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Cut down in it's prime
TheArgentWolf6 December 2005
I hate detective shows, I literally can't stand watching them. But strangely, there's something cutting edge about Fillmore that drew me to watch it. It could be a number of things.

The story lines? They were amazing, especially how a case that seems so simple can have so many plot twists and turns, and so many shocking answers. Even as a teenager, I don't work out who is the culprit until they work it out! Maybe the characters? Of course the best characters are Fillmore and Ingrid, but there's other characters I love, too. Namely, of course, O'Farrell. You can't help but love him! Other factors are, of course, the brilliant voice actors, especially Tara Strong. I love the voices she makes! If I could, I'd definitely make more episodes.

Unfortunately, it's down to Disney, and therefore, we will lose yet another great show.
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"And now, 'Fillmore!' Today's episode: 'Everything Old Is New Again.' Act One..."
Victor Field13 August 2003
As well as being notable for all of its main characters being named after names and places in California (Fillmore and Third, Folsom, Vallejo), "Fillmore!" basically takes the cop show and transfers it to school even more so than "21 Jump Street" and "The Mod Squad" did - on those shows the enforcers came in from the outside, here the school is self-enforcing, with our heroes Cornelius Fillmore and Ingrid Third as a team working as part of the Safety Patrol for X Middle School, an institution for learning that seems to be crammed full of miscreants from the evidence here, from simple bullies to forgery, robbery, etc.

Like "Police Squad!" and "Funky Squad," "Fillmore!" is in the mold of 1970s shows, here complete with a Quinn Martin-type gravel-voiced announcer ("Today's episode: 'Masterstroke Of Malevolence'! Act One: 'A Broken Masterpiece'!" For some reason the act titles appear on screen, but the overall episode titles never do...), bosses constantly leaping down our heroes' throats, and the kind of theme tune that cop shows today wouldn't go near. All of this just adds to the fun for adults watching, but "Fillmore!" doesn't go overboard with the grown-up references - it knows who its main audience is, and it hits it fair and square. It's a cliche, but this really is fun for all the family... I'm willing to bet that the movie version of "S.W.A.T." won't be half as good.

"Fillmore! I'm on it!"
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Fantastic Show, But Who's It For?
Victim_Of_Fate26 April 2006
Disney's Fillmore! is a wonderfully written cartoon series, spoofing the 70s cop show genre. Set in X Middle School, the show's main character is Cornelius Fillmore - a former juvenile delinquent turned safety patroller. Fillmore is ably assisted by his partner Ingrid Third, a sardonic genius with an eidetic memory. The show slyly pastiches all manner of generic clichés: the duo ultimately report into school principal Folsom, a politician-type obsessed with her own image; Fillmore himself is the maverick detective, who breaks the rules to get what's done, while Third is his rational, Scully-esquire partner. And the movie and cultural references flow thick and fast - in one episode Fillmore and Third rely on help from a Hannibal Lecter-like graffiti artist. In another, they go undercover to infiltrate a scooter-thief gang with a task very similar to Gone In 60 Seconds.

Fillmore! only lasted two seasons before cancellation, and while the quality of the show is apparent, it is also easy to see why it didn't get renewed. This is a kids show, but the best aspects of the writing are probably too obscure to hit their targets, many of who will not even be aware that the show is supposed to be a spoof. As an adult, it is easy to appreciate the subtle humour, but the show isn't mature enough to appeal fully to adults.
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Everybody Runs
True_BackLash8 March 2003
I have to say Disney struck gold with this show,and I'm finding that I really enjoy it very much. For a kids show it is very intellegent and intreauging characters like Fillmore, Ingrid Third and the principal of the school really intrest me.

The downfall to it is the catchphrases for one

Fillmore: Disqo Ingrid: Crackers

They say them to often also why do all the villains think they can run? It never works and could get kind of old. However it's really great family entertainment for all ages and I highly recomended it for anyone.

