Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things From the Week of Jan. 7

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IMDb Editors highlight their favorite things from the week.

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Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things (2016)

Sleuth of the Week

It's time for Millie Bobby Brown to break out the deerstalker. Brown, who just wrapped filming Michael Dougherty's Godzilla: King of Monsters, will star as Enola, kid sister to Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, in the movie adaptation of the much loved Enola Holmes YA mystery series by Nancy Springer.

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Meryl Streep, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Clarkson

Fangirl Moment of the Week

Of all the memorable moments on the Golden Globes red carpet, we loved this touching interaction between Kelly Clarkson and Meryl Streep. It was the first such in-person meeting between the two stars, and it was totally unplanned. After wrapping up her interview with Ryan Seacrest on the red-carpet dais, Clarkson turned around to see Meryl Streep directly in view. Instantly, Clarkson melted and exclaimed on camera: "Oh, my god! That's Meryl!" What ensued was a touching introduction, where Streep greeted a starstruck Clarkson with a kiss and brush of the cheek.

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Cristin Milioti in Black Mirror (2011)

Trending Star of the Week

IMDb fans sure love a meaty, complex anthology series. And of late, with its ultra-relevant storylines that explore the impact of technology on human interaction, Netflix's "Black Mirror" is the source of their ongoing satisfaction. In fact, the series is the most popular title among IMDb users this past week, more popular than any movie currently in theaters. And it's no surprise that the show's stars are among the most popular with IMDb users as well. Cristin Milioti, who starred in the Season 4's first episode, "U.S.S. Callister," has leapt to No. 2 on STARmeter. It's the highest ranking for the actress since her appearance on a consequential episode of "How I Met Your Mother" in 2013. Fascination with "U.S.S. Callister" has been so high, in fact, that fans are clamoring for there to be an offshoot standalone series.

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The Relationtrip (2017)

Road Trip of the Week

We already ran away with that buzzy, deadpan, seemingly nihilistic Netflix show, but this week we were re-routed by the trailer for The Relationtrip, a meet-cute that picks up speed as its anti-lovers hit the road to escape certain pressures of adulthood. Suddenly, somehow, a puppet named Chippy, who apparently represents the duo's respective insecurities, injects himself into the narrative.

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Saoirse Ronan and Greta Gerwig in Lady Bird (2017)

Nomination of the Week

As awards season is finally in swing, there were a ton of nominations in the past week including the BAFTAs, WGAs, PGAs, and DGAs. We were most excited to see Greta Gerwig receive a Directors Guild nomination for the top feature film award. Gerwig is the eighth woman to have received a DGA feature film nomination, joining the ranks of Jane Campion, Barbra Streisand, and Kathryn Bigelow. DGA nominees are often seen as a forecast for the Oscars. So, we are keeping our fingers crossed for Gerwig.

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Florence Kasumba and Lupita Nyong'o in Black Panther (2018)

Ticket Pre-Sale Kickoff of the Week

The countdown is on, Black Panther fans! This week brought yet another TV trailer (keep them coming!), which showcased snippets of previously unseen moments and a new Kendrick Lamar track. It had us rewatching to catch possible Easter eggs and clues on what's yet to come. Earlier this week, pre-sales for tickets officially kicked off, and as of Wednesday, Black Panther broke Fandango's first-day ticket pre-sale record for a Marvel Studios movie, surpassing Captain America: Civil War. Will Avengers: Infinity War be the next to break the record? We'll find out in a few months!

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Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep, Amy Poehler, Michelle Williams, America Ferrera, Jessica Chastain, Saru Jayaraman, Rosa Clemente, and Ai-Jen Poo at an event for The 75th Golden Globe Awards (2018)

Best Use of a Plus-One of the Week

In a true fashion statement, the Time’s Up initiative, the movement committed to fighting against sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace, organized a silent protest at the Golden Globes where the majority of attendees donned all black. In addition, A-list actresses including Michelle Williams, Emma Watson, Susan Sarandon, and Meryl Streep brought activists as their dates. This wasn't just an invite to the party. These women never left their side on the red carpet. So, they were present in every red-carpet photo and interview, bringing their causes to the spotlight. This is a perfect example of using your celebrity for good.

