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Sex & Nudity

  • One woman shown topless from the back and side with brief flash of nipple. Another woman shown topless from the back.
  • One of the main "supes" can become invisible, he hides in the women's restroom and becomes visible fully nude.
  • One scene is in something similar to a secret club where "Supes" can fulfill whatever physical desire they may have. This includes a gay threesome, people having sex while floating, etc.
  • One "Supe", who can shape-shift, changes from a nude woman to a nude man while having sex with a senator.

Violence & Gore

  • The violence is EXTREMELY graphic, gory and inordinate. It is more reminiscent of a graphic horror movie than your typical superhero movie.
  • A dolphin gets run over by a truck and blood goes over the floor.
  • A women crush a man's head between her legs whilst sitting on his face. It blows up in a way. And his brain is seen on the floor in different parts and blood is shown all over the floor.
  • A baby has laser eyes and is used to take out three men. The baby cuts them in half and the gory aftermath is shown.
  • A women is brutally murdered in a alleyway. She gets stabbed repeatedly and her open wound is shown as she is lying on the floor dying. Not much blood is shown in the fight but the aftermath is quite gory.
  • Starlight fights a few men in an alleyway who are about to rape a women.
  • The Female is seen attacking men where she gauges out one of their eyes and blood squirts out of their eye.
  • A-train gets hit in the leg and his bone comes out and blood is shown all around the bone.
  • A man repeatedly smashes another man's head on a sink. Blood is shown going everywhere and his face is shown with blood all over it.
  • Homelander kills a bunch of people in a building and blood is seen going everywhere when they die. Very graphic and bloody.
  • The Female gets attacked by a man in a building she escapes and nails are shown with blood all over them.


  • Very strong language: "Fuck" is said 400x and "Cunt" is said 23x over the course of Season One (8 episodes). As well there is various uses of other profanity such as "Shit", "Goddamn", "Asshole", etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some drug use but not to much.
  • A character injects herself with a drug as if it were herion
  • Frenchie offers Hughie a combination of LSD and MDMA. Hughie refuses so Frenchie takes it and then rolls and smokes a cigarette.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The violence in it is VERY graphic and bloody, and is shown in all detail. There is a lot of swearing in it which contains very strong language, and there is some drug use.
  • At the start of every episode it says it's rated TV-MA for: Adult Content, Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Nudity, and Strong Sexual Content
  • Rated R for strong graphic bloody violence, strong sexual content including graphic nudity and pervasive language throughout.
  • BBFC rating: 18 for very strong language, strong violence, gore, sex


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A character called The Deep, pulls his pants down to masturbate. His buttocks are fully exposed.
  • A fully-nude character exposes himself in the ladies bathroom.
  • It is implied that Starlight is manipulated and threatened into performing oral sex on The Deep.
  • Popclaw has nude artistic photos of herself on her wall. She also lets her landlord enact a sexual fantasy with her before killing him
  • Maeve is bisexual. It is mentioned multiple times she and Homelander were in a relationship. Later, she visits someone who appears to be an old girlfriend who she attempts to kiss.
  • A woman forces The Deep into having sex with her and repeatedly stroking the gills on his midriff, causing him to feel uncomfortable and repeatedly denying her advances.
  • There is a very disturbing sexually/violently graphic scene where a woman on superhero steroids seduces a random man and sits on his face for pleasure but ends up completely caving in the mans head. This is partially played for laughs but very disturbing. (Also in Violence)
  • There is a strange mother/son type relationship between Homelander and Stilwell and there is a brief but strange sex scene in the last episode.
  • It's referenced that Homelander rapes Butchers wife but very unclear if it was rape or not.

Violence & Gore

  • In the first episode, Homelander cuts the plane that was carrying the mayor in half. No blood is shown but it is later stated that everybody on board died
  • Translucent has a bomb stuck up his rectum. Then it gets set off and blood and guts go all over the walls. This is very brutal and bloody.
  • The whole reason Hughie is in The Boys is because A-Train ran through his girlfriend. It goes in slow motion; blood, bones, and intestines are seen in the air for about 5 seconds.
  • Translucent and Billy Butcher have a fight. You can see the blood on Translucent floating. Then Hughie electrocutes his bum and he is unconscious.
  • The Female breaks Mesmer's limb.
  • One supe blows up in a building and kills many people.
  • Starlight is shot no blood is seen.
  • There's a scene where there trying to save the Female. People get shot and there are blood sprays.
  • Starlight saves hughie and punches a few people in the building.
  • Starlight and a-train have a fight. Until a-train has a heart attack.
  • Madelyn has her eyes burnt by homelander. Her burnt eyes are seen afterwards.
  • Severe
  • Mesmer gets his face smashed into a sink. Very graphic


  • Several racist jokes are made

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a scene where Homelander and Maeve attempt to rescue a plane that was hijacked. Some mistakes are made and the events that followed are very upsetting to watch.

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