PS The intro song rules.
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Deadpan delivery makes this show great
jamesjones01-119 October 2003
Fillmore is a police procedural set in a middle school. The way it takes itself utterly seriously and perfectly applies all the hard-boiled detective cliches makes it great fun, and sometimes even touching. This one's for adults as much as for children.
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Fillmore Theme Song
glabro19 December 2005
The theme song for Fillmore was written by Adam English and Rand Bellavia, better known as the rock band "Ookla the Mok". It appears on their album "Super Secret" as the opening to the song "Das Uber Tuber, or the Mystery of Mister P". The group has also written the theme and score for the film "Bite Me, Fanboy", and draws much of their inspiration from comic books, films, and other modern media. One reviewer of the group was quoted as saying, "These guys watch way too much TV. I mean WAY too much TV." Ookla the Mok takes it's name from the character Ookla the Mok from the Jack Kirby inspired Saturday morning cartoon show "Thundarr the Barbarian".
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georgebobolink24 February 2005
Fillmore! is, to be succinct, a totally awesome cartoon. As a 21-year-old male, it might be hard to believe I could be such an enthusiastic supporter of the show, but I am. I actually arranged my school schedule so I could see the show more often.

Fillmore! is about a cadre of safety patrol officers patrolling the hallways of X Middle School, Home of Lobstee The Lobster. Through hard work and detective skills, they always manage to catch the crook before a half an hour is up.

The show is hilarious. First and foremost is its tone, which never deviates from the gravity of the matter. Shredded petitions and pilfered robotic dogs are treated as serious as a homicide, and the detectives hit the beat in a middle school version of Law & Order. It never lets the characters know just how ridiculous the setup is, and plays fairly within their world.

Beyond that, the subtle jokes work wonders to add to the show's quality. A banner being put up reading "Hooray for Banner Club" or a group working together, becoming as solid as "Geodude using his harden attack" are just examples of how sublime the show can get.

This really is a great example of a show that everyone can enjoy. The animation is bright and vivid, the characters are all real with good motivations, and some of the plots will actually leave you guessing, which is refreshing for a show aimed at the younger set. Catch Fillmore! whenever you can.
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A better example of Disney
atomius19 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Now, for the most part, even the most appreciative of the talking picture and the cathode ray tube get's tired of a companies works after a while, and Disney, despite it's former grandeur, is no exception. This was a refreshing show, and it is nice to see that the company is making some fresh plots worth seeing. The animation style itself is nice and sharp and the characters are good.

Cornelius Fillmore is a once delinquent now good guy working with his partner in anti-crime Ingrid Third to solve mysteries at X Middle School, a state of the art establishment that's unfortunately (though fortunately for us, the viewers), teeming with young criminals and crimes to their names.

The plots are true to the 'mystery' style, but full of action. The opening credits are nice, and the overall show fairly good. I can sense a movie in the air but don't know whether that'll happen, but this is all in all a good watch.

Also, i like the way that the one time rebels own lives get intertwined in the plot. This is a nice change for Disney, and i hope to see more plots that go deeper than a millimeter soon. Nine stars.
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I miss this show.
WisdomSeed5 March 2006
This show probably would be funny on it's own, but as a kid growing up in the 70s and Quinn Martin Productions, this show is hilarious. From the onslaught of punnery to the running sports team jokes (X middle school never had a basketball or football team, but I do remember them in a Bocci ball field and miniature golf tournament). It was the tongue-in- cheek detail (a papier-mache volcano in the science fair named Mt. Cliché) as well as the mock seriousness of the crime that really made the show so enjoyable. It even had a killer opening montage, closing with unmanned bikes flying over a cliff ala Mannix.

The characters are great, every fundamental of a 70x cop show was met with certain beautiful overkill, Chief (no-first-name) Vallejo, as well as the forensic and investigative members with the comic relief (a cartoon with a comic relief character) of O'Farrell. It even had mayor in the principal of X Middle School voiced by Wendy Malick. I loved her on this show, her biting, witty threats were hilarious.

If anyone ever finds out this show is being released on DVD, iTunes or Google, please let me know. Or if you can find Scott Gimple's email addy. I just want to tell him how much I enjoyed his work and how can I get it.
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Great fun
owen_edwards10 June 2004
Disney have built a reputation of making good cartoons, ever since Steamboat Willy, via the Jungle Book and then to the Lion King. But it's the TV cartoon series at which they excel: Recess, Lloyd in Space, Dave the Barbarian, Kim Possible, House of Mouse...all made in recent years. Fillmore deserves to be in the same list.

