27 October 2018
I was really interested in this show. I liked the original sitcom and I knew they were going in a darker less kid friendly direction with this installment which is perfect for this time of year. I watched the pilot to see what would be in store for me. I'm sorry to say that while the story and atmosphere are engaging, Netflix has once again decided to inject social commentary into another of their shows. Not 30 minutes into episode one we have a black character mentioning how she tried to get a Black Panther club started at their high school and that the "white patriarchy" needed to be taken down. This is met with cheers from our protagonist Sabrina who *ahem* happens to be white. Christ. Is it too much to ask to just have an entertaining show with interesting characters that don't spout left wing talking points, or any political talking points for that matter. That of course is rhetorical because I already know the answer. I guess this is why older shows and movies are better because we could just be entertained without being preached to.
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