Why Outlander Cut These Gruesome - and Funny - Scenes From the Books in Season 4

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The fourth season of Starz's Outlander pushes Claire and Jamie further into uncharted territory in colonial America and offers a chance to meet several new characters. Some of them, like the nefarious pirate Stephen Bonnet, cannot be trusted. Some, like Jamie's Aunt Jocasta, are trying to keep the peace as best they can in this new land and new set of rules. Some, like Rollo the dog, are just plain adorable.

And then there's John Quincy Myers. First introduced in season four's second episode, "Do No Harm," the character is played by Welsh actor Kyle Rees. He's a jovial, hairy delight who can both educate the new Americans on the proper way to respect the Cherokee tribespeople who already call this land home and serve as another mentor to Jamie's nephew Ian (John Bell), who must be aching to talk to someone who isn't a relative by now. Later,
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