This show needs focus
28 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The show has this horrible blur effect over random scenes that doesn't mean anything, it's just thrown on top of random scenes with no rhyme or reason. Several scenes are jarring or headache inducing, it feels like a blurry shaky cam "reenactment" on those dodgey murder investigation shows.

I also find the story all over the place. Sabrina's aunts are protagonists but they're cannibalistic satanist witches actively working for the forces of evil who celebrate when a child is brutally murdered. Sabrina is supposed to be this force for positive progress in the narrative but she uses her powers to steal the memory from her boyfriend in order to make sure he doesn't make his own decision to leave her when he's clearly not cool with her lifestyle. That's played off as an okay thing to do.

A lot of the stuff in the show only really seems to be there to be edgey and quirky. I watched this show because I liked Riverdale but at least Riverdale, as ridiculous as it is, has focus and character flaws are shown as just that... flaws.
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