-twisting/homoerotic relationship between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham are very bold. Nonetheless, Fuller delved so deep into surreality it sometimes cost the show its sense of realness. Do not get me wrong, I am and always be pro adaptation of all sorts and kinds, but Harris's Hannibal saga is basically a unique study of the human psyche and its psychological dimensions – something you cannot tackle without having at least one foot in reality. What makes Hannibal Lecter a truly frightening character is that he feels very real and if you drop that, all you have is a mythical character no different than Sisyphus or Medusa. This is my only problem with the show. The result was unmistakable pretentiousness in storyline and dialogue, especially in season 1. It is smart, I admit, but in which universe would a dialogue like that take place? It feels pompous and forced. Same can be said about some turns of events; each of the series primary characters has been stabbed, burned, or shot at least three times over the course of the show, yet they miraculously managed to come back to life! As a result I lost my sense of surprise. By the time I reached season 3, I was like "Oh, X lost his head. No problem, he'll somehow find his way back to the show." In Egyptian Arabic there is a saying that describes inexplicable events in films and it goes "el mokhreg ayez keda" which roughly translates to "because the director wants it so!" Fuller definitely wants it so.

-If you get over the above mentioned problem you will find the show utterly phenomenal. The dynamics between Hannibal and Will especially in seasons 2 and 3 are captivating and make up for the sometimes awkward dialogue. In the last two seasons events move faster and become more focused on the Hannibal-Will relationship which gets compellingly more rounded. It is by far the most twisted and gripping romance of the 21st century. Season 3 is remarkable too with the introduction of the Red Dragon which pumps new blood in the aesthetics-invested season.

-Want to know more about the aesthetics of voyeurism? Watch Hannibal. The imagery picks on the surreal side of the story and turns it into a feast for the eyes indeed. I will never forget the sinister Wendigo, the dying stag, and the wings of the Red Dragon. In spite of the gory nature of some scenes, the literally breathtaking cinematography transforms them into surreal sensuous/sensual paintings that you would want to see again and again. That effect is greatly aided by the artistic editing and the choice of music – end result is transcendental. The murder scene in season 3 finale "The Wrath of the Lamb" is an example. Imagine with me this stomach- churning scene: two men covered in blood trying to kill another man by stabbing, slashing and biting him. Naturally, nothing pleasant or aesthetic can come out of it; however, it turns out to be the most beautiful thing I have seen in a very long time. Surreal. Horrifying. Mesmerizing. Heart- wrenching. Also, Siouxsie Sioux' song "Love Crime" makes it hit deeper in the heart.

-Everyone on the show did a brilliant job, even though Hugh Dancy (Will Graham) was overdoing it sometimes, but once you get used to his performance you can sit back and enjoy the chemistry between him and Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal Lecter) play out. Richard Armitage was one hell of a pleasant surprise.The only person that was unbearably annoying is Gillian Anderson playing Bedilia Du Maurier. As a character, I couldn't wrap my head around her motives and development – I think Fuller put her there only to serve as a receiver of Hannibal's and Will's mind contents. As an actor, her poker face and slow articulation made me want to slit my wrists every time she was on screen.

-Saving the best for last, let's talk some Mads Mikkelsen. I will try my best to put his overwhelming sex appeal and my apparent subjectivity aside.. but heck with objectivity! Objectivity is a delusion, so just let me take a deep breath and start rambling about this Danish talent. Anthony Hopkins' name is forever linked to Hannibal Lecter because of his legendary performance in the cinematic adaptation with no prospects of anyone even coming close. Mikkelsen did it. I am not saying he is better than Hopkins, all I am saying is he was smart enough to decide to play a different tune and show us a new side of Hannibal.. the charmer, the mind player, and the vulnerable as well. Thanks to Bryan Fuller and Mikkelsen, Hannibal Lecter's character becomes alive again with so much vigor and articulate details missing in previous adaptations. His clothes, his movements, his choice of words, his highly controlled facial expressions – everything he does unpretentiously and effortlessly oozes menace.If this show was a living being, Mikkelsen would definitely be the heart of it.

Seriously, who would have thought that watching a cannibal kill people and cook them for meals would be that yummy?
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So good that I fear for it not getting renewed
joleree15 December 2014
We have come through the last couple of years with some excellent TV programming. dialog, writing, directing, acting some of the episodes if not entire seasons trashing anything that was showing at the local megaplex. Just like most here I was highly skeptical at the idea of a made for TV Hannibal, as Robert Downey is to Iron Man and Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine.......for me Anthony Hopkins was to Hannibal Lecter. Well no more. When telling people about this show, that's what I use as an approach. When you think of Hannibal Lecter you tend to think of Anthony Hopkins. Well not anymore, what a tribute to Mads Mikkelsen that he could take this amazing pop culture character and and so firmly attach his name to it. If you have been skeptical or just not "seeing" you're doing yourself a great disservice in not checking this out. I absolutely LOATHE that comcast now charges for past seasons of network shows, but this is the only one that I would ever say is worth purchasing and viewing before season 3 gets here. Hannibal is excellent television.
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missmomosa18 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Being that Hannibal is one of my favorite characters of all, I was thrilled to see what they would do in a series and one I saw it, I am not impressed.

