Fargo (1996) Poster


Gary Houston: Irate Customer


  • [Jerry and an irate customer argue over a sealant that the customer had previously indicated he didn't want, after Jerry has gone off to pretend to talk to his boss] 

    Jerry Lundegaard : Well, we've never done this before. But seeing as it's special circumstances and all, he says I can knock a hundred dollars off that Trucoat.

    Irate Customer : [stunned that Jerry still intends to charge him for something he didn't order]  One hundred... You lied to me, Mr. Lundegaard. You're a bald-faced liar. A... fucking liar.

    Irate Customer : [to his wife, frustrated]  Where's my goddamn checkbook? Let's get this over with.

  • Irate Customer : We sat right here, in this room, and went over this and over this.

    Jerry Lundegaard : Yeah, but that TruCoat...

    Irate Customer : I sat right here and said I didn't want any TruCoat.

    Jerry Lundegaard : Yeah, but I'm saying that TruCoat. You don't get it, you get oxidation problems. It'll cost you a heck of a lot more than $500.

    Irate Customer : You're sitting there. You're talking in circles. You're talking like we didn't go over this already.

    Jerry Lundegaard : Yeah, but this TruCoat...

    Irate Customer : We had a deal here for nineteen-five. You sat there and darned if you didn't tell me you'd get me this car, these options, without the sealant for nineteen-five.

    Jerry Lundegaard : All right, I'm not saying I didn't...

    Irate Customer : You called me 20 minutes ago and said you had it ready to make delivery! You says, "Come on down and get it." And, and, and here you are and you're wasting my time and my wife's time, and I'm paying nineteen-five for this vehicle here!

    Jerry Lundegaard : All right. I'll talk to my boss.

    [gets up and turns before leaving] 

    Jerry Lundegaard : See, they install that TruCoat at the factory. There's nothing we can do about that.

    [Customer ready to shout] 

    Jerry Lundegaard : but I'll talk to my boss.

    Irate Customer : These guys here. These guys. It's always the same! It's always more!

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