As a wonderful satire on hard boiled detective series, with the "government" (in this case, the principal) constantly threatening budget cuts if crimes aren't solved, this is great fun. The interesting thing is that Fillmore takes more after Agatha Christie than Law & Order - it's a show of twists and turns, with the least obvious suspect turning out, at the very end, to be the one behind the model train crash or whatever.

Due to time constraints - 20 rather than 45 minutes, for instance - it can't go into the same detail on either the cases or the supporting detectives. But the writers do an admirable job of having an interesting support cast: Officer O'Farrell, Jr Commissioner Vallejo and Principal Folsom are all fun little sketches of characters, though Tahama and Anza are pretty much Kirk's redshirts.

As for the leads, both are perfectly usable and are given some great lines. The voice acting is excellent from everybody, and this truly deserves a long run.
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Who can fade this baldheaded safety patroller
harry_crumb13 October 2004
You know something, there are few cartoons that are as good as this one is. I'm soemone that grew up back in the 80's where cartoons were cartoons. I mean great ones. MASK, Transformers, G I Joe, Visionaries, Humanoids, I'm talking action packed cartoons were the thing. Disney came up with this idea about the Safety Patrol being the police at X Middle School and called it Fillmore. When I first watched it which was earlier this summer I thought this cartoon was very imaginative. Reguardless of how they got the idea the cartoon was very imaginative, and it was good. I mean like " To Mar a Stall" with the kid who was like Hannible Lector of graffiti, and The Profiler one as well. It's a work of art. Now Disney just done discontinued it. Come on now, cartoons now a days are all about got to catch them all or just plain dumb like Hey Arnold,Rocket Power, or Rug Rats Post Kimi and Dill. You got to give me a break. This cartoon has it all and it's canceled. I haven't seen Kim Possible but I'm sure its the same way just more feminine. You know if you sit and dog this show, be sure to think about a couple of things, if you were a kid in school wouldn't you have liked to be on the Safety Patrol investigating stuff like Bubble Gum trafficking or Lunch box thefts. This is a good way to stretch the imagination for kids. In my opinion Fillmore is king of the Cartoons but Disney just done killed the whole thing so Teen Titans is the cartoon now, but LONG LIVE FILLMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Crime-Solvers And Stoppers.
Dawalk-119 June 2010
Which of the great cartoons from the past decade (or rather, at least, it will be a decade since this cartoon premiered within a matter of a couple more years) have I been missing for as long as I had? I skipped this and missed out when it originally aired as part of the ABC Kids lineup. But thanks to the original member at Youtube who posted videos of all the episodes on that site, I was able to catch up on what I missed. But unfortunately, I never got around to finishing up them, so I only saw some of them and it seems that not only were those videos removed, but the poster's whole account seems to have been deleted. However, it now and has ever since become one of my favorite (or even most favorite) Disney animated t.v. series of not only the last decade, but of all time and shows in general, and I concur it's one of the best. I wish I had checked it out sooner, but viewing them on the video site made up for it. However, I would get to watch the rest once other members eventually posted the whole series.