The GOOD: The cast is superb..Fiahburne is great at any role he takes on so he had my attention. Mads as Hannibal is deliciously brilliant. He gives me the same level of creepiness that Hopkins did...he's perfect. The actor playing Will is also great, he does his parts so well, he has transformed into will however only Edward Norton got Will Graham right...

The BAD: the story line is filled with more holes than a south bend Indiana street. I gave this series the chance to pick up and become Hannibal but it hasn't. They put do much emphasis on the production that me as a viewer can't get to know the characters. The crimes are gory and hannibalesque, but the interactions between all the characters lack emotion or interest. Where is that emotion that reels a viewer in? Where is the story line that isn't faulty our simply boring? I see what they tried to do with this show...but when you try to make a show so sophisticated it all seems muddled and forced. I have literally lost interest in this show, it bores me to sleep...the music seems to make a scene far more interesting than it is. Nothing is horror about this show...it's just visually and musically appealing, and casted with great actors with bland across. I will stick to the movies in my collection for my Hannibal dose however...Mads is riveting...if you are to watch this show, watch it to see Mads play an amazing Hannibal
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Hannibal: An honest review
terryarif16 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I checked IMDb for a TV series to watch and to my joy one of my favourite film series of all time had been serialised and received a mega 8.6!

I was willing this to be a great TV series. The truth is its not.

If you have a brain, you will begin to notice that Hannibal is one of the most ridiculous TV programmes you have ever seen. It is a thriller designed for people who are so stupid they don't actually care how a man cuts open his own chest and then pins his own lungs to his back and then proceeds to crucify himself 30 feet in the air on the rafters of a barn, alone and without the aid of a ladder and for the brightest murder investigators in the FBI to accept this as a plausible suicide.

The people this was written for stopped thinking after being told a guy kills people and pins their lungs in a 45 degree angle from their shoulders so they look like angel wings, because somehow this is cool so we don't really care if the writers then proceed to make the rest of the story impossible and verging on being supernatural. The Hannibal Lecter series has nothing to do with the supernatural.

Hannibal Lecter is a hard act to follow, so I forgive the casting of some emotionless European guy who can't act, however the Anthony Hopkins version got inside not only the FBI investigators and serial killers he conversed with heads, but he got inside ours, the viewers head. This guy couldn't get into a prostitutes underwear with $100, such is his screen presence and charisma in this show.

Think about Lecters iconic scenes in the films, how he escapes from that cage through sheer genius, guts, insanity and a fountain pen. However implausible it seems it was explained and every detail this mastermind escape was delivered to the audience. You could see how the FBI were fooled by a genius psychopath. Even you were fooled, as if you had seen a magic trick! It makes sense once you knew how he did it, sheer magic. The writers in this serialisation make no attempt to be even a tenth as intelligent.

They don't explain anything. Like why is a psychologist cannibal almost immediately invited to every crime scene after one meeting where he does nothing? How does said psychologist manage to slip off, murder and then impale teenage girl at the crime scene they are travelling to before they get there? Why is a stupid online journalist considered to be as powerful as the FBI? Why does said journalist not get arrested even though she has literally broken 10 laws per episode (that they know about) and impedes the course of justice constantly. Why do the FBI seem powerless to stop her? Why do apparently worldly and intelligent people not know the difference in taste between human insides and pork? WHY ALL THE IMAGERY OF STAGS AND ANTLERS!!!

I could literally go on forever, this TV series is so bad. If anyone else performed this badly in their jobs they would be fired and a note put on their permanent record advising that they never work in their business again, yet the writers of Hannibal got a second series.... I have heard of dumbing down but surely no one would watch this and actually think it's remotely thrilling, psychological or intelligent in anyway.

The reviews that call this a 'Psychological thriller at its finest' or 'The thriller you've been waiting for on T.V', are written by people who wouldn't know a thriller if it called them on their mobile and said 'Hello Agent Starling'.

It stinks so bad I am literally amazed by the reviews written here, this is half the reason I have decided to offer an alternative critique such is the level of unintelligence I see amongst the user reviews for this TV series.

The writing is so bad there are parts I am sure are completely improvised. Like the writers didn't write enough content to fill an entire 50 minutes so they pay Laurence Fishburne extra to improvise scenes with different members of the cast for the last 15-20 minutes. Seriously, there is an episode where they spend 20 minutes of different people reacting to news a completely unimportant unseen to this point character has cancer, and then jump to the killer of the episode having killed himself in the stupidest way possible. Out of no where.

I have not even gone over the terrible acting, the awful attempts to build character relationships overusing the phrase 'are you OK?', bad casting, lazy thoughtless writing, total lack of research in every possible area and sheer stupidity at every level. From police, to FBI, to doctors, to forensic scientists, to serial killers.. Everyone in this show is stupid.

