Captain Marvel Fans Have Worked Out That She Stole Her Jacket

Eagle-eyed Captain Marvel fans have worked out a spoiler for the movie by putting together a promo still with some leaked set pics from last year. In the comparison below, you can see that Brie Larson’s heroine is dressed in a worn leather jacket in the promo image. On the right, however, the set pic features actor Robert Kazinsky losing a fight with her and, look at that, he’s wearing the same jacket. Conclusion: Captain Marvel stole it!

Seeing as the last time Carol Danvers appeared to be guilty of some disreputable behavior it turned out a Skrull was involved, maybe that’s the explanation here as well. Just like that innocent-looking old lady that the Captain decked in the first trailer was revealed to be one of the shapeshifting aliens, perhaps this guy’s a Skrull, too. As such, after she bested him in a fight, maybe
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