Always political
27 October 2018
I started the first episode, and it felt okay. Blurry motions are a pain, but that's something I can live with. Acting is overall not too bad. I was ready to get cozy in bed and watch the full season this weekend. Sabrina's group of friends is .. diverse, but I felt it wasn't pushed. Boy was I wrong ! After the 20 minutes mark, here comes talks about White Supremacy, patriarchy, feminism and all of that. You have a white transgender being bullied by obvious bullies, but suddenly it turns out it's because of the White Patriarchy. You have one talking about "daughters of Black Panthers", as if the Black Panthers were a nice band of black boy scouts or something. I mean.. Come on ! Can we, for once, stop with all of this ? Politics are important, and should be discussed. Just not in TV shows, this has to stop. It doesn't feel as forced as in Charmed, but it's definitely there. I want my normal shows without an agenda being pushed down my throat every single second
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