Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) Poster

Ursula Reit: Mrs. Gloop



  • Mrs. Gloop : Don't just stand there, do something!

    Willy Wonka : [unenthusiastically]  Help. Police, Murder.

  • Mrs. Gloop : He's gone! He'll be made into marshmallows in five seconds.

    Willy Wonka : Impossible, my dear lady! That's absurd! Unthinkable!

    Mrs. Gloop : Why?

    Willy Wonka : Because that pipe doesn't go to the marshmallow room, it goes to the fudge room!

    Mrs. Gloop : You terrible man!

  • Mrs. Gloop : [Augustus is now sucked into the suction pipe which takes him to the vertical pipe]  He can't swim.

    Willy Wonka : There's no better time to learn.

  • Mrs. Gloop : What a disgusting, dirty river!

    Mr. Salt : Industrial waste, that. You've ruined your watershed Wonka: it's polluted.

    Willy Wonka : It's chocolate.

    Veruca Salt : That's chocolate?

    Charlie : That's chocolate!

  • Mrs. Gloop : You boiled him up, I know it.

    Willy Wonka : Nil desperandum, my dear lady. Across the desert lies the promised land.

    [Mrs. Gloop is led away to the fudge room] 

    Willy Wonka : Goodbye, Mrs. Gloop. Adieu. Aufwiedersehen. Gesundheit. Farewell.

  • [Wonka walks down the hall which gets shorter as it goes on in the skewed perspective room] 

    Charlie : Hey, the room is getting smaller.

    Mrs. Teevee : No, it's not. He's getting bigger!

    Mr. Salt : He's at it again!

    Mike Teevee : Where's the chocolate?

    Mr. Beauregarde : I doubt if there is any.

    Mr. Salt : I doubt if any of us will get out of here alive.

    Willy Wonka : Oh, you should never, never doubt what nobody is sure about.

    Mrs. Gloop : You're not squeezing me through that tiny door!

    Mr. Salt : You're off your bleeding nut, Wonka. No one can get through there!

  • Mrs. Gloop : Help, Mr. Wonka, help! I'm getting squashed. Save me!

    Willy Wonka : Is it my soul that calls upon my name?

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