Who says that a cartoon that's set in a school can't work because cartoons should be school-free considering kids are supposed to not have to worry about it and stress out over it until after the weekend has passed (which isn't exactly the show's focus), or that it can't still make for interesting t.v. because of that? It isn't really one of those educational shows if that's the case and the reason why some were anxious about it. Fillmore is the third Disney animated crime/mystery/suspense-based program (after Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers and Bonkers). Fillmore stars the eponymous, lead character, Cornelius Fillmore, a street-smart black boy and Ingrid Third, a goth girl with a photographic memory, both of whom came from previously troubled backgrounds. But they'd turn their lives around once they both joined the safety patrol. It's a crime/mystery/suspense show in a junior high setting. I like how they met and came together, as seen in one episode when the latter transferred to X. Fillmore and Ingrid have such great chemistry as partners in crime solving and stopping, and they make for another of the best crime fighting duos in history. Among the things that makes this show great and work so well, and how, and why so. There's also some humorous moments in there, references or hints to other crime/mystery programs like Dragnet, it has action, etc. I don't think I've ever even seen Dragnet until a while back for the first time on Antenna TV, but I've heard of it. I get Fillmore's catch-phrase of "disco", having the '70s connection, but not Ingrid's ("crackers"). This is grade A, top-notch entertainment here. Don't make the mistake and pass on this like I did. I don't get how anyone could not feel this show, because it's got it all. Well, okay, so there were those moments in which things got too serious, but that's why the comic relief provided by O'Farrell was included. I, too, consider this to be one of the better animated t.v. shows by Disney. It deserves a longer run than it got as I can see it now and to be brought to DVD already. Presently, I wish it had lasted longer, it's another one of the greats that had so much potential. Since it didn't get far enough and Disney dropped it too soon (dern it and dern them for dropping it, horse-feathers), I can't help wondering what it would've been like and what more cases there could've been had it continued after the second season, who else would've/could've guest starred and more. And since seeing the whole series, it has left me yearning for more badly. Here's something I thought about: There's almost a great chance this would've ran longer if it didn't air on Saturdays and was a part of a weekday afternoon block similar to the Disney Afternoon instead. I wish that had been the case since thinking about that. Weekday afternoon airings mean more episode orders and a better chance at longer runs. But then again, that's almost a plausible guarantee. Quack Pack was originally a part of the Disney Afternoon and it got dropped after 39 episodes. Couldn't put this on the Disney Afternoon, since it became defunct a few years before Fillmore came along (unless someone allowed it to be revived or replaced). How great that would've been and I would've loved to see the series continue it's airings that way. Who knows if a whole, longer series would've aired on there exclusively or mostly (with some episodes airing on Saturdays on ABC, like what Disney did with Darkwing Duck). I wish this ran for as long as or longer than Rescue Rangers and Bonkers. If only, what more there could've been. General audiences can relate and I like how it expanded beyond the youth demographic. Quite intelligent and, I guess, sophisticated would be the other word to describe this show, both of which are enough for older audiences on their level but it has the usual fare to keep the kids engaged as well, so there's an equilibrium. Recommended and not to be skipped, because it's really worthy of so much more and worth your time. Everything that could and would make for a very interesting show. I looked up Scott Gimple on Wikipedia to see if he had any new, upcoming projects in the future, but it doesn't seem to be so. I wish he'd come out with more ideas to save some of us viewers from the majority of shows these days, which are whack, and hope he has more great shows up his sleeve, and I'd be intrigued to see more from him or by him. Please, Mr. Gimple. Come up with more, I know you can do it again.
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Fillmore! One of Disney's best shows!
hereintheuk23 October 2007
Fillmore! Is a show about an ex-juvenile delinquent called Cornelius Fillmore. After being caught by Wayne Ligget a former Safety Patroller many times, Fillmore had to help Wayne and the others in the Safety Patrol instead of doing lots of detention. After Fillmore had done his time he went back to the Safety Patrol because it had changed him. Now Fillmore is on the good side with his partner Ingrid Third with her amazing photographic memory. Along with others in the Safety Patrol like Jr. Commissioner Vallejo, Danny O'Farrell, Karen Tehama, Joseph Anza and Principal Folsom with her assistant Vice-Principal Raycliff. Some of the criminals in this show have kids and adults trying to figure out who the criminal is during the whole show. Fillmore is definitely the best!
