Captain Marvel’s Original Post-Credits Scene Featured Yon-Rogg On Sakaar

Despite being the third most recent movie in the McU, Captain Marvel only opened in theaters four months ago, pulling in over a billion dollars worldwide at the box office. And how could it not?

After all, Marvel’s 21st film fell in between two Avengers movies; Infinity War, which set up Carol Danvers as Earth’s only hope against Thanos, and Endgame, which finally saw her go toe-to-toe with the Mad Titan. As such, many fans expected Captain Marvel’s post-credits scene to tie heavily into the latter movie, but had the directors went through with their original plan, audiences would’ve also seen another sequence tying into Thor: Ragnarok as well.

Over the closing credits of the pic, two scenes play out: The first is a mid-credits teaser that depicts Captain Marvel’s first meeting with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, setting the stage for Carol Danvers to track
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