Superman: Red Son Could Be The Next DC Animated Movie

With the upcoming Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, a story about the Dark Knight set in Victorian times, the DC animated movie universe is dipping its toes into the long history of Elseworld comic stories. Beginning in 1989, books released under that banner were set outside of regular DC continuity, which allowed writers to give the usual status quo an intriguing twist. This opened up endless storytelling opportunities, and it would be exciting if the animated movies could follow suit.

As it happens, this is exactly the plan of Bruce Timm, the Batman: Tas alum who nowadays produces DC’s animated efforts. At a recent press screening for Gotham by Gaslight, Timm revealed that he hopes to adapt Superman: Red Son next time around, as the Elseworlds tale would be a nice counterpoint to the Batman-centric Gaslight.

This should definitely please fans, as Red Son is one of the most well regarded Elseworlds stories out there.
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