90-Year-Old Disney Short Film About Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Discovered in Japan

“Neck ‘n’ Neck,” a short animated film created by Walt Disney in 1928, has been discovered in Japan (via The Telegraph). The black-and-white short, previously thought to be lost, features the character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and runs two minutes. Disney created Oswald in 1927, just a year before Mickey Mouse turned him and his company into one of the world’s most beloved animated studios.

In a rather humorous twist, “Neck ‘n’ Neck” had not been lost this entire time; quite the opposite, as Japan’s Yasushi Watanabe has had a print of the short ever since he purchased it as a high schooler from a toy wholesalers’ market in the city of Osaka. Watanabe, now 84 years old, didn’t realize he had a lost Disney short film in his possession until he read David Bossert’s 2017 book “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: The Search for the Lost Disney Cartoons.” The book
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