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Mariah Carey is perfectly fine playing a waitress who dreams of becoming, yes, a singer -- even if the superstar's presence in such a small venture seems jarring.
Tennessee is drenched in melancholy, a trip through a tunnel of pain illuminated by a lone ray of light at the end.
Woodley’s film mostly floats along on its melancholy drift, so well-attuned to the low-key rhythms of its beaten-down characters that it never quite summons up enough energy for the rest of us, who are along for the ride.
The dramatic payoffs are either nonexistent or overly manipulated, and for a journey that starts with so much deep-set pain and regret to end with a sentimental twist feels, to use a phrase anathema in Carey's world, off-key.
Ultimately, nothing can save this pic from the warm fuzzies.
The good news for Carey is that she gets to prove she's a pretty decent actress after all. The bad news, of course, is that she's done it in a movie no one has any other reason to see.
It isn't saying much, but at least her (Carey) work here is more substantial than in the catastrophic "Glitter."
A twist ending does nothing to make the previous 85 minutes interesting.

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