Toronto: Correspondences #7 – Challenging Genres

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The Notebook is covering Tiff with an on-going correspondence between critics Kelley Dong and Daniel Kasman.Dear Kelley,You have found two of the better films at the festival for sure—I am also struggling a bit to find the impressive amongst the uneven, broken, just plain dull or, worst of all, irresponsible. Of course, Barry Jenkins' film is none of these things, but rather a warm hug of a film, one that recognizes the inequities of American society for black Americans and counters it not just with love in its story, but love in its form. For Jenkins clearly is, three movies in, a director of love: love for actors, for characters, and ultimately for the people evoked through the coaxing of the latter from the former. If Beale Street Could Tak is coated in a balm of compassion, one so enveloping that it threatens to render the film too nice,
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