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Holt McCallany at an event for Justice League (2017)

Movie Casting News of the Week

Holt McCallany has joined the cast of Angel Has Fallen, the third film in Gerard Butler's wonderfully over-the-top Fallen franchise, and we can't wait to see who he is going to play. We're really hoping McCallany is taking on the role of an adversary so that we can watch Butler and McCallany go head-to-head at 39,000 feet. Yes, this time out, secret service member Mike Banning will be fighting baddies in an actual falling object as terrorists try to take down Air Force One. We're more than ready for this one.

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Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger at an event for The 75th Golden Globe Awards (2018)

Fierce Couple of the Week

As well as revealing the best film and TV titles of the past year, the Golden Globes also showcased some star-studded couples. We didn't know that Leslie Bibb and Sam Rockwell were in relationship until Rockwell acknowledged his partner as he won the Best Supporting Actor prize. But award for most fierce couple went to Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger. Although they have been dating for most of this year, they made their official debut as a couple at the Globes.

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Cameron Cuffe in Krypton (2018)

Superhero Origin of the Week

Superman fans have been through a lot in the past few years from Man of Steel to Batman v Superman and Justice League. But perhaps the most exciting exploration of the character may come from an upcoming TV series that doesn't even feature the icon. "Krypton" will chart the backstory of Superman's family before their eponymous home world was destroyed. In the first trailer for the Syfy series, Superman’s grandfather, played by relative newcomer Cameron Cuffe, gets a warning from the future about the fate of his planet. The show looks like a side of the DC Universe that we've not seen widely explored on screen before, making it one of the more exciting developments in the current superhero boom. "Kypton" is set to debut on Syfy on March 21.

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Bill Hader in Barry (2018)

Hit Hitman Trailer of the Week

HBO released a trailer this week for its upcoming dark comedy series "Barry," from creator Bill Hader, the comedic mastermind behind IFC's "Documentary Now!" and countless characters from "Saturday Night Live" to Superbad and Sausage Party. Hader plays the titular character, a lonely, low-rent hitman from the Midwest who travels to Los Angeles to execute a hit but decides to try acting instead. Hader, who also serves as writer and executive producer, makes his directing debut with this series as well. "Barry" premieres Sunday, March 25, on HBO.

Carrie Brownstein in Portlandia (2011)

Adapted Memoir of the Week

Hulu has ordered a pilot for "Search and Destroy," a comedic TV series inspired by Carrie Brownstein's 2015 memoir, "Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl." Seeing as how this announcement comes just as Brownstein's IFC comedy, "Portlandia," debuts its final season on Thursday, Jan. 18, as well as Brownstein's announcing that her band Sleater-Kinney is recording songs for a ninth album, we harken back to a theme from Brownstein's book: finding a balance between ambition, logic, and, like, having a real life. We're looking forward to seeing how Brownstein turns it into televised entertainment.

Fast Eddie Clarke and Lemmy

Farewell of the Week

With the passing of longtime Motörhead guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke this week, the surviving member of the British rock-and-roll group's classic lineup bid the world adieu to much sadness and drinking of whisky.

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Kumail Nanjiani

Series in Development of the Week

We're delighted to hear that Kumail Nanjiani, writer and star of the romantic comedy The Big Sick, will be working on a series based on one of our favorite movies, the British film My Beautiful Laundrette. Released in 1985, the film is about two young lovers, one the son of Pakistani immigrants (Gordon Warnecke), the other a former member of fascist youth group (Daniel Day-Lewis), who set about to turn a rundown laundromat into a successful business.

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Steve Buscemi, Terrence Howard, Bryan Cranston, and Holliday Grainger in Electric Dreams (2017)

Series Premiere of the Week

The long awaited anthology series "Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams" is finally available in the U.S. on Prime Video beginning Friday, Jan. 12. The 10 episodes are based on short stories by Philip K. Dick, the author whose books are the basis for numerous movies and TV shows, including Blade Runner, Minority Report, and "The Man in the High Castle." Just the thing for a weekend binge-watch session.

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