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The Value Of "X" is Always Constant...
BrittanySavesMegan6 September 2004
Fillmore!, as I've stated in other reviews, is perhaps the most intelligent and witty cartoon I've ever seen. Aside from the fact that many of the plots are somewhat predictable, this program is virtually flawless. The words "well written" wouldn't even begin to describe the genius that is fillmore!. I can't tell you how many times I've been blown away by the sheer intellect found in whats unfortunately being called "A Kid's Cartoon". This program absolutely deserves the acclaim it's been given in the "San Francisco Chronicle", and many more seasons to boot. Scott Gimple should be forever proud of such an achievement, but quickly aware of his fate. With the way Disney is working these days, I wouldn't be surprised if this masterpiece was canceled for re-runs of "Sabrina the animated series"...
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Didn't like sound of it, watched it and.....
Perrygarl17 August 2004
Changed my mind completely, it had a similarity to Recess, where it is a school which has exaggerated days, basically it is about two people, detectives of their school. A black guy called Cornelis Fillmore, and a white girl called Ingrid Third, both 7th graders in X middle school and both were troublemakers, Fillmore was considered best in the game, but both of them went straight and both later joined the Safety Patrol, together they solve crimes which happen during the day. But it is like old 70's cop shows, a lot of stolen money becomes in the cartoon money which is made by candy manufactures to buy many kid things, £10000 of it gets stolen, or who steals the worlds oldest tamagotchi since it has been taken hostage. It has comedy and action. And to hear that Disney animation was no longer making this was a shame, it was a good cartoon.
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DISCO!!! So wonderful that it makes up for Disney for canceling "Teacher's Pet"
nancyglos19 August 2003
The show is about suave former-juvenile-delinquent-turned-safety-patrol-person Cornelius Fillmore (catchphrase: "Disco!") solving crimes for the X Middle School safety patrol with partner Ingrid Third (catchphrase: "Crackers"), who is smart and known for her photographic memory. Other main characters are Vallejo (the safety control commissioner, who always blows off steam at the dynamic duo [catchphrase: "FILLMOORRE!!!"]), Principal Folsom (the principal of X, who is an egotistical bitch [sorry, folks] who wants the safety patrol to solve a crime ASAP for her personal gain [catchphrase: some sentence involving the safety patrol to solve the crime ASAP for her personal gain]), and the other safety patrol people (Danny O' Farell [a nerd], Joseph Anza [the laid back one], and Karen Tehama [the forensics expert]). At first, I thought "This is the show they are canceling Teacher's Pet for?", but a couple of months later, I saw it and it was good (my favorite episodes are "To Mar a Stall", "Red Robins Don't Fly", "Ingrid Third: Public Enemy", "A Cold Day At X", and "A Forgotten Yesterday"). It's so good it makes up for Disney for taking TP off the air. I give this a 10 out of 10.
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A Pretty Good Concept.
dootuss26 November 2002
I've been watching this show on ABC's Saturday morning line-up, and I must say, I actually like this show. The show is about kid named Cornelius Filmore who is a hall monitor at X Middle School (quite a weird name for a school), whom along with his partner Ingrid Third prevent mischief in the hallowed halls of the school. What I like about this show is how Filmore, and Ingrid have a comissioner like boss in their hall monitor jobs, and I also love it how this show pays homage to old 1970's cop shows. I think that's pretty cool, and a great concept. Overall, I think "Fillmore!" is a great show, though I'm sure it might not be as great to some people. 10/10.
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For the first time, school hall monitors are cool(A Quinn-Martin Production)
Ddey6519 June 2008
In my review of "Kim Possible," I mentioned that movies and television shows made after the death of Walt Disney wouldn't always meet the approval of the founder of the Mouse-empire. This is one of the ones that wouldn't -- not because he'd hate it, but because he wouldn't know what to make of it. This show is so out of the 1970's, it even prides itself on having Don LaFontaine as the announcer, calling out the names of each chapter like an episode of "Barnaby Jones" or "Cannon." Having said that, YOU the viewer would approve of it.