This show is so unrealistic it is possible that in a future series finale it turns out that the whole show is Jack Shephard from Lost's dream.

I am worn out from thinking about this shows flaws so I am gonna stop and I will summarise like this. If you like Lost, or you're being paid five dorrah by the producers of Hannibal to vote this as 10, then this is the TV thriller for you. If you have a brain then I would suggest you re watch the films as this TV show is as stupid as Paris Hilton. In fact Paris Hiltons 'My new BFF' is more realistic and her most recent work 'The world according to Paris' is both more intelligent and more thrilling then Hannibal the TV show.

The only reason I haven't given this a 1 is because Laurence Fishburne is in it.
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Heavy on Atmosphere / Light on Substance
aubuchon27 May 2013
The primary flaw with this adaptation is the portrayal of Hannibal. The actor plays him overtly creepy, yet none of the other characters seem to notice. Hannibal would need a great deal of charm to pull off the things he does, but this guy is as appealing as a cockroach. For some reason, the autistic genius profiler can figure out everything but the fact that Lechter is a killer. And Lawrence Fishburn is sleeping-walking through this thing. Thomas Harris must be spitting up fava beans watching this. This show is hopelessly bad, a combination of cheap '70s slasher shlock and poorly, poorly miscast actors. They are flat one-dimensional figures who evoke no more sympathy than an inert sofa. I'm sure the creators had great intentions but unfortunately they were not realized in this series. Hazy story lines, strange directing but worst of all, the two main characters, Graham and Dr. Lecter, are extremely unlikable. And not unlikable in a deliciously evil way, unlikable in a I-really-want-this-to-be-over-soon-way. The two main characters, Hannibal and Graham, who are being set up for a frenemy bromance are annoying at best and boring at worst.

Being a fan of the books and (most) of the movies, I had high hopes for this show. It's obvious that they didn't intend for it to be a carbon copy of the original which is a good thing but they could have at least tried to create something mildly interesting and watchable. Sad to say it wasn't meant to be.
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michaelhills19 July 2013
There really is only one way to describe this highly anticipated and controversial series. Pretentious clap trap dressed up as serious Television. Obviously inspired by the work of David Lynch (and one suspects Stanley Kubrick) it falls woefully short on every count. There are plot holes so large you could drive an Airbus through them. The only redeeming element is Mads Mikkelsen who makes the part of Hannibal Lecter, very much his own, even managing to cast off the giant shadow of Anthony Hopkins. To all those acclaiming and applauding this snooze fest as the next best thing in intelligent Television, there is a little voice calling from the throng... "But, the Emperor is not wearing a new cloak".
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Terribly Unjust
alaynaatl8 March 2015
After a marathon of Hannibal, I can't recommend it. Yes I was compelled by the characters and the writing is an emotional roller coaster but the finale was the most unjust thing I have seen on TV. I do not understand how people can be such a fan of this. I am used to plot twists and like shows such as The Walking Dead and Dexter but those shows are nothing like this show. Maybe this is all true to the book and if so it should have been adapted. I have never been so repulsed by a show. It makes me wonder if all the fans of this show are sadomasochists. Much like the main characters, I feel the writers have crossed too many lines.
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Laziness on the writer's part ruins this...
armjan5 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
...not to mention incredibly bad casting. Maybe no one else is old enough to remember the original "Red Dragon" or "Silence of the Lambs" works- or the original "Silence of the Lambs" film with Hopkins, but it seems like the writers came to a unanimous decision to recycle as much of the dialogue as possible to avoid wear and tear on their cerebral matter. And casting- hello? Lecter is almost universally considered to be a small, slight wiry man- not physically imposing in the least. His physical strength is entirely hidden, like a Zen Aikido master's. He looks non-threatening, reassuring. The actor, while quite competent in his own right, looks more like he would be at home playing a Viking berserker or a senior NCO in the cold-war era Soviet Army. You wouldn't feel at ease giving him your name, rank and serial number, let alone your life story. Leave this turkey alone, and rent a few early eps of Dexter. Or CSI, NCIS, or perhaps "Cold Case".
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Pretentious and vile
skay_baltimore21 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Highly stylized sensationalistic crap.

If you want to watch a show on how NOT to make a show, this is a 10/10.

I think they were definitely testing out actual psilocybin mushrooms in the production trailer throughout this series.

This thing is just rank. Bad scripts. Bad acting. Bad directing.

To quote the principal in Ferris Bueller's Day Off: "I weep for the future" if there are actually real people out there giving this mess a 10/10.

At least with Dexter there was SOME humor, earlier on anyway, when it didn't take itself so seriously.

But THIS? Are you SERIOUS? Do yourself a favor. If you want to experience culinary debauchery, go scarf down a couple Wendy's double bacon cheese burgers. It's actually more lethal than this, but not totally unfun.

This...VERY unfun.
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