Let's start by examining some of the main characters:

Cornelious Fillmore(Orlando Brown): Former troublemaker turned good. Once spent his life as a petty vandal, he's now one of the top cops of the X-Middle School Safety Patrol.

Ingrid Third(Tara Strong): A goth-looking pseudo-intellectual girl with a photographic memory. She's Fillmore's partner.

Jr. Commissioner "Dutch" Vallejo(Horatio Sanz): X-Middle School's answer to Bernie Hamilton.

Danny O'Farrell(Kyle Sullivan): The official nerd of the Safety Patrol. Since the Safety Patrol and Glee Club are both in the same room, he's right where he belongs, although more in the glee club than the patrol.

Principal Folsom(Wendy Malick): Hard-nose principal of X-Middle School. Your basic take-no-guff boss who's determined to maintain her reputation as such a boss.

As you can expect, by the premise, and other user comments, the show inflates the role of ordinary school hall monitors to the role of 1970's TV cops. Like many '70's cop shows, nothing is black and white. More often than not, the people assumed to be the criminals never are. As Disney cartoons go, the quality of this is somewhere above "Recess," and slightly below "Kim Possible"(That's NOT an insult!). Like Recess though, it relies on exaggerations of elements of school life for much of it's humor. One reviewer claims it takes itself too seriously. Previously on the IMDb user comments, another reviewer pointed out that the fact that it takes itself so seriously is the key to it's enjoyment.

So it doesn't make me wish I had joined a school safety patrol squad when I was a kid, but it does make a halfway decent kids' show.
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ended way too soon
Scott_E_Mantooth4 August 2007
The show was not perfect but lets face it there was not much time to fully develop plots and motivations between ads for candy coated frosted pops (or whatever) with the short attention spans expected on Saturday mornings. The humor was a bit dry at times and everyone took themselves very seriously but the interplay between everyone was top notch. Fillmore and Ingrid had some great lines and the it was clear from the writing and artwork that the people involved in the shows production enjoyed what they were doing. I would like to see the show released on DVD at some point...with commentaries and production notes...Yeah, I am that sort of movie/animation geek.
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Brilliant Series, Unfortunately Cancelled
spamuptheyingyang11 September 2004
Fillmore was modeled after the 70's detective series that many of us grew up with: Canon, Rockford Files, Charlie's Angels, etc. It does a wonderful job of bringing a fresh but mature young perspective to some moral issues faced by kids today, and its seventies feel makes it watchable by parents or any adult who appreciates animation. The characters are more complex than those in the vast majority of current animation; this is not a typical action or comedy at all, but rather a very enjoyable way to be reminded that doing the right thing is cool and empowering.

Unfortunately Disney / ABC cancelled Fillmore after two series, though re-runs may still be seen on Saturday mornings. No DVDs of this important series have been released, but would be well recommended.
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Great show!
wolfmano23 September 2003
This show is great. The series revolves around Cornelius Fillmore, a former trouble maker turned hall monitor, like a jounior version of Law and Order, this show has plot and substance. Joining fillmore is his fight against crime and corruption in the mean halls of X Middle School is his rookie partner Ingrid Third, the new girl at X. Fillmore's comander, Jr. Commissioner Vallejo is always on his case and principle folsom is always getting in the way of their work. From busting up a counterfeit X Middle School Teeshirt ring to retreaving the kidnapped school lobster mascott, Fillmore get's the job done.
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Very cool...almost as good as "Recess"
Mulliga16 December 2002
This is the rare show for kids AND adults. It is to cop shows what "Bruno the Kid" was to spy movies. A fun cast with plenty of chemistry, decent (though predictable) plots, and action-packed animation make it a pleasure to watch. The incredible title sequence says it all.

Let's hope it gets another season.
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Not just stopping traffic
Colony28 May 2004
Fillmore is a show about a boy that used to be a troublemaker, but leaves a life of crime and joins the safety patrol. Where I went to school, the safety patrol would go out into the street with stop signs and help other kids cross the street, but at Fillmore's school, they seem to be the school police force.

Anyway, the show is a satire of real life detective shows, where Fillmore and his partner Ingrid must solve whatever case they must solve by the deadline forced upon them by the bitchy school principal. The show is pretty good actually. The mysteries are simple kids-stuff, but taken seriously to properly satirize the network crime dramas.

The show's biggest flaw, is that it sometimes becomes too serious. It's almost as if for a moment, the writers forgot that they are only making a satire of a crime drama and think that they are actually making a crime drama, and seeing that seriousness in a kids' cartoon is just plain ridiculous.

When the show remains faithful to what it is, it's very good work. It just has to remember what it is.
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my_sisters_keeper29 April 2007
I find this show like a G rated version of CSI. It has unrealistic themes, in the way how the vice principal is always bossing the students around and how the 'suspects' are always trying to escape. Often, the safety patrol leads the 'suspects' away in handcuffs , something that could be harassment in real life. I think it's a bad influence for young children and younger audiences. Showing five-year-olds a show where almost every child steal things is not a good impression of real life. Often, the children run through the hallways, knocking other children as they go. It probably scares children into thinking all schools are like that. Schools are not as scary as they make them sound, other then the occasional physco.
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